Ten questions and ten answers to the Metaverse: Will the Metaverse become a disaster and cause the world to perish?

Recently, the concept of Metaverse has swept everyone’s WeChat and Moments. It seems that if you don’t understand Metaverse, you are embarrassed to chat with others. Even Facebook took advantage of this trend to change the company’s name to Meta in one fell swoop; What is the meta universe? How far is the meta-universe we are discussing now from us? What does the “birth” of Meta mean to Zuckerberg? Will the meta universe make us better?

This issue of Tencent News “Ten Questions and Ten Answers” will focus on the concept of meta universe to provide in-depth answers for everyone.

Why did Meta become the first large-scale technology company to announce the transformation of Meta Universe, and what advantages does it have?

Meta (Facebook renamed), as an established social platform, has attracted nearly 3 billion registered users worldwide. The latest quarterly financial report shows that Meta has 1.93 billion daily active users. Although the data looks impressive, it is actually in the past two years. At the same time, Meta has been plagued by privacy data leakage problems. How to break the game in the face of increasing competitors and internal and external troubles has become the focus of current Meta’s attention.

Therefore, as a fan of “Avalanche”, Zuckerberg focused on the meta-universe. As early as 2014, Meta acquired Oculus VR and began its layout in the meta-universe. Zuckerberg always believes that the meta-universe will eventually cover everything in work, entertainment, production and life. Just like today’s mobile phones and laptops, the platform needs to be flexible enough to adapt to all use cases, and all of these need soft Hardware coordination and timing.

At present, due to the impact of the global epidemic, users’ demand for a diversified virtual economy and a sense of presence has increased, providing a prerequisite for the development of Metaverse. As the first large-scale technology company to announce the transformation of Metaverse, Meta has a huge user base, the industry’s top hardware equipment and a diversified software system, and most importantly, it is also indispensable-an understanding of Metaverse. .

Perhaps many people think that the meta-universe mentioned by Meta is not the real meta-universe. It has the drawbacks of centralization, but it is just a large-scale integrated application scenario. But what Meta said is undoubtedly right, “Everything in the metaverse is not built by us, but we are building everything for the metaverse.” Obviously, Meta is ready for this.

In the world of Metaverse, what experience can users get completely different from what they are now?

Perhaps many users who don’t know much about Metaverse will think that Metaverse is a virtual world, or a game similar to “Virtual Life”, but in its essence, Metaverse has completely different characteristics from the two. Meta universe has credible asset value, trustless identity authentication, and the reproduction and upgrade of all production and lifestyles in the real world by the virtual world.

In other words, users can get a variety of experiences in the meta-universe, establish a creative economic system, and experience them immersively. They are no longer just spectators on the Internet, and all work related to social entertainment will become more important. Natural and vivid.

In the meta-universe, we will feel that social interaction is no longer separated from the screen. We and other people are real. The meta-universe allows the user’s world to transcend the limitations of the screen, the geography, and the platform, and has more on the Internet. Great freedom.

Each user has a unique avatar, freely interacting with other people in the meta universe, and its huge sense of immersion may even make it difficult for users to distinguish the difference between the meta universe and the real world. Of course, this requires the help of specific equipment. Realize the conversion between meta-universe and reality.
‍Any subtle movement in reality may affect its virtual image in the meta-universe, instead of the slightly rigid motion mapping that most current VR headsets bring us. The meta-universe will produce everything in real life. Health activities are perfectly reproduced, and users can travel between reality and this virtual world anytime, anywhere.

At the same time, the meta-universe will have its own economic system, and even it will have a unique economic system. Everyone is the center of their own meta-universe, and new ethics for maintaining the operation of the meta-universe are born in it.

All of the above are not available to users on the current network.

Will Metaverse become the next generation Internet?

From the perspective of development logic, the meta-universe is more likely to be the ultimate form of the Internet, and the next generation of the Internet will achieve some of the foundations required for the primary form of the meta-universe. For this we must understand what the current development of the Internet has become.

The first generation of the Internet is Web1.0, which is a readable Internet. People can only read the information provided on the website. The most representative ones are search websites, portal websites and so on.

The second generation of the Internet is Web2.0, which belongs to the interactive Internet. People can freely publish content on the website to interact with others. We are currently in this stage of the Internet. Facebook, WeChat, Weibo, Bilibili, etc. are all typical applications of this generation of Internet.

As for what the next generation of the Internet is like, or what Web3.0 is like, there is currently no accepted concept, and there is a consensus on the understanding of the two Web3.0.

One is that the website can start to learn and analyze through user behavior, and become more intelligent. The main feature is that the machine can read any information (that is, the semantic web), and the website provides intelligent selection and better information based on the information. (Artificial Intelligence), the Internet is everywhere (Internet of Things). Another type of Web3.0 believes that the next generation Internet will be a decentralized Internet, and everyone can control their own (digital) identity, assets and data, and then control their own destiny.

Although there are divergent opinions surrounding the concept of Web3.0, it has not yet formed a foregone conclusion. However, from the perspective of the two developments described by Web3.0, they are not enough to enable us to reach the stage of meta-universe. But both of these two types of Web3.0 have the necessary functions to become a meta-universe. Therefore, the meta-universe will not be the next generation of the Internet, and it will take the further development and iteration of the Internet from generation to generation to finally form the meta-universe we expect.

However, the next generation of the Internet is already laying the foundation for Metaverse, especially thanks to the rapid development of blockchain technology, a decentralized network is gradually being built, which can guarantee that our digital assets and rights on the network belong to Our own, and will not be tampered with at will. In this way, the second type of Web3.0 is more likely to become the next stage of the Internet, and it will also form the primary form of the meta-universe.

Is the meta universe a distant concept, or is it something that can sweep ordinary people in a few years?

From the listing of Roblox as the first stock of Meta Universe to the high-profile rename of Facekbook to Meta, the concept of Meta Universe has stepped into the public’s field of vision. Although the meta-universe can only be defined by the imagination of ordinary people at present, judging from the law of the development of the Internet, the possibility of the meta-universe being realized within a few years is still very high.

Let’s briefly review the important development stages of the Internet: 1994-2000, from the four major portals to online search; 2001-2008, from search to social networking; 2009-2014; PC Internet to mobile Internet; From 2014 to now, everything is connected, and data shows that as of May 2021, my country’s mobile users reached 1.608 billion, and as of June of the same year, the number of Internet users in my country reached 1.011 billion.

Through the above data, we can intuitively see that the development of the Internet is getting faster and faster. As an “upgraded version” of the Internet, Metaverse will not slow down but only accelerate.

At the same time, every change has brought in the connection between people and things, and has gradually enriched people’s experience in the virtual world. Verne, the father of science fiction, said: But what a mortal can imagine must be realized by someone. The 2004 fire science fiction TV series “Magic Phone”, the smartphone that traveled from 2060 has six major functions: light energy charging, scanning information, video calls, polygraph, shielding information, and live action mode. In 2021 Today, more than half have been realized, and those imagined scenes have become reality.

At this year’s Tencent WE Conference, six top scientists in the world shared their breakthroughs in the field of science and technology, including Metaverse’s important brain-computer interface technology. Although the current realization of the meta-universe and the technical and network issues have not yet been broken, but based on the current Internet foundation, it will only be faster to enter a new stage.

What are the areas that Metaverse has the greatest impact on, office and games?

It is understood that Meta is expanding its application scenarios in 8 fields of home, social, work, fitness, games, education, pets and trading. These scenarios basically cover our daily work and life, while Microsoft’s meta-universe strategy is mainly based on digital writing. Office, to help managers understand the movement or interaction of customers and employees at the spatial level.

Therefore, Metaverse will eventually affect our lives in all aspects, just like the rapid development of smart phones in the past. Nowadays, smart phones have affected our lives and work in all aspects and have become indispensable tools.

Of course, AR/VR as the entrance to the meta-universe is also the key to the immersion of the meta-universe. As the best carrier of visual immersion, games are most affected by the related effects. This is why the current AR/VR perception of the general audience is still the game. reason.

In addition, the most important thing in the meta-universe is the establishment of virtual identity. Real-time interaction of multiple people will bring a new experience for social interaction and office. The boundary between the real world and the virtual world will gradually weaken, even our sports methods and social interactions. There will be changes in the form and other aspects.

In the short term, the realization of the meta-universe requires breakthroughs and integration of various technologies. However, in the long term, the immersive virtual interactive lifestyle will inevitably become a trend, and even the cyberpunk culture will be carried forward, and it will be in line with our hands. Like smart phones, in addition to bringing a new way of life to mankind, it will also change our worldview.

Are the current hardware and software sufficient to support the world of the meta universe?

The popularity of Meta Universe has led to a frantic influx of capital into related industries, and we have witnessed too many financings exceeding 100 million yuan. VR hardware manufacturer Pico has completed 242 million yuan in B+ round financing, sandbox mobile platform developer MetaApp announced the completion of 100 million U.S. dollars in Series C financing, and video game developer Epic Games has completed a huge financing of 1 billion U.S. dollars. A lot of financing incidents seem to indicate that Metaverse’s software and hardware are developing rapidly.

However, the current hardware and software are actually not enough to support the world of the metaverse. It is difficult for the metaverse to reach a certain milestone with a single technological breakthrough. The metaverse is only a rudimentary form.

The currently recognized infrastructure in the metaverse industry is “BAND”, that is, Blockchain (blockchain), Game (gamification), Network (network computing), Display (display), and each field has important subdivisions The track needs further development.

Whether it is applications in the blockchain field, underlying infrastructure, smart contracts, asset standards, and privacy calculations; or game engines, real-time rendering, modeling technology, artificial intelligence in gamification; or network transmissions, calculations, and calculations related to network computing. Hardware; and display-related VR/AR/MR, somatosensory technology, holographic imaging, Internet of Things and smart hardware, and brain-computer interaction are all essential parts for perfecting the meta-universe.

The 18 items we listed may be just the tip of the iceberg in the meta-universe field. The construction of the meta-universe requires the coordinated development of multiple technologies to a certain extent before it can be realized.

Fortunately, the field of Metaverse, as an emerging track, is accepted by top companies in various technical fields and recognized by capital, which will bring momentum to the development of Metaverse in the future.

Liu Cixin believes that the meta-universe is an involution of human beings, and that mankind’s indulging in the virtual world of the meta-universe will become a disaster. How do you view this statement?

As China’s most famous science fiction writer, Liu Cixin’s works have always been full of tragic heroism. Dystopia and criticism of human nature are the core of his works. All of these are fully reflected in the “Three Body”, and they are also the most familiar to everyone. part.

Therefore, when the wave of the meta-universe hit, his views were full of pessimism, but he was not against the meta-universe. Liu Cixin also said, “There are two roads in front of mankind, one outward, leading to the sea of ​​stars; One is inward, leading to virtual reality.” He deeply and clearly understands that the virtual reality represented by the metaverse is the future life scene, and his statement is more of a concern.

But these are all worries about entertainment to death, worries about the world depicted in Brave New World becoming a reality, worries about the weakness of human nature, so we believe that Liu Cixin is not criticizing the meta universe, he is criticizing human nature. He believes that the meta universe is a highly tempting and highly hallucinogenic “spiritual opium”, and humans may indulge in it and stand still.

At the same time, Liu Cixin is also worried that if human resources and energy are excessively placed in the meta-universe, then the exploration of the interstellar will not be stagnant. He has always believed that “no matter how prosperous the earth is, the future without space navigation is bleak.” The end of human travel should be above the level of knowledge and transformation of physical space.

Liu Cixin is a science fiction writer who predicted many scientific and technological achievements. His views are undoubtedly important, but he seems to have overlooked a very critical issue. The current technology is not enough to support the mature and stable operation of the meta-universe world. The tide of the universe has promoted the leap of related technology.

The arrival of the meta-universe turned the simulated interstellar wars in “Ander’s Game” into reality. Didn’t it promote preparations for interstellar exploration from another aspect? From the current point of view, the benefits of the meta-universe boom outweigh the disadvantages.

How far are we from the real meta-universe era, and what technical facilities do we need to build?

There are many technologies that support the meta-universe, and we might as well look at it from four aspects: the actual basis of the meta-universe, interaction with the meta-universe, the construction of the meta-universe, and the protection of the value of the meta-universe.

The first is that the metaverse cannot exist independently of the real world. It requires a large amount of hardware infrastructure to provide the metaverse with resources such as storage, computing, and network transmission. However, these existing technologies are far from reaching the massive data processing requirements of the meta-universe. Therefore, it is necessary to further iterate the corresponding storage technology, network transmission technology and computing technology, which naturally also includes the iteration of hard disk, CPU, GPU and other hardware.

Secondly, with these underlying infrastructures, we also need to be able to perceive and interact with the meta-universe in the real world, which is inseparable from the Internet of Things technology and interactive technology.

The Internet of Things includes hardware facilities and equipment such as smart hardware, as well as IoT networks that allow devices to communicate with each other, and standards or systems that allow different devices to work together in a unified manner.

The interactive technology includes VR/AR/MR/XR, as well as holographic projection, motion capture, somatosensory technology, etc., which allow us to experience the meta-universe, interact with things in the meta-universe, and even obtain the reality from the meta-universe. Touch and feedback (for example, some somatosensory clothing can transform the physical impact our avatar feels in the meta-universe into more realistic physical feedback).

Although we already have some technologies that can interact with the meta-universe, we still need to consider the construction of the meta-universe itself. This requires some software and hardware technologies such as game engines, real-time rendering, modeling technology, etc. that can build the meta-universe. At the same time, it is unrealistic to build a huge meta-universe by relying entirely on artificial intelligence. This is inseparable from artificial intelligence. The development of artificial intelligence can help us quickly build the meta-universe, and even become some auxiliary virtual characters in the meta-universe.

In the end, blockchain technology is needed to protect the value of the meta-universe. The characteristics of the immutability and decentralization of the blockchain, combined with smart contract technology, can ensure that our digital assets in the meta-universe belong to us personally, and Will not be controlled by a centralized subject. This characteristic is particularly important, because if the meta-universe we live in can be manipulated at will by a centralized subject, then our experience in it will feel that this is just a game; and if the meta-universe is decentralized, Our assets really belong to us and no one can take it away, so our experience in it will feel that this is a real life.

Will the meta-universe alienate the relationship between people in the real world?

Perhaps after reading the imagination about the future meta-universe, many people are worried that the excessive “virtual” will keep us away from real life, but the actual situation may be quite the opposite.

After the 1990s, we started to have telephones, and then the Internet, and now smartphones can be seen everywhere. With the update and iteration of technology, we have also transitioned from the previous communication method to telephone or video, if we write it decades ago Letters are a kind of “slow traffic”, so the convenience brought by all kinds of communication methods can be intuitively felt, even if they are thousands of miles away, a phone call or a video can bring the feeling of being “close to you”.

From the perspective of communication alone, a mature meta-universe will give us a more “reachable” experience, not only hearing sounds and seeing pictures, but also bringing a more real sense of touch, and the pictures are not It’s just a plane, to describe it in an ancient poem, it is the experience of “seeing it as a ridge on the side and forming a peak”, or even “the stars can be picked by hand”.

Of course, if in the future our way of communication can be transformed from the current cold screen to “three-dimensional” and “touchable”, it may not alienate the relationship, but go further, after all, in addition to the fact that information spans thousands of miles , Feelings and feelings can also span thousands of miles, this kind of experience may be more empathetic for friends who have experienced homesickness.

Finally, logically speaking, if the maintenance of the relationship can no longer be maintained by online or virtual means, then offline meeting is naturally a necessity, but this is not a technical problem, but a choice. The universe has nothing to do, and naturally there is no problem of alienation.

Will the meta universe make the future of mankind better?

First of all, we need to define what “makes the future of mankind better”. In a broad sense, one way is a very direct change. For example, because hybrid rice can feed more people, and all kinds of vaccines can Let us stay away from sickness, this kind of change can indeed intuitively feel that technological development has made human life better; and another kind of beauty is like the Internet, which has greatly changed our production and life and the efficiency of information acquisition, but It seems that in a sense, we can live without it. The existence of this type of technology may be more in line with the idea of ​​”icing on the cake”.

Therefore, from this logical point of view, the meta-universe is more like something like the Internet. From the current point of view, it does not seem to affect our lives without it. But looking into the future, once the meta-universe is formed, it will be like today. The Internet generally changes our work and life. At that time, it may be more convincing for us to talk about whether the metaverse makes the future of mankind better.

It is just that we believe that the meta-universe will inevitably bring new experiences and certain efficiency improvements to human society. As long as it is truly realized, it will make the future of mankind better.

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