Taking Solana mobile phone as an example, what kind of imagination can Web3 mobile phone bring us?

The concept of Web3 has been heard endlessly, and discussions on it have also appeared in various industry associations, academic organizations, and media platforms. Around the development of Web3, the new thing of Web3 mobile phone has also entered the public eye.

On June 24, Anatoly Yakovenko, the co-founder and CEO of the public chain Solana, officially announced at a press conference in New York that he would launch the Web3-centric Android phone “Saga”.


The news that the public chain launched the Web3 mobile phone immediately sparked discussions. For the public chain, the nature of decentralization is the main one. Web3 is also a new generation of Internet based on blockchain. What is the concept of Web3 mobile phone or “decentralized mobile phone” What does it look like, what application scenarios will it present, and what are the differences compared with the current mainstream mobile phones?

Today, the author takes you to explore the Solana web3 mobile phone.

What does Solana mobile Saga look like?

At the public launch event, Solana co-founder and Anatoly Yakovenko Anatoly Yakovenko announced that the new Android phone Saga developed by his team will focus on Web3, and its information is as follows:

  • Saga will use Qualcomm’s latest Snapdragon 8+ processor, provide a storage version including 12GB+512GB, and the front is a 6.67-inch Amoled screen with a hole in the middle;
  • Saga will contain a Web3 DApp store;
  • Saga’s integrated “Solana Pay” to facilitate QR code-based on-chain payments, a mobile wallet adapter and a “seed vault” (for storing private keys);
  • Android-based open source software Solana Mobile Stack enables the development of native Android web3 applications on Solana.


It can be seen that in terms of appearance, the web3 mobile phone launched by Solana is not much different from the mainstream smart phones in the current market. Qualcomm Snapdragon processor, 6.67-inch OLED display, 512 GB of storage space, 12 GB of RAM, these are basically the mainstream configurations in the current market.

It is reported that the phone is expected to be shipped in the first quarter of 2023, and the Saga is currently only available in the United States, the European Union and the United Kingdom.

As the world’s first web3 mobile phone, Solana mobile phone still uses the current mainstream mobile phone operating system Android. But the difference is that on top of the Android system, Solana mobile phone also builds an Android-based encryption layer, so that mobile users can seamlessly experience various WEB3 applications on the mobile terminal, so that web2 users can transition to web3 without feeling.

Anatoly Yakovenko believes that the launch of the new phone could lead to a surge in the number of potential users, converting more blockchain users.

“The iPhone has revolutionized our society. It created the design space for developers to build the apps that mainstream users need, resulting in a plethora of mobile apps for everyone, like Instagram, etc. We consider Solana to be the “iPhone of Crypto” moment,” said Anatoly Yakovenko.

How are Web3 phones different from current phones?

Web3 as the future next-generation Internet and mobile phone as an application terminal, it seems reasonable to combine these two concepts. At present, Web3 is in its infancy, and various manufacturers have just started to develop Web3 mobile phones. Take the first web3 mobile phone just released by Solana as an example, what is the difference between Web3 mobile phones and the mobile phones we are currently using?

Comprehensive analysis, the author believes that the difference between the two lies in the four aspects of the underlying architecture, information storage, user system, and asset circulation.

1. The underlying architecture: The mainstream mobile operating systems in the current market are basically based on Android or ios systems. Although the solana mobile phone adopts the Android development system, its core is the encryption layer built on Android, that is, the block Chain encryption system, which is the core of Web3 mobile.

2. Information security: All kinds of information and data generated by the various apps we use on the current mobile phone are stored in the company database corresponding to the app, including our chat records, transfer records, purchase records, identity information, etc. ; In terms of information storage and collection, Web3 mobile phones will store all kinds of information on the blockchain, which will well protect all kinds of information and data of users, and truly return users’ data rights to users, avoiding centralization Enterprises use user data for profit and other misconduct.

3. User system: On the current mobile phone, it is normal for us to switch various payment software for payment; but on the Web3 mobile phone, only one Web3 wallet can be used to pay for all scenarios, and because the Web3 wallet can be used. Log in to all accounts, Web3 wallet symbolizes the user’s unique identity.

4. Asset transfer: In the web3 mobile phone system, any asset can be easily created and transferred, and the security of the asset will be well guaranteed.

In general, in the Web3 era, Web3 mobile phones may not be much different from our current mobile phones in terms of appearance and performance, but the two are fundamentally different in terms of the core interests of users. What Web3 mobile phones have to do is to take the interests of users from big companies and return them to users, and on this basis, derive entertainment and business ecological models that are different from “Web2 mobile phones”, such as Metaverse games on the Solana chain. Star Atlas, Open sea NFT, etc.

What kind of imagination can Web3 mobile phone bring us?

Solana’s offline brick-and-mortar store, Solana Spaces, opened in New York City on July 28. Solana Spaces tweeted: Inside the store, you’ll learn how Solana works and what Web3 is. We’ll set you up with a wallet and your first NFT, and guide you through your first on-chain transaction, and we’ve designed this space as Solana’s “Cultural Center” and “Embassy”.Solana Space CEO Vibhu Norby said brick-and-mortar stores will introduce up to 100,000 people a month into the Solana ecosystem, while also stating plans to open virtual storefronts in the near future.


Solana’s new offline store

In Solana’s ideal plan, Web3 mobile phone acts as a super entrance and super node, connecting all ecosystems in the Solana public chain system, such as Solana wallet, SolanaNFT, DeFi, and Solana’s real cultural space and virtual space. Isn’t this the Metaverse world we imagined?

Through the web3 mobile phone, we can easily enjoy various applications based on the blockchain technology architecture, digital assets, DeFi, chain games, Metaverse, and through the small screen of the web3 mobile phone, we can seamlessly experience the web3 world service, travel to the future of the Metaverse.

Will the web3 mobile phone become the entrance to the Metaverse world? I believe it is worth our expectation.

Although, there are different views on the discussion of Web3 mobile phone. For example, the market acceptance of encryption companies or products is not strong enough; various Web3 applications can also be downloaded and used on Web2 mobile phones. Currently, mobile phones do not have a built-in DApp store. Users can also download aggregation software (such as encrypted wallets) or directly log in to the official website of the application. , to experience the application on the chain, there is no need to integrate with hardware; Web3 mobile phones have to be on par with mainstream mobile phones in terms of performance and experience. After all, mobile phones have to be sold before we can talk about Web3 experience.

However, the development of the trend is certain, and the era of web3 is bound to come. Smartphones brought the era of mobile Internet to everyone, and now web3 mobile phones may take on the same mission.

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