Team up with Google, Gou Taiming wants to engage in industrial Metaverse

The wave of the 3 trillion level is coming surging.

Probably because of the fast-changing nature of the meta-universe concept itself, the outside world’s views on the meta-universe are also changing rapidly.

Just half a month ago, Terry Gou also stated in public that the concept of meta universe will take “5 to 10 years, or even longer, to be implemented.” However, in view of the Hon Hai Group’s Liu Yangwei’s statement on Meta Universe, he believes that “the next two major events in the industry are Meta Universe except for electric vehicles. Hon Hai will definitely launch Meta Universe related products.”

So half a month later, the subsidiary of the Hon Hai Group that it founded began to break into the meta universe world with a high profile, and it still joined forces with Google.

On January 4, Huahan Technology, a subsidiary of Hon Hai Group, announced that Google International LLC purchased 4.88 million shares of the company through private placement at a price of NT$226.92 per share.

Based on this calculation, Google acquired a 4.6% stake in the company at a price of US$40 million, making it its third largest legal person shareholder. The transaction is tentatively scheduled to be completed before January 11.

Team up with Google, Gou Taiming wants to engage in industrial Metaverse

According to Taiwan’s “Business Times” report, Google and Huahan Technology will further deepen cooperation in the fields of software and hardware integration platforms and industrial meta-universe.

Although the scale of Google’s investment in Huahan is not large, it is the first time that Google has formally invested in a listed company in Taiwan. The intention of the two to work together to create the world of the universe is very obvious.

Stimulated by this good news, on January 5, Huahan Technology blocked the daily limit.

Team up with Google, Gou Taiming wants to engage in industrial Metaverse

Hon Hai Group: Occupy the high ground of industrial meta-universe demand

This is not the first time that Hon Hai Group has cooperated with Google. Hon Hai has been manufacturing hardware such as Pixel phones for Google before.

This is not the first time that Huahan has cooperated with Google. In October last year, Huahan announced that it had become a strategic partner with Google Cloud to transform the global open intelligent Internet (AIoT) cloud platform digitally, combining digital as a service (DaaS) strategy with Google Advanced cloud solutions and services, targeting 10 high-growth niche markets to create new business models.

Among them, the TO B industrial meta-universe field targeted by the two companies this time may be expected to become a high demand in the future.

Metaverse technology can use real data to create a virtual world 1:1 to achieve a high degree of overlap with the real world, and with the support of 5G-induced AR, VR, AI computer vision, low-latency remote control and other technologies, it can establish an “industrial Meta universe world”.

According to TrendForce, the industrial meta-universe will spur the global smart manufacturing market to reach US$540 billion by 2025.

Google: Can the first batch of “meta universe explorers” return to the mainstream?

Compared with Microsoft and Meta, which have entered the meta universe with high profile, Google seems to be a little low-key.

But in fact, Google was the first batch of pioneers in the meta-universe world, but the journey has not been smooth.

As early as 2012, Google released a prototype of AR glasses, and then landed in the US market in 2014.

However, it was later forced to take it down because of negative news.

In 2017, Google revived the launch of industrial AR glasses, but in the same year Apple launched ARKit, which builds AR experience for mobile phones.

The occurrence of a series of events caused Google to be silent in this field for several years. Now with the recurrence of the meta-universe boom, can Google achieve breakthroughs through strong alliances?

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