TechWeek: Filecoin mainnet has completed v13 upgrade

This week’s Technology Week contains technical news from four networks: Ether, Filecoin, Kusama, and Cosmos.

Ethernet Network
Ethernet Layer 2 solution zkSync will be launched on the mainnet on July 14

Official news, the latest version of Ethernet Layer 2 solution zkSync finished the code audit conducted by ABDK and will go online on the mainnet on July 14, which will support transactions, NFT, and tokens on zkSyns without review, in addition to zkSync will also go online with a new event system.

Ethernet test network Goerli has reached the height of the London upgrade block

Official news, at 11:19:39 BST, Goerli, the Ethernet test network, reached the London upgrade block height 5062605.

Ethernet 2.0 client Teku released v21.6.1

Official news, Ether2.0 client Teku released v21.6.1, the main changes include: – CPU usage reduction by batch verification goosip; – Improved peer ENRs tracking; – Eth1 tracking and metrics improvement.

EY has open-sourced Nightfall 3, an Ethernet Layer 2 solution, with ZK-Optimistic Rollup mechanism

On July 2, Ernst & Young announced the launch and open source of its Ethernet Layer 2 solutionc, Nightfall 3, using the ZK-Optimistic Rollup mechanism, which combines zero-knowledge proofs (ZK or ZKP) with a new model for handling transaction validation to improve efficiency and reduce transaction costs. ZK-Optimistic Rollup is designed to ensure that only correctly formed layer 2 blocks are included in the final blockchain record, users are financially incentivized to challenge incorrect blocks, and when a challenge is made, a smart contract arbitrates on the accuracy of the challenge, rewards correct challenges, and removes incorrect layer 2 blocks. (Prnewswire)

Filecoin Network
Venus has completed a security audit and released venus v1.0

Venus recently completed a security audit and released the audit report, while the Venus team released the milestone version venus v1.0.0, which will enable global storage providers (miners) and storage customers to more securely and reliably use Venus to store value data in the distributed storage network Filecoin. This version is the first official release after passing the security audit. Officials will continue to improve the recommended items in the report that have not been fully resolved yet, and release the progress and dynamics of community operations and development in a timely manner in order to provide Filecoin storage providers with a more convenient and effective storage solution, and to get community feedback on some important features. It is reported that Venus is a Go language implementation of Filecoin, dedicated to the improvement of Filecoin network security and distributed cluster applicability. (Filecoin Venus)

Filecoin mainnet has completed v13 HyperDrive network upgrade

It’s official, the Filecoin mainnet has completed the v13 HyperDrive network upgrade. Previously, the Filecoin mainnet will be upgraded when the Filecoin network block height reaches 892,800, and this upgrade is expected to boost stored messages by 15 to 20 times.

Cosmos Network
B-Harvest Submits Two New Governance Proposals for Cosmos Hub

Cosmos messaging provider and node validator B-Harvest has submitted two new governance proposals for Cosmos Hub. Proposal 50 proposes to increase the gas limit per block so that Cosmos Hub can process up to 500 exchange transactions per block for GravityDEX. This will give GravityDEX enough capacity to handle new users in the beginning phase. Prop 51 is the actual governance proposal that proposes to add GravityDEX to Cosmos Hub. The network will stop on July 12 and the validator will have to update the state machine binaries to accommodate the upgrade. Voting for both proposals is now open.

Kusama Network
The first KSM transfer between Karura and Kusama has been completed

Acala Network co-founder Bette Chen tweets about Karura’s progress since it joined the Kusama parallel chain. the Karura Genesis block completed a Runtime upgrade in block #55032 after a week of operation. the XCM token is now available and the first KSM transfer from Kusama to Karura has been completed. Token distribution is expected to open next week.

Moonriver wins Kusama’s second parallel chain with an offer of nearly 206,000 KSM

Subscan data shows that the auction for Kusama’s second parallel chain slot has now ended and the highest bid has been generated, with Moonriver winning Kusama’s second parallel chain with an offer of 205,935 KSM.

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