Take you to understand UENC faucet test network in one minute

To UENC global ecological users:

In order to accelerate the improvement of the UENC ecosystem, UENC has opened a faucet test network.

All users can immediately participate in UENC’s faucet test network and obtain 501 test tokens.

What is UENC?

UENC (UnitedEngine Chain, engine chain) is a high-efficiency and energy-saving decentralized public chain system. Through the DPOW consensus algorithm, a low-power CPU working mode is realized. Each node has a complete node function in the network, ensuring safety. Under the premise of reducing the complexity of the algorithm, fast and highly concurrent payment transactions on the chain are realized, and any available computer can participate in the infrastructure construction of the network. At present, users only need to pledge 500 UENC in the early stage to participate in UENC mining, and merge the mining machine into the mainnet according to the deployment instructions published on Github.

What is a UENC faucet?

In participating in the UENC ecosystem, users need to configure a node test program, and after submitting an application and providing a personal testnet account wallet address, they can get 501 testnet tokens. Pledge mining will receive corresponding rewards based on the user’s mining situation.

However, it should be noted that the testnet token does not have any monetary value. After the test account is recovered, it will not be possible to apply again.



One, configure the node test environment

Users can download the test program of the miner node from github

(Currently: uenc_1.6.2_testnet.zip) to install

The github address is:


2. Apply to join

After successfully registering via email, users can apply to join the testnet faucet. When applying, they need to fill in the testnet account address information. After the application is successful, they can get 501 test tokens.

3. Pledge

The test node pledges 500UENC for mining

Note: The account must bet 500UENC at one time to get the reward

4. Application for withdrawal requirements:

a. Test account release pledge

b. Transfer to the specified account address greater than or equal to 500UENC, and submit the transfer hash

c. To apply for withdrawal, you need to provide the main network account address for receiving rewards

Five, reward rules

The reward is based on the number of signatures per week, and the upper limit of the number of signatures per week is 40

The reward calculation method is as follows:

The number of signatures>=40, the reward is: 40*0.1UENC

Number of signatures<40, reward is: number of signatures*0.1UENC

In the future, the widespread application of decentralized storage technology will usher in a big explosion period for the entire market. It is predicted that the demand for data storage in 2022 will increase by at least one hundred times compared with today. As more users join the UENC ecological construction , I believe that the value of UENC will also rise steadily, and the development prospects are worth looking forward to.


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