Teach you how to play the FTM version of the LOOT game Rarity released by AC

After LOOT fire in ether Square on many LOOT derived fake disk, such as xLOOT, PLOOT, MLoot.

Inspired by LOOT, LOOT-like NFTs spread to other public chains and evolved into on-chain games.

On September 6, YFI founder Andre Cronje released a Loot NFT game called Rarity on Fantom. Players can earn experience points by taking risks every day, and they can level up after gaining a certain amount of experience points. There are 11 characters in the game, namely, bard, bard, priest, druid, display, monk, paladin, ranger, wizard, and wizard. There is no limit to the total amount of Rarity, anyone can complete the minting in the Rarity contract.

Any user who owns a small amount of FTM tokens can mint the Hero NFT you want, and each NFT takes an adventure every day to accumulate experience points.

Ready to work

1. Add Fantom Opera to MetaMask

It can be added directly through Chainlist.org;

Or add manually, Fantom Opera information is:

Network Name: Fantom Opera

New RPC Url: https://rpcapi.fantom.network

ChainID: 250

Symbol: FTM

Block Explorer URL: https://ftmscan.com/

2. Buy a certain amount of FTM and transfer it to Fantom wallet

Mint and adventure

There are 11 types of Hero occupations that can mint:

  • Barbarian [1]
  • Bard [2]
  • Cleric [3]
  • Druid [4]
  • Fighter [5]
  • Monk [6]
  • Paladin [7]
  • Ranger [8]
  • Rogue [9]
  • Sorcerer [10]
  • Wizard [11]

There are currently two ways to mint and take risks. 1. UI interface; 2. FTM browser mode.

UI interface



2. After linking the wallet, click to select a profession to cast Hero NFT, the author chose Rogue


3. After the casting is successful, ready to start an adventure once a day. If the expedition has been completed, it will be displayed in Resting.


FTM browser mode

1. Rarity’s contract address on FTMScan  https://ftmscan.com/address/0xce761d788df608bd21bdd59d6f4b54b2e27f25bb#writeContract

2. Select Write Contract and link to Web3 wallet;


3. Move to 8. summon


4. For class, fill in the number corresponding to the selected hero occupation;

5. Write, pay the gas fee (only a few FTMs) to confirm the casting;

6. Enter your own address to find the minted NFT tokenid;


7. Each NFT can take an adventure once a day. Move to 1. Adventures, enter the Token ID of the NFT you minted, and click Write to complete the daily adventure and accumulate experience points.

An expedition increases 250 experience points, and 1000 experience points increase by one level. AC said that the head player of Rarity’s first echelon will reach level 2 within 24 hours, but the real fun starts at level 3, where you can make potions to explore the dungeon.

AC’s latest retweet shows that the forest treasure mining function contract has been officially launched. After the character is level 5, treasure hunting can be carried out. It takes 4-7 days. The character experience value can upgrade the treasure, and the treasure can be traded. There is no fee and only gas is charged. 

On September 8th, Andre Cronje posted that Rarity’s next expansion introduces “skills”, and each occupation will receive a certain number of skill points at each level according to its occupation and intelligence adjustment value. Each level has level skills and cross-level skills: the highest level of level skills is character level + 3; cross-level skills are 1/2 of the highest level of level skills. 

In addition, Andre Cronje updated Rarity’s code base. This update uploaded the “Skills” module, and at the same time stored the first half of the “Specialty” module settings in the corresponding contract address.


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