Tasting digital RMB: the use is getting more and more smooth and the offline application scenarios are gradually increasing

Digital RMB is gradually entering people’s daily lives.

Original title: “Tasting Digital RMB

The new round of digital RMB distribution and experience activities in Beijing and Shanghai ended on June 20, during which reporters also made applications and had personal experience on the scenarios and usage of digital RMB, etc. They found that digital RMB is gradually coming into people’s daily life.

The digital RMB is becoming more and more comfortable to use
On June 11, the reporter received a text message reminding him that the digital RMB bonus package he applied for had won. The reporter then downloaded the Digital RMB App and registered the Digital RMB wallet according to the prompt, and the 200 RMB red packet arrived.

Beijing Shijingshan District Beijing Winter Olympic Games Park is the first place to start the digital RMB test. The reporter came to the Shougang Extreme Park in Shijingshan District on the morning of June 12. At the ticket purchase point of the park, the reporter saw a digital RMB payment logo. The first digital wallet payment was completed after the staff swept the code and deducted 30 yuan from the reporter’s wallet. After that, the reporter went to the Beijing Winter Olympics licensed goods store in Shougang Park and easily purchased two bottles of soft drinks with his digital wallet.

On June 13, the reporter went back to the Rainbow Mall in Beijing Olympic Park. At the Rainbow Supermarket on the second basement level, the reporter randomly bought some daily necessities and then went to the cashier. There was a long line at the cashier’s desk with “Welcome to Digital RMB” posted on it, and the reporter saw a number of consumers opening the Digital RMB app and preparing to pay. However, since many of them were first-time users, some of them often ordered payment instead of receiving it. When the consumer in front of the reporter was paying, the cashier prompted him that his purchase had exceeded 200 RMB and that he needed to top up his wallet to the amount purchased or settle the items within 200 RMB first. The reporter did not want to pay for the items he had chosen, so he chose to top up his digital wallet. The reporter clicked on the Digital RMB App to fill the wallet, followed the prompts to enter the recharge amount, and quickly completed the recharge, and then swept the code to settle, the whole process took less than half a minute.

The company’s first-ever digital wallet, the digital wallet, is a new and exciting way to get the most out of your digital wallet. The company’s main business is to provide a wide range of products and services to the public. The cashier told the reporter that if the money in the digital wallet was not enough, he could pay the rest with WeChat or Alipay without topping up. Just like that, the reporter finished the checkout within a few seconds through digital RMB + WeChat payment.

Although the experience has ended, the consumer Mr. Liu told the reporter that after spending 200 yuan, the digital RMB is getting more and more comfortable to use, and he was not satisfied to pay 120 yuan with the digital wallet on June 24.

The use of scenarios gradually increased
During the experience, reporters noted that although Rainbow Supermarket supports the use of digital RMB, there were no digital RMB payment signs in Rainbow Mall. Most merchants also told reporters that they do not accept digital RMB payments at the moment.

It is understood that nearly 2,000 merchants in Beijing are participating in the Jingcai Life Digital Wallet Carnival, covering various life scenarios such as clothing, food, housing and transportation. However, offline merchants are still in need of expansion. A consumer in a suburb of Beijing complained that he had won a 200 RMB red packet, but he did not find any offline merchants in that area in the list of available merchants, so he had to make a trip to the city?

However, the number of offline scenarios for using digital RMB is increasing. In Beijing’s Chaoyang District, for example, the district has expanded to 847 merchants, accounting for 44% of the city’s total merchants and ranking first in the city. Taking into account the international character of Chaoyang District, Chaoyang District has focused on expanding the key commercial areas around the Winter Olympic Games and embassies, international medical centers, libraries, gas stations and vegetable markets, and has created a “Chaoyang on the tip of the tongue” with the focus on Beijing’s “late-night eateries”.

Some universities and enterprises are also conducting digital RMB settlement pilots in their own campuses. At Beijing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics and Renmin University of China, a series of digital RMB pilots have been carried out on their campuses, including commerce and cafeterias. Digital RMB has also entered the Taikang House-Shu Yuan community, which supports digital RMB payments in its dining hall and vitality center. Under the guidance of staff, nearly 100 seniors in Shu Yuan have downloaded and opened digital RMB wallets and used digital RMB for spending in the park.

In addition to offline, the number of online platforms for settlement with digital RMB is also increasing. Users can select the merchant they want to open in the Digital RMB App sub-wallet function and open it after entering their password verification. Take ICBC sub-wallet as an example, the experience merchants that can be opened at present are Jingdong APP, Surprise APP, Meituan Riding, Drip Travel and China Eastern Airlines. In Jingdong APP, after purchasing self-owned products, the option of digital RMB payment will appear on its payment page, and the payment can be completed after selection.

Data released by Jingdong Technology shows that between June 1 and 18, nearly 210,000 digital RMB sub-wallets were pushed to the Jingdong APP, and more than 130,000 users used digital RMB to spend in the Jingdong APP, with a cumulative number of 180,000 orders and a cumulative spending amount of more than 21 million RMB.

“The opening of the sub-wallets means the use scenario of digital RMB has been expanded, which will bring positive significance to the subsequent cultivation of active digital RMB users.” said Su Xiaorui, a financial technology expert.

Deposit and withdrawal are both convenient and safe
The reporter visited and learned that to better promote digital RMB, ICBC has also posted digital RMB logos on branch ATMs to enable direct mutual exchange of cash and digital RMB.

At ICBC’s branch in Beijing Xuyuan, several ATMs have a prominent red “Digital RMB” logo posted next to them. On the left side of the machine’s screen is the “Digital RMB” option, and after clicking on it, two options appear on the right side of the page: “Digital RMB to Cash” and “Cash to Digital RMB”.

After the reporter entered his cell phone number at the ATM, the screen displayed the wallet ID, name, cell phone number, currency and other privacy-processed information, and asked the user to verify. After clicking on the confirmation, the banknote inlet opened automatically, and the reporter put in two 100 yuan bills and confirmed, and the page popped up with the words “successful transaction”. Then, the reporter’s digital wallet balance showed 200 yuan.

To exchange the digital RMB for cash, users need to open the ICBC Mobile Banking App, scan the withdrawal QR code on the machine through the “sweep” function on the “digital RMB”, and enter the wallet payment password according to the cell phone prompt to complete the withdrawal. At present, ICBC only supports the digital RMB internal experience wallet sweep code exchange in the ICBC Mobile Banking App for the time being.

It is understood that ICBC Beijing Branch has nearly 3,000 all-in-one machines to realize the two-way exchange function of digital currency and banknotes, becoming the first bank in Beijing to fully launch digital RMB cash exchange. The topic also rushed to the microblogging hot search, to which some netizens said, “can mutual exchange promotion faster”. Some users said, “It’s getting more and more convenient”, “as long as it’s safe and works well”.

Su Xiaorui said that the digital RMB can realize double offline payment, not limited by the network environment. At the same time, its security is higher. With the approval of the digital RMB whitelist in seconds, it has shown that the technology related to digital RMB wallet is maturing and is progressively reconfiguring the payment system.

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