Ten conclusions after making hundreds of shopping groups

The more a user knows about the product and the more supplementary usage scenarios, the stronger the desire to place an order, because he has many reasons.

There are many ways to make transactions in WeChat . We can make script-style sales through Moments, or make reminders through private chat, and we can also pull groups separately for VIP service sales. Each method is in a specific scenario. , Has its effect.

Among them, the most common is to do sales based on large groups with a large number of people. The village chief has previously shared with you the flash group gameplay, which is also one of them.

Today, I will share with you the experience of hundreds of shopping groups before. Whether it is a pop-up group or an ordinary group, we need to pay attention to ten points when we are a shopping group.

01  group type

This is a point that many people tend to overlook. Although the purpose of building a group is to facilitate transactions, different shopping groups have different requirements for our organization in the group.

For example, a fishing group, a snack group, a KOL course group, a maternal and child group, the language skills, pricing, and the process of group purchases all have obvious differences.

So sometimes you learn some group buying methods, but it doesn’t mean you can just copy them.

Because you sell tickets for a meeting in a group and sell an online short video IP course are two different things.

02  group time

Don’t bother users during their working hours. You can see when Li Jiaqi and Wei Ya start broadcasting every day.

Generally speaking, after 7:30 every night, you can do group buying activities.

Personally, I think the best time is 8:30-9:30 in the evening. As long as it is not a holiday, Monday to Sunday will do.

Only some special circumstances can choose noon, for example, you announced a lot of days in advance, or a special store celebration.

In addition, when the group is really open, everyone’s attention is within that half an hour, so don’t spend the whole day introducing and issuing bills.

This is different from the logic of live streaming. The audience is mobile in the live broadcast room and needs to be repeated 24 hours to obtain official new traffic.

However, the members of the group are fixed, as long as the notice + group red envelope + group@ is enough, and the group is set up quickly.

It is impossible for users to hold their mobile phones to watch you post products in the group for an hour, they must have a sense of rhythm.

03  Group Participants

There are at least three types of people in a shopping group. One is the organizer, the other is the trustee, and the third is the user. There are also distinguished points such as guests and merchants.

First of all, for the organizer, it is necessary to learn to be flexible and conduct targeted interactions based on user feedback in the group.

The questions that users may ask are not in the FAQ you prepared in advance, and there may be some negative information in the group.

The second is childcare. The number of childcare is not too much. Regardless of whether a group is 100 or 500 people, it can be controlled within 10 people.

It is necessary to prepare in advance the wording of the support, the positioning of each support, do not send messages in the group meaningless, but disturb others.

The last is the user. Personally, I don’t recommend to do group activities without threshold, and do some thresholds for entering the group appropriately.

For example, if you want to forward once, you have consumed it before, and it must be invited by a member. The more accurate the users in the group, the higher the quality of consumption.

04  group goods

There is no need to limit the number of products that can be purchased in a group. You can only buy a certain product, or you can buy several products at once.

But if it is a group purchase of a product, it is best to release a new product, because it has more content and users are more interested. Or it’s the latest flagship item, which is used for promotion.

If there are several products, I personally suggest that there should be a combination of drainage models, hot models and profits.

For example, there is a free product or a special price within 9.9, which can mobilize the attention and enthusiasm of the members of the group.

However, choosing products that are free to users must have a sense of value, which can be very practical or high-value. Don’t choose products that users are not interested in.

If you plan to do a group purchase of products for more than half an hour, I suggest that you can divide a special product into three to snap up the purchase, so that the whole event will have enough highlights.

Or every different time period, a new benefit will be released.

05  group introduction

In order to let everyone know enough about the product and stimulate their interest in the product.

When introducing a product, don’t just post a few product detail pages forcibly. In many groups, five or six pictures are dropped at once, and then a paragraph, just waiting for the user to place an order.

This is the most rudimentary approach, but it is actually the most disgusting approach for users.

Because the user’s understanding of this product is not comprehensive enough, you need to try on and try it out when you sell things offline. Take a look at the details.

So every time we buy a group, we will show the details of the product, venue, word of mouth , technology, effect, case, etc.

There must be a comparison chart, video, and the material as rich as possible.

The more a user knows about the product and the more supplementary usage scenarios, the stronger the desire to place an order, because he has many reasons.

06  Group Witness

If the user’s consumption intention is not screened, then the users in the ordinary group are all spectators, and few of them actually consume.

So how to stimulate these onlookers to consume?

The first thing to do is to resolve their concerns, and the best way is to testify from users.

Encourage everyone to share screenshots of orders placed, screenshots of receiving red envelopes, screenshots of praise for confirming receipts, and even screenshots of profitable earnings to the group.

When we used to sell enzymes, facial masks, and fruits, we encouraged users to post orders.

Not only are there rewards for posting, the photos are good, the videos are good, and once the copy is used as material, additional red envelopes + coupons + trial benefits will be issued.

In addition, after each activity done, and everyone together to make a review.

For example, how many discounts were given in this event, how many people received them, how much subsidies were paid, and how much they sold, so that users feel that they have received discounts and contributed.

This not only mobilizes everyone’s enthusiasm for sharing, but also stimulates other visitors to interact and place orders.

07  group representatives

If you are a long-term shopping group, then you must train real customer representatives in the group.

They can help you share a lot of work, such as answering some basic questions, some negative maintenance in the group, and the organization of some activities.

So how do these people dig?

One is the customers who place orders frequently, the second is the customers who often share, and the third is the customers who often grab benefits. In fact, there are such “enthusiasts” in every group.

And all you have to do is to fully respect, thank and reward them.

For example, after receiving the goods, you can take a nice photo and send an exclusive red envelope to bless you in the group when the other party celebrates their birthday. If you are in the local area, you can even have a meal and meet up in private .

It is necessary to develop such users into your long-term customers, group administrators, and to develop into your distribution agents.

08  Group Talking

When doing promotional activities in the group, you must think carefully about every word you say, and don’t do it casually.

You have to prepare at least the following points:

First, if the user says that your product is not good and the express delivery is slow, what is your response technique?

Second, how can users respond when they complain that there are too few welfare products and the invitation to the event is difficult?

Third, how do you respond if a user puts forward some suggestions for product or activity improvement?

Fourth, when you push products and greet and interact in the group every day, how do you say it is more appropriate?

How to make users feel cordial and show your professional, careful and responsible attitude? Even want to like you?

Since almost all communication within the group is written, it is very challenging to let users understand, trust and recognize you through words.

For example, it reflects how you select products, how you try to discuss preferential measures with merchants, how to ensure that users deliver goods, and how to arrange employees to work overtime to respond.

09  group activities

In your shopping group, besides pushing products, what else can users get ? What can users do?

Do you want to do a product trial activity?

Should we organize some agents to trace the origin?

Do you want to organize some offline gatherings of consumers?

Do you want to invite a skincare expert, distributor, or merchant to share dry goods knowledge?

Do you want to do a few special price spike activities?

As a long-term shopping group, don’t turn the group into a billing group. The life value of such a group is very short, and users can join many such groups to squeeze their wool.

10  group fission

Any type of group has a life cycle, so you have to keep new users joining in the group.

The first is to regularly clear out users who do not speak, place orders, or contribute.

The second is to do some welfare activities on a regular basis to guide users to other requirements.

But it should be noted that since you hire people to do things, you have to design a reward mechanism, and the most important thing is to fulfill your promises in time.

In addition, you must maintain your product selection capabilities, price capabilities, and service capabilities, so that users can continue to enjoy good products and services, and have some expectations for you.

For some temporary groups, delete them in time after finishing the activities, but invite high-quality customers to the large groups.

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