Talking about the long-term investment value of FileCoin

Recently, the editor pays attention to the hot search rankings on non-small accounts. FIL has appeared in the top three hot search for 2 consecutive weeks, but the price of FIL has dropped from the highest 238U to the lowest 40.10U. According to past experience, the top three non-small hot searches are accompanied by a good short-term price increase. Why there is no fluctuation in the price of FIL? With doubts, the editor will make a brief analysis of the latest data of FIL. I hope I can help you from the following aspects.

I will not elaborate on the introduction of the FileCion project itself. You can also follow the official accounts of Golden Finance, IPFS Chinese Consulting, IPFS Ecological Research Institute, Space-Time Cloud, Smart, FIL Community and other platforms to learn more about it. Today we mainly analyze the following issues:

1. Does Fil have long-term investment value?

2. Why did the price of Fil fall all the way?

3. FIL price trend model?

4. How to choose FIL mining machine?

Does FilCoin have long-term investment value?

Let’s take a look at the current development trend of the industry in recent years. The advent of BTC brought us blockchain technology. In 2014, ETH brought smart contracts. In 2017, EOS brought DPOS mechanism. In 2019, DOT. Brings the concept of all things inter-chain, ICP brings the concept of supercomputers, SOL, FIL in 2020, and the popular DEFI and NFT in 2021. Whether in a bear market or a bull market, there is no shortage of new projects in the market every year. At the same time, there will be no shortage of new heat. In the past, people often referred to the emergence of BTC as the era of blockchain 1.0, the emergence of Ethereum as the era of blockchain 2.0, and the emergence of EOS as the 3.0 era. However, because of the emergence of an unreliable BM, the popularity of EOS follows The passage of time is gradually replaced by DOT.

With the continuous update and iteration of blockchain technology, the high-quality projects that everyone knows or think in the past have become “cut leek” projects that no one cares about in a few years. But no matter how the market hotspot changes, we can see that technological progress is constantly optimizing and improving the blockchain infrastructure and the continued development of the ecology. From computing to communication to storage, it has been gradually improved, and IPFS has solved it. The underlying protocol of the blockchain, ETH handles data calculation problems, and Filecoin solves the problem of hot and cold storage of data. In order to handle calculations and high concurrency, the Internet computer Dfinity appeared again, and Swarm also appeared to solve the problem of data storage on the ETH chain. It has always been around three basic areas. As the leader of the storage sector, Filecoin is characterized by not only hot storage but also cold storage. Perhaps one day there will be more high-quality projects in the computing field with the development of technology, but they have not been able to break away from the hot and cold storage of data, and Filecoin is a very good choice.

As of July 23, the effective computing power of Filecoin’s entire network has reached 7.88 EIB. With the larger the amount of effective data stored, the higher the value of Filecoin will be.

Why did the price of Fil fall all the way?

Let’s take a look at the price of FIL from the 20U on December 30, 2020. After two months of consolidation, it will enter the main uptrend range in February 2021, which is also two months. The price will reach on April 1, 2021. To 238U, an increase of more than 10 times. This rapid increase is due to the fact that miners bought Fil regardless of cost to add new mining machines. At that time, the FIL supply on the market was less than the demand, and even the annual interest rate of pledged currency was as high as 70%-100%. The reason why miners are motivated is, on the one hand, determined by the economic model of the project itself, and on the other hand is the two-stage space race plan. The official rewards and incentives, even if miners buy FIL in the market for pledge at no cost. , If you get the competition award is quite cost-effective, the specifics will not start here.

After peaking on April 1, 2021, FIL turned its head downward, from 238U all the way down to 40.1U on July 21, a drop of more than 83.15% (no stimulation). After I read the data, there are two factors for this decline:

1. The rapid increase in prices has led to a sharp decline in the number of new mining machines. After all, every mining machine needs to pledge coins. In the absence of stock coins, the new mining machine owners can only buy in the secondary market. However, buying at a price of more than 200U will inevitably lead to an expansion of the user’s payback cycle. Compared with the mining machine, waiting and watching is the best choice.

2. In the economic model of FIL output, 75% will be released linearly, with a release cycle of 180 days, which is 6 months. After 180 days, users can get back the sum of the previous 180 days every day, in October last year. Since the community generally began to promote the sales of mining machines, it was exactly 6 months in April, and the price was at a relatively high level. The new mining machines continued to decrease, which would naturally create a selling pressure on the secondary market.

FIL price trend model?

Based on FIL’s economic model and past price trends, we can predict that the future price trend of FIL is expected to increase step by step in a spiral manner.

First of all, FIL is the first time I have encountered a project that the community has taken the initiative to ask the Foundation to hit the market. There is no one.

Secondly, the bottom 20U price showed a two-month increase after February, and it fell to 40U after two months. If we do not chase the rise and kill the decline, the two low prices have already increased by one. Times.

Finally, we can check the daily new computing power and daily output through the official browser. The editor has made statistics on the low and fluctuating computing power in the last month. The new computing power in the last month is higher than the output. The efficiency of coin output means that the pledge is greater than the output (75% of the coins produced on the day need to be released with 180 antennas). This also understands the reason why the price has not continued to fall again in the last month.

Talking about the long-term investment value of FileCoin

How to choose FIL mining machine?

With the domestic suppression of high-energy-consuming mining machines, some miners have shifted their positions to FIL, PHA, HNT and other projects. FIL mining has started from the sale of computing power to the sale of effective computing power, and from the cloud computing power. From the sale of physical equipment computing power, from anchor nodes to independent nodes, the diversity of methods makes it impossible for users to make accurate choices. If we want to participate in FIL, everyone needs to pay attention to the following points:

1. The current market sales are mainly based on packaged full computing power. If you tell you that it is just computing power, you don’t need to consider non-effective computing power.

2. The sales of cloud computing power on the market have decreased a lot compared to before. Most of the physical mining machines are sold, which is much more cost-effective compared to cloud computing power.

3. Most of the pledged coins in the market are borne by the users themselves. If there is joint mining, look at the back-end profit stratification ratio and calculate your own payback cycle.

4. The sales cost of physical mining machines varies in the market. The editor understands that it ranges from 500 yuan to 1,500 yuan/T.

5. The construction of independent nodes requires a threshold, which usually starts at 3P.

6. If you are affiliated with nodes, such as time-space cloud, smart, Athena, etc., you need to compare the efficiency of the storage service, which will directly affect your return.

7. If you build an independent node by yourself, you must choose a team with strong technical strength to avoid the risk of confiscation.

8. The mining machine is hosted to the computer room for maintenance, and the operation and maintenance cost paid is generally in the range of 10%-20% of the daily output currency, which is a normal expense.

The above is the editor’s views on the FIL project, welcome to leave a message for discussion. The above opinions only represent personal ideas, not as investment opinions.

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