Taobao Douyin Xiaohongshu “Purchase” Metaverse

The VR market is still under cultivation, but the dark battle has begun.

Taobao Douyin Xiaohongshu "Purchase" Metaverse

The Metaverse is just the beginning.

The new consumption of the Metaverse represented by VR may set off a storm.

Zugberg changed the name of the company to Meta at the Facebook Connect event in November last year, which led to a surge in sales of its VR product, Oculus.

Taobao Douyin Xiaohongshu "Purchase" Metaverse

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In China, VR products have also gone through a period of disillusionment, and now they are “burning” again due to the overwhelming information bombardment of the Metaverse. Their preferred main battlefield is very clear – e-commerce.Those tech enthusiasts and young people like to spend the most.

As the first batch of VR product practitioners, Liang Wei has already begun to gear up.

In the first two days, Oculus shipped more than 10 million units and surpassed the popular fried chicken TikTok in the App store download ranking, which made Liang Wei and his colleagues excited for a while.

According to the latest forecast from Counterpoint Global XR, shipments of VR/AR/MR headsets are expected to increase from 11 million units in 2021 to 105 million units in 2025, an increase of about 10 times. XR headset sales will start to explode in 2022, as this will be the year with the most new XR product releases, including the Oculus Quest series, Sony PlayStation VR2 and Apple AR glasses.

“The market is still in a state of cultivation, but the dark battle has already started.” In Liang Wei’s view, the biggest rival Meta Oculus has penetrated into the country unknowingly, and is regarded as a “god” by professional players. If domestic VR wants to catch up, a company like “Xiaomi” must appear.

During the visit of Yibang Power, we learned that some VR product startups have privately formed a consensus:

The industry must take up the posture of domestic smartphones against Apple in order to defend the entrance to China’s “Metaverse”.

01  The purchasing agent of VR, the leader of the Metaverse

“Meta’s creation of the Metaverse is a ‘conspiracy’.”

A VR manufacturer, who did not want to be named, provided a document to Ebang. This is a report from CNBC, an authoritative financial media in the United States, shortly after Meta held a press conference.

They got hold of a confidential document from inside Facebook, a 50-page report. The content that the VR manufacturer sent to the author is exactly the copy disclosed by CNBC.

The report was written three years ago by Jason Rubin, the company’s executive in charge of VR content. The report exposed the lacklustre performance of Oculus, the VR product Facebook bought for $2 billion. In three years, the mere 250,000 users are dwarfed by Facebook’s 2 billion global active users.

“Facebook invests hundreds of millions of dollars in VR research and development every year.” The aforementioned domestic VR entrepreneur told Ebang Power that Jason Rubin hoped that Facebook would pay attention to VR products, and a huge press conference that talks about the future direction of human beings could not be better.

If you saw Zuckerberg’s performance at the press conference, you have to admit that his “reality distortion field” is close to Steve Jobs. Although there are also many skeptics, he packaged VR into a better concept – the Metaverse.

Taobao Douyin Xiaohongshu "Purchase" Metaverse

Image source: Oculus official website

“That’s good. Metaverse not only made Oculus popular again, but also ignited domestic enthusiasm for VR products.” Liang Wei believes that capital, entrepreneurs, smart hardware manufacturers, e-commerce channels, and talent anchors , fans are high.

The first brother of Douyin, Luo Yonghao, personally in the live broadcast room, is the platform of Pico, a well-known domestic VR all-in-one brand.

“You can search on, Taobao, Pinduoduo, and Xianyu to find out what VR is currently in,” said an employee of Pico, a domestic VR brand.

Under the guidance of several domestic VR bosses, Yibang Power has conducted a survey on VR products on major e-commerce platforms, and also tried to uncover a side of the domestic sales of VR products.

Two years ago, if it wasn’t for the use of precise keywords, almost all the first pages that consumers searched for had to be plugged into a mobile phone to use a VR box.

Now, on Taobao, there are already 6 products with sales exceeding 1,000 in the past month, and dozens of products in Pinduoduo with sales exceeding 1,000 in the past month. And, which has an advantage in digital products, already has 3 related products with cumulative sales exceeding 50,000. Among them, Pinduoduo and Taobao have already appeared in a large number of “brand VR”, and these seem to sell better.

Taobao Douyin Xiaohongshu "Purchase" Metaverse

Pinduoduo, Taobao, VR search results

Such data has not reached an exciting level, but in Liang Wei’s view, it is gratifying enough. “In the past, it was not bad to sell one VR headset a month. Now such sales results show that users have recognized the VR products, and the entire market is one break away from the outbreak.”

However, although various e-commerce platforms are effective channels for VR equipment, it is obvious that brands have different positioning when facing different platforms.

According to the observation of Ebang, in and Pinduoduo, the sellers of VR equipment are mainly third-party and purchasing agents, while Tmall is concentrated in the official flagship store. Overseas shopping channels such as Koala Overseas Shopping and Amazon Overseas Shopping are also the main distribution channels for VR equipment.

Taobao Douyin Xiaohongshu "Purchase" Metaverse

Search for the specified VR products and display the difference of merchant types on each platform

Based on the characteristics of heavy experience of VR devices, offline entities are also channels for them to enter simultaneously.

At present, there are several types of offline layout of VR equipment: first, home appliance retail stores such as Gome and Suning; second, three major operators, China Mobile, China Unicom, and Telecom; and technology product collection stores, which go deep into shopping malls or airports.

However, in these channels, VR equipment is only used as a display area or only occupies a corner of the shelf. For example, in home appliance retail stores, VR is still close to the PC and smart TV display areas, or directly located in the latter display areas. From the perspective of display, it is not operated as an independent category.

In addition, there are a large number of short-term rental VR “game” scenes offline. Such as VR egg chairs in game halls, small VR parks, VR venues, etc.

In many mature categories, second-hand channels are also “big players” in circulation, but the VR market is still too young, and the second-hand market has not yet developed.

On second-hand platforms such as Xianyu and Zhuanzhuan, the Oculus Quest series led by Meta and the domestic VR all-in-one Pico acquired by ByteDance have become mainstream.

In fact, the complexity of VR equipment in various channels is related to the immaturity of the VR market on the one hand, and its current consumer usage and needs on the other hand. Regardless of whether overseas brands or domestic brands of VR equipment, there are still certain thresholds for consumers. This is why, among various channels, third-party merchants are even more popular than official channels. Because they don’t just provide equipment, they also provide “services”.

Take the most popular Oculus Quest 2 as an example. Its brand has not yet been launched in China, but there are a large number of purchasing agents in various online channels. In addition, Oculus is limited by the network environment and requires “special settings” to use. While selling, third-party merchants will also provide “value-added services” such as network settings, device activation, and cracked games to reduce the threshold for consumers to become senior players.

Taobao Douyin Xiaohongshu "Purchase" Metaverse

Third-party merchant customer service communicates with users “comprehensive” VR services

“It’s like reselling Tencent Video members and iQiyi member accounts in the early days. This business makes money from people who are greedy for the Metaverse and greedy for petty bargains.” The Xianyu seller told Yibang Power that regardless of whether it violated regulations or not, the platform also I don’t know how deep the water in the Metaverse is, so let’s talk about it first.

Whether the market is mixed or not, there is a trend that has to be acknowledged. Virtual reality intelligent hardware is ushering in the second golden opportunity.

According to the latest forecast from Counterpoint Global XR, the shipment of XR (VR/XR/MR) headsets is expected to increase from 11 million units in 2021 to 105 million units in 2025, an increase of about 10 times. XR headset sales will start to explode in 2022, as this will be the year with the most new XR product releases, including the Oculus Quest series, Sony PlayStation VR2 and Apple AR glasses.

02  The ones who care more about VR than Jingdong Taobao are Station B and Xiaohongshu

After the development of smartphones to the price of four or five thousand yuan, it is not difficult to guide users to spend more than 2,000 yuan to buy a VR all-in-one machine. “The difficulty is that users have to spend hundreds of dollars to buy built-in software applications.” Liang Wei said.

One reality is that over the years, Internet users have become accustomed to the free services of the Internet world. In order to enter a new world, it is necessary to develop the habit of paying in advance, which is a major threshold for the popularization of VR in the domestic market.

“There are at least thousands of apps and games on Oculus that have been cracked by players and spread in the community.” Zhen Shuai, who just bought a domestic VR device, regrets that he didn’t do his homework in the community before he started, ” Bai Bai spent thousands of dollars on Oculus for various software applications.

Zhen Shuai has now become a daily active member in the community and actively promotes Oculus to his friends. After that, he thought that the interpersonal relationship was too narrow, and started to be the UP master at station B, recording short videos, and doing word-of-mouth marketing of VR products.

In fact, whether you are a newbie or a tech geek who just wants to enter the game, if you want to buy a satisfactory device or make good use of the “toys” in your hand, you need to visit the community more.

In foreign countries, there are several types of communities with rich VR information: social media platforms, grass planting and shopping guide platforms, vertical news sites and official forums, including Steam, Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, YouTube, Twitch, PornHub, Reddit, Kickstater, the Verger , Oculus Forum, etc.

Among them, Steam, YouTube, Twitch, PornHub, Reddit, Kickstater, and the Verge are the most influential in the VR field. The information dissemination of VR in these platforms mainly depends on the influence of bloggers. For example, YouTube’s VR content traffic is concentrated in the hands of several bloggers such as LinusTechTips, MKBHD, UnboxTherapy, etc. They all initiate influential topics and discussions from time to time.

It is also easier for VR equipment to form a closed sales loop on such platforms. An example is that Oculus first launched the product launch, and then let Zuckerberg enter YouTube and Twitch live broadcast rooms to receive interviews from well-known bloggers, so as to complete the closed-loop marketing and stimulate sales.

Taobao Douyin Xiaohongshu "Purchase" Metaverse

Zuckerberg interviews Marquees Brownlee on YouTube Live after Quest 2 launch

In China, the mature content sharing atmosphere and content business model have prompted the community to become the main communication position in the VR market, including Baidu Tieba, Douyin, Kuaishou, Zhihu, Xiaohongshu, Station B, What is Worth Buying, Pacific Ocean Computer network, Qingting network, VR gyro, etc. are all.

Among them, professional media such as Pacific Internet,, and VR gyro mainly help users quickly understand VR dynamics and compare equipment parameters. Compared with Douyin, Kuaishou, and Station B, which focus on unpacking new products and planting grass with skills, Xiaohongshu, Zhihu, and what is worth buying, which communicate VR content, product experience, and purchasing advice, are more like the announcement of VR products. position.

In Xiaohongshu, there are more than 80,000 VR-related notes, and there have been celebrities who mainly share VR-related content such as Mr. Jiang and Xiaolan; in Douyin, there are 6 VR-related accounts with more than one million fans. Among them, “VR Player No. 1” has 12.87 million fans; at station B, nearly 200 VR-related videos have been viewed over one million, and the most popular video has been viewed over 10 million.

Taobao Douyin Xiaohongshu "Purchase" Metaverse

Xiaohongshu, Douyin, and VR related content in the VR part of Station B

In fact, the community is only the first step for VR brands to reach users. They also adopt a three-axle model similar to that of new consumer goods: to Zhihu, Xiaohongshu, what is worth buying and planting grass, and participating in the cat and dog fight Promote, and then convert consumers to their own community forums, use the new points activities on the lottery to revitalize user resources, and promote long-tail consumption by users.

In terms of content, Oculus, which has attracted much attention, adopts a communication strategy similar to that of game consoles: investing heavily in the research and development of exclusive software and games, attracting media attention with new hardware and new games, and using exclusive interviews to create topics and promote sales. . Domestic brands such as Pico will focus on optimizing the screen experience of the VR all-in-one machine, release various versions of improved models, and promote the transformation of e-commerce platforms such as Tmall and Jingdong through the content platform.

Although there is a lot of information, it can be clearly felt that the domestic VR player circle is still in the stage of mutual penetration with the game circle, and even the technology circle has not yet aroused interest.

For example, Chiphell, a domestic high-end consumer electronics forum, still has no VR channel, and there are few discussion posts about VR in the entire forum. Regarding the Oculus Quest 2, there are only two so far.

Chiphell has always been known by the industry for sharing the experience of high-end PCs, game consoles, graphics cards, and cameras. Forum registration has a very high threshold. To a certain extent, Chiphell reflects the preferences of high-net-worth user groups in related fields, as well as the prosperity of an industry ecology.

In addition to third-party communities, the official APP communities of Oculus and Pico are also the focus of the brand’s operations. At present, the content in the Oculus APP focuses on the introduction and sale of new games, as well as user evaluation exchanges.

Taobao Douyin Xiaohongshu "Purchase" Metaverse

Legend: Pico and Oculus’ respective App communities and app markets

On the other hand, Pico’s official APP, PicoVR Assistant, has added a point system and distribution functions in addition to the new release of the game. The specific scenario is that users can redeem peripheral product systems with activity points.The so-called distribution means that P uses the invitation code to “bring the old to the new”. Therefore, a large number of Pico consumers have flooded into major forums to publish their own invitation codes to attract other consumers by splitting the cash back.

Taobao Douyin Xiaohongshu "Purchase" Metaverse

Pico users in Baidu Tieba are monetizing official distribution strategy

03  VR private domain traffic in QQ group, social war outside virtual reality

Can you believe that in such a high-level VR Metaverse, the important channel to maintain users is actually the QQ group?

After you successfully place an order on Taobao, you will be pulled into a “private domain traffic” group established by a seller with QQ as the main infrastructure.

Not only that, through search and community, you can find various official QQ groups, hundreds of QQ groups initiated by third-party VR developers, merchants, and experts.

Yibang Power observed and found that in the official brand group, group chat robots and administrators will play the role of customer service, answer after-sales questions, publish group announcements, push official news, and automatically guide users to download the official APP, other than that they will not interfere Group chat topic.

Taobao Douyin Xiaohongshu "Purchase" Metaverse

Day-to-day operations within the Pico official community

In the third-party community, the daily discussion topics are more around game experience, device bugs, PC streaming, overseas shopping, and point operations. Developers will also promote the project information developed by themselves in the community from time to time.

The path for brands to divert traffic in the “grassy community” has begun to emerge.

Some Taobao merchants and VR software developers will first use the openness of QQ groups to gather users, and then pull active users into new groups for later operation in the form of game activities.

Some individual group owners will also gather high-quality active fans, and then move to other platforms with stronger relationships such as WeChat, Weibo, and Douban.

Taobao Douyin Xiaohongshu "Purchase" Metaverse

VR related QQ group search results

In contrast, Oculus’ domestic users are more likely to gather in QQ groups because of the demand for game cracking.

“Since most of Oculus products are purchased by third parties, the founders of QQ groups are basically sellers. There are also fans of Internet celebrities who specialize in VR content.” Liang Wei believes that this is also the penetration of Oculus. The main route in the country.

Ebang Power has learned that in formal channels, Oculus maintains its private domain mainly through platforms such as Facebook, WhatsApp, Telegram, and Slack. The strategy for accumulating fans is also through Facebook groups.

It is worth noting that users must use a Facebook account when logging in to the Oculus platform. This also means that Facebook’s strong (acquaintance) social relationship chain will dominate the user’s weak (unfamiliar) social relationship in the VR Metaverse world. Correspondingly, social relationships in the Metaverse will also be reflected on Facebook.

For example, Zhen Shuai posted the photos taken in the VR virtual world on his Facebook account, winning the likes of his friends.

Taobao Douyin Xiaohongshu "Purchase" Metaverse

Legend: Even with privacy protection,

Oculus is also very aware of what you and your friends are doing in the Metaverse

“This is the strength of social media as a Metaverse. It is the same as Tencent’s introduction of QQ’s social relationship chain to WeChat, and the rapid increase in WeChat users.” A VR manufacturer revealed to Ebang Power, Domestic VR is currently subject to the mature social network of the existing mobile Internet, and it is difficult to create a software ecosystem similar to Tencent and Facebook.

QQ group is currently the best channel to connect VR and users, and in the future, will we say hello in the Metaverse of a certain big factory?

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