Technology Weekly|Chainlink Launches Feed Registry

This week’s Technology Weekly contains technical news about six networks: Bitcoin , Polygon, Kusama, Optimism, Chainlink, and Cardano .

Bitcoin network

Bitcoin Core client releases the source code of v22.0

On September 9th, the Bitcoin Core client Bitcoin Core released the source code of the first official version v22.0 after modifying the version number naming rules on GitHub. Note that the previous BitcoinCore version naming rules start with 0, that is, the last major version before the 22.0 version is 0.21.0, and the minor version update 0.21.1 has been released later, and v22.0 was previously scheduled to be released on August 1 .

Polygon network

Ethereum expansion solution Polygon integrates Mina protocol

Golden Finance reported that Polygon, the expansion solution for Ethereum, announced its integration with the lightweight smart contract platform Mina Protocol. Compared to Ethereum’s 300 GB blockchain, the Mina protocol is only a few kilobytes. This collaboration means that developers can now use Mina’s recursive zk-SNARK application Snapp to build applications on Polygon.

Kusama network

Acala will integrate Chainlink to feed prices

Golden Finance reported that Polkadot DeFi project Acala announced that it would integrate Chainlink to feed prices. Acala revealed that it has been working with the Chainlink team for a period of integration. The introduction of Chainlink Oracle Pallet facilitated this process. It is reported that Chainlink Oracle Pallet is a plug-and-play solution that will be available in the Polkadot ecosystem in April. Acala also integrated Chainlink feed price into its sister network Karura on Kusama.

Kusama officially opens its seventh slot auction

According to official sources, the Kusama Council voted Motion 350 at 18:20 today, officially opening Kusama’s seventh slot auction. As of press time, the highest bidder was Manta’s pioneer network Calamari, which collected a total of 190,490 KSM, followed by Basilisk (77,872 KSM), Centrifuge’s pioneer network Altair (47,125 KSM) and Paralle’s pioneer network Heiko (35,762 KSM) ). At present, the Kusama network has launched 7 parachains, namely the Statemine public welfare parachain allocated to free slots through governance, and Karura, Moonriver, Shiden, Khala, Bifrost, and KILT, which have won slots through auctions. All crowdloan activities on Kusama, including those that have won slots and those that are currently in progress, have locked a total of about 1,749,000 KSM, accounting for 15.25% of the total KSM. The current staking rate has dropped to 42%. Slot + Staking) KSM is currently 57.25%.

KILT launches mainnet after winning the sixth parachain slot of Kusama

On September 8th, the candle period for the sixth auction of Kusama ended. KILT successfully won the sixth slot of Kusama by locking 219,999.9 KSM. KILT will connect to the Kusama relay chain at 18:27 and produce blocks in the form of a parallel chain.

Optimism network

Optimism: Found a new technology to reduce Gas cost on L2, which will be launched in the next upgrade

On September 8th, the Ethereum expansion plan Optimism said on Twitter that it has discovered a new technology to reduce Gas fees on L2 and will be launched in the next upgrade. In addition, Optimism also said that before the launch of the new technology, at least one document will be released to explain its principles and open the technology for research, hoping that the technology can also be used in other L2 protocols.

Chainlink network

Chainlink oracle launches on-chain registry Feed Registry

On September 5, Chainlink oracles launched the on-chain registry Feed Registry, which mapped the current token contract address of Chainlink Price Feeds. Smart contracts can obtain price data from any Chainlink Price Feed through a common registry contract, and greatly reduce the integration difficulty when developing hybrid smart contract applications.

Filecoin network

Filecoin Foundation launches a bounty reward program for storage providers

On September 5th, the Filecoin Foundation launched a bounty reward program for storage providers, which is an open tool for coordinating work priorities and utilizing the collective knowledge of the Filecoin ecosystem to provide crowdsourcing solutions for the storage provider community. Allegedly, the bounty is a simple reward for closing/solving a problem, and the bounty ranges from $50 to $5,000 (or equivalent FIL).

Cardano network

Cardano confirmed that it will launch the Alonzo hard fork on the mainnet on September 13th, Beijing time

Golden Finance reported that Input Output Global (IOG) tweeted that the smart contract update proposal has been successfully submitted to the Cardano mainnet to be at 21:44:51, September 12, UTC (5:44, September 13, Beijing time) ) Trigger the Alonzo hard fork combiner event, consistent with the team’s original schedule. This will be Cardano’s most important upgrade to date.


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