Talking about the 4D text from Assange DAO to analyze the evolution of the DAO track

The author of this article, Xu Xu Yousheng, is a young girl who is deeply involved in the operation of Assange DAO and other DAOs, and has a deep understanding of the DAO track. In today’s article, she will share with you the evolution of the DAO track: Assange, believers, and Yunguo, three typical DAO analysis topics.

The content of this article is for reference only, not investment advice.

Original title: Evolution of DAO Track: Analysis of Three Typical DAOs of Assange, Believers, and Yunguo

2022 is called the first year of DAO, which makes more people full of expectations.

People in January, Assange in February, Cult in March, and Nation3 in April, the DAO track seems to have no shortage of new focuses every month, along with ebbs and flows. The DAO track is the easiest way to keep Crypto out of the circle and attract more talents such as web2 to enter the circle, and everyone can participate freely.

An article by A16Z states: “There are three measures of long-term success for a Web3 project, the first is to have clear goals, the second is to have an engaged and high-quality community, and the third is to have the right organization Governance approach aligns with goals and communities”.

Putting this framework into the DAO track is simply perfect. After communicating and thinking with DAO friends for a period of time, I think that two specific measures can be added – a sustainable treasury revenue model and a healthy governance decision-making mechanism, and to ensure the solidity of the “autonomy” core.

Disclaimer: What the author of this article has described is from the perspective of DAO track development rather than investment. The investment risk in the Crypto field is extremely high, DYOR!

1. The iterative development of AssangeDAO is “difficult and dangerous, and the direction is unclear”

Since AssangeDAO began to evolve “multiple consensus” around mid-April, I have basically been in a “broken update” state. For the most complete information on AssangeDAO, you can check out my previous article:

“AssangeDAO Chinese Materials” series

Before April 10th, AssangeDAO was basically a group of builders spontaneously formed by the Chinese community with temporary multi-signatures and volunteers to promote the infrastructure construction of this DAO from governance framework to daily affairs, although it seems to be effective” Not so significant”, but at least it is still a relatively harmonious state of “a kind of consensus”. I also published the article “How Assange Talks about “Justice” on the 4.11 anniversary, in order to commemorate the hero and hope to call on more people to pay attention to and think about the essence of “Assange Spirit”.

Unexpectedly, this harmonious community state was quickly “broken”. The fuse is that the German @wauland foundation tweeted on April 9, “It has allocated 580.775ETH (about 1.7 million US dollars) to the Australian Assange campaign organization @AssangeCampaign (gnosis-safe multi-signature address: 0xeD2796a21fE3F9a004A53a27947056C1a5c42131)”. Among the committee members announced by the Australian Assange Campaign on its official website, the Assange brother @Gabriel is the vice-chairman of the organization.

Talking about the 4D text from Assange DAO to analyze the evolution of the DAO track

Originally, the German Foundation allocated funds to a social organization that has long supported the FreeAssange movement. After all, although the organization is different, the mission goals are the same, all for FreeAssange.

However, just because this is a DAO, its stakeholders are drawn from diverse individuals in the Crypto space. Even so far, many community members may never know about Assange’s past, present and future at all, and only know his “name”; looking at the word Assange, what he sees is more of an “IP” value. Where does IP usually appear? –Business.

That is to say, many DAO partners expect more return, which may be just some kind of commercial value return (more simply, higher JUSTICE return), which is completely different from general social movement organizations.

In AssangeDAO, there has not been an in-depth consensus discussion on several major stakeholders regarding “what is a DAO”, but they “thought” they all understood. Some people say that it is a DAO when it is called DAO; others say that it is a DAO when JUSTICE tokens are issued and claimed, and the fundraising process is not a DAO. I think this is the biggest hidden danger that AssangeDAO has buried since its inception – there is no consensus on what exactly this DAO is (detailed elaboration and interpretation of mission).

Therefore, when someone asked the Assange brother @Gabriel, he once said on discord that “the German foundation’s money cannot be given to AssangeDAO at present, and DAO’s treasury funds must be solved by DAO itself”. As a result, absolute conflicts between different interests and values, as well as complex associations and bizarre speculations about each other in different cultural and linguistic backgrounds, have triggered a new round of panic and confusion in the community, and the emergence of “rights defenders” . Subsequently, some volunteers also began to defect from their former supporters to join the rights activists. For a time, all the emotions were mixed with realistic factors such as lower currency prices, and the community emotions suddenly began to vent.

The first disputes that were provoked came from within the first batch of “Chinese-speaking communities”. Some people began to complain and criticize the abilities of other volunteer builders, thus “initiating the war”. At the same time, a fierce battle of words was staged, intensifying and growing The “rights defense team” that existed in the first place. The new “rights protection consensus” has intensified, and some people have set up a special “iron army group” to start an organized rights protection movement. The goal is to exert public opinion pressure on one of the project initiators, Assange’s brother and others, and contact lawyers at the same time. And other organizations (LegalDAO), etc., to discuss prosecution, freezing and claiming the ETH of the German Foundation. During the period, the activists also launched a new discord community – DecryptAssangeDAO. The following article is from the “rights activist”, you can feel it (I personally think this is an irrational behavior):

The Beginning of Assange DAO – A Scam or a Decentralized Community’s Path to Oblivion?

Along with this, new voices and new construction routes have evolved among the builders. On the afternoon of 4.13, in an online discussion meeting of Chinese language builders, a new voice of the line emerged – developing a community automation governance platform, hoping to open up a new road to organize volunteers to develop a set of tools and products to realize community programming Governance. According to incomplete understanding, a meme dissemination team has been organized in the past two days, aiming to push JUSTICE towards meme currency before the application is implemented.

In addition, the first batch of volunteers of Chinese language builders are still continuing to promote governance work according to the established plan, and continue to communicate with English community builders (for example, JUICEBOX fee application, 4.23 Brussels concert cooperation activities, etc.) . During this period, volunteer builders in the English-speaking area have also emerged as positive forces, led by @EWillHelpYou, hoping to restore AssangeDAO, and are still actively working to build and advance specific issues (such as: Assange Press Freedom Award and NFT) project, etc.).

In short, the current iterative construction of the AssangeDAO community is in the “unclear direction” stage of multiple consensus “Brownian motions”, operating independently of each other but also individual intersections, a small group of idealistic spiritual beliefs and most investmentism entangled and intertwined ( Risk), it is still impossible to judge which consensus has absolute power to lead the sustainable development and construction of DAO in the future. **

But I also believe that with the passage of time and various practical experiments, some short-term consensus will eventually be “eliminated” in practice, and the consensus that can survive for a long time should be some pragmatic ones – those who have ideals and feelings, and who are willing to take care of Asan. People with high awareness and practical work (opportunities) are most likely to form the main consensus of AssangeDAO.

Open the bow without turning back the arrow. Decentralized autonomous organizations, if the “consensus” is not clearly defined from the mechanism and rules at the beginning, and it is expected to be achieved through the collision and communication of “people” in the organization, even if it has a very grand narrative significance, it will be destined to be a more The hard “Long Road”!

2. CultDAO defines a new way of DAO development

Although DAO has a long way to go, the iterative evolution of the DAO track seems to have always been short of “new” protagonists and new stories. At the end of March and the beginning of April, CultDAO has become a new focus.

Entering the official website of CultDAO, no matter from the design style or the automatically playing background sound (Charlie Chaplin’s wonderful speech at the end of the film “The Great Dictator” before World War II), there are magical and mysterious colors everywhere. Advocating the sense of power of fairness, justice and freedom, people have to wonder what kind of project is this?

The founding team of CultDAO is completely anonymous. Its project is known to many people. It started when the well-known blockchain contract audit institution @SolidProof_io tweeted on January 26. The real outbreak occurred at the end of March and the beginning of April, and the current $Cult market has a downward trend. .

Through the following two links, you can learn all the official information of CultDAO and get a detailed explanation about Cult tokens and DAO.

From the point of view of the operation mode of DAO, many people say that CultDAO is a “decentralized venture capital DAO”. However, @MrOmodulus, the founder of CultDAO, once clearly tweeted that “We are not a VC (we are not a VC)”, but should be a “fund”. It will not only support for-profit projects like early VCs, but also support some Non-profit projects or activities of the same philosophy, etc. CultDAO’s manifesto and official website have repeatedly mentioned “Cult DAO seeks to fast forward the collapse of the global economic order and to fund the revolutionaries seeking the same goal. A changer who contributes to social causes, thereby trying to accelerate the disintegration of the global economic order)”, which shows its ambition.

Talking about the 4D text from Assange DAO to analyze the evolution of the DAO track

The spiritual attributes of CultDAO are extremely clear – to build a decentralized social thought, and to promote the development of revolutionary decentralized causes by providing funds. It proposes three core principles for projects to be funded (which are also three requirements for proposed projects):

Fight Against Centralisation

Further the Cause of Decentralisation

Directly Benefit a Noble Cause

If only the spiritual beliefs and ideas are amazing, the Crypto track is increasingly full of projects with grand narratives and ideologies. In our opinion, the most attractive aspects of CultDAO are as follows:

First of all, it thoroughly implements the beliefs and concepts of decentralized thinking through the mechanism design and coding of DAO, so that the economic model and decision-making mechanism of the entire DAO are completely executed by the smart contracts on the chain, and there is no centralization in the process. control and intervention. **For example, for the common DAO treasury multi-signature and voting, CultDAO is all completed on the chain. Once the vote is passed, it will automatically allocate funds from the treasury to the invested project party, and follow the pre-agreed rules for proposal submission. Execution of income transfer, token destruction, treasury enrichment, investment withdrawal and other matters, the execution of the closed-loop investment is almost 100% automatic. This also means that the subsequent operation of the DAO has nothing to do with the team that initiated the project, including the destruction of its on-chain contract control, so no one or institution can stop or change its operation. And this is the very core underlying idea of ​​the blockchain.

The following figure is the economic model of CultDAO:

Talking about the 4D text from Assange DAO to analyze the evolution of the DAO track

Original text from the CultDAO Manifesto:

Note: 1. DCult can be obtained by staking Cult, and only the top 50 Cult pledgers can dynamically and automatically become Guardians. Guardians can initiate proposals, but cannot participate in governance voting; other DCult holders (non-guardians) have the governance voting power of CultDAO. 2. CultDAO has two types of members, one is ordinary Cult holders (without pledge), and the other is holders who pledge Cult to get DCult; among them, DCult holders are divided into two groups according to their holdings. The guardians of the Top50 and other voters (called The Many), voters have the right to vote on the proposal, the guardian has the right to propose but does not participate in the voting influence, and the guardian will also change dynamically. Of course, voters can also voluntarily delegate their votes to publicly elected proxy voters (the reason for this function is that the transaction fee on the Ethereum chain is high, which will affect the voting participation of ordinary voters). Guardians’ assets are measured by their personal assets, so they will not be proxy voters.

Secondly, CultDAO captures the core of DAO – decentralized autonomy, solidifies the underlying basic rules and no one can shake it (even if it is flawed). The so-called autonomy should completely remove the influence of subjective human factors in some key links. CultDAO has achieved this by fully coding smart contracts on the chain in key links of the entire investment process, without anyone’s will or even using any third-party tool platform. In addition, CultDAO’s guardian mechanism will evolve into SubDAO community-based guardians. With the continuous growth of the market value of Cult tokens, the cost for DCult holders to enter the top50 to become guardians will also increase. Therefore, there may be a way to gather groups to form sub-DAOs, and the sub-DAOs as a whole (multi-signature address) will be used as DCults Holders enter the Top50 to get the guardian role and proposal qualification, and participate in the governance and construction of CultDAO in a community-based operation.

In addition, there are also completely opposite community opinions in CultDAO due to different proposals. However, unlike other DAOs, community members will not spend uselessly on “tear each other and scold each other” because of disagreements, but they can talk about things on a case-by-case basis. “As long as the proposal can be submitted, the vote will be decided.” After all, the voting rules cannot be changed by anyone. At the same time, the operation process of CultDAO community proposal is completely templated and standardized, which ensures the openness, fairness and transparency of information.

In contrast to the reality, at present, most of the community autonomy in the DAO track mainly relies on the strength of people and organizations, relying on various tools, etc., to establish their own governance framework, incentive mechanism, project incubation, consensus culture, etc., and is developing Iterative optimization in the process, and generally on-chain and off-chain hybrid governance. In particular, the more in the early stage of the DAO, the more centralized organization is needed to be effective, not to mention that the governance rules will “change from person to person”; at the same time, many DAOs will inevitably encounter problems during the development process. Consensus cannot be unified, paths deviate from original intentions, communication disputes and disputes in different cultural backgrounds are very big problems of resource dissipation.

From the above two points, CultDAO can definitely be called a milestone evolution of the DAO track.

When talking about the value of CultDAO, some people say that “it is easy to be manipulated by the dog in the short term”, which will lead to negative reputation and lower market sentiment, which is indeed difficult to avoid. However, from the perspective of its operational logic, supporting 13ETH in the invested project is not a “heavy investment”, but no matter the size of the project, it must go through a complete investment process as required, and as the competition for guardians becomes more and more Strong, spiral iteration of community members’ cognition, etc., everything will be verified by the market to give the best answer.

In my opinion, in addition to providing financial support to the invested projects, the more important value of CultDAO at present is the meaning of “media and communication”, and gradually builds the so-called “CultDAO ecology”. Because of the investment support of 13ETH, the invested projects may generally be in the early stage of the project or even the seed stage, the market size is not large enough or the influence is not strong enough, and Crypto is a cutting-edge emerging innovation field, with new projects emerging one after another and requiring a lot of attention. Good operation promotion, if you can apply for or gain the favor of the guardian, and introduce and expose its proposal in detail, it will firstly attract a lot of attention, dissemination and wider discussion in the CultDAO community, and cooperate with the operation of the invested project party itself. Activities, etc., will also play a very good value in operation and promotion. PandaDAO is a typical case. Therefore, CultDAO may also become a base camp for investors to gather, and a “investment + media” community with a self-propagating nature.

Some friends mentioned that CultDAO may develop in the direction of “reserve currency” in the future. As more and more projects apply for proposals and the competition becomes more and more fierce, the invested project party embraces the CultDAO community in order to “invest what they like”, and uses the project party’s token and Cult asset pair as an LP pool, then these two The growth of each project will be bound together for a long time, and Cult will also have characteristics similar to the “dollar” in traditional finance as a foreign exchange reserve currency. If these projects continue to grow and grow well, Cult will also benefit and may enter a new stage – not relying on the capital return of the invested projects but having the logic of monetary finance.

All in all, everything is possible for CultDAO to develop in the future. But at least, CultDAO’s return logic not only has investment return, but also media empowerment value. In the future, it may develop strong monetary and financial value, and use DAO to build a Cult decentralized ecology. There is still much room for imagination and potential. Big! (Of course, from the perspective of short-term market performance and the quality of the invested projects, Cult is also going through a critical period of competition with “human nature”, and whether there is an optimization strategy for the guardian mechanism also needs to be continuously observed and tracked.)

In any case, from the iterative evolution of the DAO track, CultDAO also provides a new inspiration – the core backbone and infrastructure of DAO cannot be changed at all, and everyone can evolve and develop DAO around it. sex. Whether Cult is a cult or a believer, let us wait and see!

3. Nation3DAO is refreshing again

In mid-to-late April, another project that attracted Crypto’s attention, with strong spiritual beliefs and a grand narrative – Nation3 quickly occupied the space of major KOLs and communities for heated discussions. The most distinctive thing about it is that the DAO governance mechanism it defines seems to be another iteration of the DAO track, which is thought-provoking.

The official website of Nation3 DAO is as fresh and beautiful as its Chinese translation name “Clouds on the Country”. It is not as serious as black and white as in the previous two cases, but the market trend is like a “roller coaster” on the clouds. So, what kind of DAO is it?

In Nation3’s manifesto, it says “It’s time to re-invent the nation state”, which is the goal or vision of the Nation3 DAO.

The governance mechanism defined by Nation3 DAO is similar to Curve, the core project of the DeFi track, and the VE-Token mechanism is designed. After users buy $Nation through Balancer, they lock up the Nation pledge and get $veNation to participate in the governance of the DAO. For details, please click the link:

Talking about the 4D text from Assange DAO to analyze the evolution of the DAO track

Nation3 DAO stakeholders include the following categories of roles:

founding team

$Nation holders, get market dynamic value

Holders of $veNation can vote on community proposals and receive liquidity rewards (when participating proposals are approved)

Citizens (holders of at least 2 $veNation, can participate in the upcoming limited edition Genesis passport NFT claim, NFT passport is non-transferable), able to propose and vote on governance proposals, and receive liquidity rewards. Citizens are the core users of Nation3’s services and the builders who drive Nation3 forward. Nation3 citizens make proposals, conduct research, implement proposals, join working groups, and do other work needed to successfully launch a cloud nation. They put their time and expertise into the project, while using funds from the Nation3 DAO.

The initial supply of $NATION is 42069, 80% of which belongs to the community (DAO treasury and airdrop through Twitter), 20% to the founding members and contributors, and whether to issue additional minting is determined by community governance. Holders of $veNATION are those who invest more money than time in DAO, by locking $NATION (i.e. restricting circulation) and long-term economic commitment (locking period of 1-4 years) to form a reservoir of $NATION appreciation , thereby capitalizing the NATION3 DAO. The specific locking rules are as follows:

1 $NATION locked for 4 years = 1 $veNATION

1 $NATION locked for 3 years = 0.75 $veNATION

1 $NATION locked for 2 years = 0.5 $veNATION

1 $NATION locked for 1 year = 0.25 $veNATION

Also, $veNATION is not transferable and can only be obtained by locking $NATION. The amount of $veNATION is positively related to how long $NATION is locked, and decreases over time. Since the longer the lock-up period, the larger the amount of $veNATION held, therefore, $veNATION lowers the participation threshold for those with small funds, that is: pledge for 4 years, spend less $NATION, and get and pledge more $NATION And those who are only locked for 1 month have the same number of $veNATIONs.

Citizens of Nation3 have long-term economic consistency. **If a $veNATION holder who is a citizen does not renew their lock and allows the required $veNATION balance to drop over time, thus deeming him lacking any long-term commitment, his NFT passport will be destroyed. Therefore, if you want to maintain your citizenship continuously, you need to keep the number of $veNATION not less than 2. Of course, citizens also enjoy corresponding rights, including physical space services, access to certain channels of discord, proposal and decision-making rights, etc.

All citizens are veNATION holders, but not all veNATION holders are citizens. Such a mechanism ensures a check and balance mechanism for the participation of the two groups in governance, and at the same time avoids the noise and interference of short-term speculators on DAO governance, and gives higher governance weight and long-term governance to talents who are truly capable of participating in the governance of the “digital country”. value return.

Although Nation3 DAO is a very grand “plan” and has not yet officially started construction, its economic model has already made me feel “refreshing”. This is the first VE architecture governance model on the DAO track. It should also avoid the complex entanglement between short-term interests and long-term interests of a large number of DAOs to a certain extent. Let us look forward to the arrival of Yunguo!

Finally, through the observation and practice of DAO, the following thoughts are summarized:

1. Autonomy is the core of the basic skeleton of a decentralized organization;

2. To achieve autonomy, on the one hand, through a method similar to CultDAO, the core rules can be coded into smart contracts on the chain from the beginning; on the other hand, standard mechanisms such as standardized processes and templates can be established through organizational methods, so that people can become processes Execution nodes similar to “machines” do not require too much subjective judgment; (for example, to create a new channel in discord, you can propose rules to separate the two action permissions of channel application and channel creation, as long as the applicant meets various application conditions Requirements, the creator completed the creation within the specified time, etc., instead of the applicant going to an administrator to complete, the administrator only has the right to execute, and the applicant is equivalent to completing the process by himself.)

3. A reasonable governance framework is to allow those who have truly made valuable contributions to stand out over time, and not easily be led astray by those with “bad intentions”, so as to ensure the stable iteration and healthy development of the governance framework. It should even include game mechanics, etc.;

4. The treasury is the economic basis for the development of DAO, or a relatively clear revenue model.


1. Official website of the Australian Assange Movement

2. Chaplin’s film The Great Dictator, which premiered in 1940, is a poignant satire of Nazism and Adolf Hitler. The climax of the whole play is at the end, when he openly calls for a political confrontation with fascism.

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