TapMonster: A call from cyberpunk, a battle world worth waiting for Game+NFTs

In the past few months, we have witnessed the success of NFT and GameFi. Especially GameFi, let everyone see a more fair game business model. GameFi has changed the tearing mode of multiple parties in traditional games, allowing all participants to be connected together. Through the blessing of NFTs+P2E, the ownership of the assets in the game is given to the players, which clarifies all the virtual assets between the parties. Ownership, initially building a shared value network.

It is a pity that GameFi projects are appearing in large numbers but there are few boutiques, and original works are even rarer. From the perspective of team background, story background, and future development, TapMonster can focus on it.

What is TapMonster

TapMonster is a RPG battle and NFT manufacturing and collection game based on Binance Smart Chain. Players obtain token rewards by recruiting natives to fight and upgrade, and forge natives with stronger attributes to sell them in the market for profit. The game has entered the final stage of development, and the BETA version will be launched in the fourth quarter of 2021.


The birth of TapMonster is that the game development team hopes to reproduce the cyberpunk world on TapMonster. In the background of the game story, a parallel universe is presented. While highly developed technology brings convenience to people, the large organizations that support the operation of the world collect a large amount of personal data, which violates the privacy of ordinary citizens, and social differentiation is increasing. The more serious. Thus, the punk played by the players was born. They were determined to change the status quo, leading their gangs against the enslavement of organizations and chaebols, and plunged into the craze of crypto wars. Finally, through the unremitting efforts of many players, the punks defeated the dark organization. With the chaebol, a universe belonging to the punks wanted.

Play  To Earn

The TapMonster game introduced the blockchain economy at the beginning of its establishment, allowing players to enjoy the exciting and exciting crypto wars while obtaining rewards from the TapMonster ecosystem. Players get rewards in the following ways: completing daily tasks, adventuring in chaotic cities, participating in game PVP battles to obtain ranking rewards, excellent gamers can compete for their own territory to collect resources for sale, and control the chip laboratory to manufacture and collect NFTs.


In TapMonster, Play To Earn is no longer just an advertisement or a gimmick. Earning income through playing games is the style of this cyberpunk universe.

Off to TapMonster game flow through assets 

TMG (BEP-20): TMG token is the base currency of the game deployed on Binance Smart Chain (BSC), and it is a currency that is completely used in the TapMonster game world. The token can be used to obtain and exchange NFT RPG punk characters, as well as to purchase in-game items. Holding TMG tokens will also directly participate in the governance voting of the TapMonster universe. The most important use of TMG is to provide rewards for players participating in the game as a TapMonster world.


TMC (BEP-721): TMC is also deployed on Binance Smart Chain (BSC). This token is the presentation of the NFT’s cryptographic layer in the game. TMC is the cornerstone of the TapMonster world, and is the representation of the aborigines of many worlds in the cryptographic layer. All the indigenous people (NFT), the complete self attributes are presented on the TMC, through the activation of the laboratory chip, players can view the data of the indigenous people (NFT) (occupation, belief, level, health) on the TMC Wait)

TapMonster game system system: 

The game system is constructed as a real-time role-playing, the design inspiration source Tap Titans and Kaku-San-Sei Million Arthur, through the recruitment, research and development of the native people (NFT) to fight, the purpose is to defeat all enemies. Each native (NFT) has a different profession, including thugs, doctors, hackers, warriors, gunners, heavy armor, mechanics, assassins, mutants, etc.


The attributes that determine the strength of each aboriginal are health, attack, will and speed. The player enters the initial combat system and consists of 4 natives (NFTs) forming a combat team, reserves the number of natives (NFT), and can flexibly adjust the professional mix when facing different enemies, so as to achieve more battle victories and gains TMG rewards.

In the TapMonster game, the total number of TMG tokens is constant at 210 million


Of which: Used for in-game incentives: 31% (65.1 million pieces)

Liquidity supply: 19% (39.9 million pieces)

Staking TMG reward: 15% (31.5 million pieces) Seed round: 8% (16.8 million pieces)

Private placement round: 7% (14.7 million pieces) Public placement round: 5% (10.5 million pieces)

Consultant and community building: 5% (10.5 million pieces) Creative team: 5% (10.5 million pieces)

Operation: 5% (10.5 million pieces)

TapMonster financing calendar Cheng 


According to the information released by the official TapMonster team, a million-dollar seed round of financing led by Imcrypto Capital and GoMega Capital, and Future Guild, a guild in the P2E field, has been completed.

The market-oriented BETA version of TapMonster will be launched in the fourth quarter of this year. Many pixel-level punk heroes will wait for the recruitment of adventurers in the world of science fiction, tyranny, and chaos, and lead them to establish a cyberpunk meta The universe world.


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