Ten pictures analyze the development status of the Metaverse

To use “red and purple” to describe this year’s Metaverse circuit, no one would object to it.

In the early days, it was hailed as the “future of the Internet” and it set off a boom in capital market capital hunting. Recently, the market has become more and more skeptical about Metaverse. The universe” boom.

The public’s perception of the metaverse has also become increasingly polarized. Some people highly respect and give very high expectations. Some people despise and stigmatize the concept of metaverse, thinking that it is a new kind of “money trapping”. Routine.

Regardless of the views of all parties, there is no doubt that Metaverse will continue to dominate the flow of capital and change the status quo of the technology market. According to a Bloomberg industry research report, Metaverse will reach a market size of US$800 billion in 2024, and PricewaterhouseCoopers predicts that the market size of Metaverse will reach US$1.5 trillion in 2030.

Use ten pictures to dispel superstition and prejudice, analyze from the technological path, and see how long the future of the Metaverse lies?

The development of the Metaverse will not happen overnight

The Metaverse will not be sudden. It is based on the physical world. It needs to go through the stratification of needs and the division of labor to form a complete picture like a jigsaw puzzle.

In other words, the progress of the realization of Metaverse is determined by the implementation and development speed of the new digital foundation that constitutes Metaverse. The Metaverse will come.

At present, the embryonic form of Metaverse is still gestating. The further in-depth and technological precipitation of online, digital, and virtualized industries in various industries are in the early stage and there are certain technical bottlenecks. According to Deloitte research and analysis, as early as 2031, the independent industry’s meta The universe can begin to gradually open up data and standards, and achieve a mature integration stage of similarity and integration.

Ten pictures analyze the development status of the Metaverse

Ten pictures analyze the development status of the Metaverse

The technological bottleneck has already been discovered, when will Metaverse come in the future?

In terms of network and computing technology, Metaverse needs at least a 6G network, and the requirements for computing power are endless. Together, they support the creation and experience of virtual content of Metaverse, and more realistic modeling and interaction are required. Take stronger networking speed and computing power as a prerequisite. 

At present, many countries are accelerating the process of 6G network research and development, and it is expected to start commercial use around 2030 at the earliest. However, it is difficult to predict how long it will take from commercial use to real universal coverage.

In terms of computing power, China and the world are currently attaching great importance to solving computing power problems, and AI chip technology and edge infrastructure are also promoting rapid development. However, in the field of quantum computing, which is more likely to solve the Metaverse computing power, it is still in the prototype development stage and still faces many technical challenges. The control of particle state is a difficult point that needs to be broken. The distance reaches the threshold of fault tolerance (>99.999%) beyond the harsh quantum computing. To achieve the precise preparation, manipulation and detection of large-scale multi-body quantum systems, the industry expects that there will be at least ten Years of exploration cycle. 

Ten pictures analyze the development status of the Metaverse

Ten pictures analyze the development status of the Metaverse

Simulation interactive technology is a key factor in determining the immersive virtual reality experience of Metaverse users. Technological progress and hot spots in this area have promoted a new wave of VR/AR industry development. In 2021, the global market of VR headsets is expected to ship 8.37 million units, of which the Chinese market VR headsets are expected to ship 1.43 million units.

After a period of downturn, the AR industry has begun to pick up, and products have been updated and iterated in the direction of lightweight and popularization. Domestic and foreign giants such as Microsoft, Huawei, OPPO, Apple, Facebook, and Xiaomi are actively deploying the AR hardware industry.

The XR industry has regained the attention of capital and started to recover from overseas markets. However, the key technology is still in a breakthrough period, and it is expected that ideal products will not appear in the short term. And like XR, holographic projection, brain-computer interaction and other technologies that provide technical support for Metaverse to achieve high simulation and immersion are still in the early stages of development. The industry expects that it will take decades to settle and develop.

Ten pictures analyze the development status of the Metaverse

Ten pictures analyze the development status of the Metaverse

In terms of blockchain technology, it has now developed to the NFT stage, opening the era of digital content capitalization. There is no doubt that NFT will quickly become a hot spot in 2021. It is sought after by a large number of giants and capital injections. Domestic Internet companies have also begun to experiment with digital collections.However, as an emerging concept field, the NFT market fell after reaching its trading peak in August. With the decline in the data of the NFT head project, the amount of funds behind the NFT is relatively small, the trading unit is relatively fixed, and there is a lack of sound pricing mechanisms and trading platforms. Problems such as short development time and imperfect rules have gradually been exposed. 

Ten pictures analyze the development status of the Metaverse

In addition, in terms of establishing the Internet of Everything technology that provides the basis for the restoration of physical reality for the metaverse, the world is in the early stage of the explosion. In the future, the accelerated evolution of scale must solve the three major development problems of fragmentation, safety, and cost. Artificial intelligence technology has become a key technical bottleneck supporting the realization of the Metaverse. There are big differences between the academic circle and the industry when the breakthrough can be achieved.

Technical support provides a path to reality for the “metauniverse” born in sci-fi works, but what is the end of the metaverse? When will the general trend come? This is not only determined by the degree of technological development, but also by the balance of social development factors, and the law and morality of the Metaverse development. Judging from the current scientific and technological foundation, it is indeed a good time for capital to enter and create possible opportunities, but difficulties such as popularization of applications and technical barriers also exist. Therefore, everyone should maintain a relatively rational expectation for the concept of Metaverse.

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