Take the Metaverse into space? NASA’s first “holographic” humans officially arrive at the space station

It is the first time to realize 3D communication with people on the ground in space! In the future, what applications will there be for “holographic transmission” in space?

In October 2021, NASA flight surgeon Dr. Josef Schmid, industry partner AEXA Aerospace CEO Fernando De La Pena laca, and their team members became the first humans to be “holographically teleported” from Earth to space. 

Take the Metaverse into space? NASA's first "holographic" humans officially arrive at the space station

“It’s a whole new way of human communication over long distances,” Schmid said. 

How is “holographic transmission” realized? 

This time, the equipment NASA used: Microsoft’s Hololens Kinect camera, and a personal computer with custom software from Aexa Aerospace. 

In fact, the Microsoft HoloLens headset has already been developed, but it is the first time it has been used in an extreme remote environment such as space. 

Take the Metaverse into space? NASA's first "holographic" humans officially arrive at the space station

Kinect is a series of motion-sensing input devices produced by Microsoft, including RGB cameras, infrared projectors and detectors, which can perform real-time gesture recognition, body bone detection, voice recognition, voice control, etc. 

Take the Metaverse into space? NASA's first "holographic" humans officially arrive at the space station

And Aexa is a provider of mixed reality custom software for the aerospace, medical, petroleum and other industries. 

Surgeon Schmid said “holographic teleportation” is a capture technology that reconstructs, compresses and transmits high-quality 3D models of the human body in real time. 

The Microsoft HoloLens mixed-reality headset allows for the transmission of 3D scenarios, allowing users to see, hear, and interact with remote participants as if they were actually in the same physical space. 

In this way, surgeon Dr. Josef Schmid and others were “holographically teleported” to the International Space Station. As a result, surgeon Josef Schmid on the ground and European astronaut Thomas Pesquet on the space station achieved the first real-time 3D image conversation. 

Now, our human entities can “travel” away from Earth, and while our physical bodies are not there, our human beings feel there. 

more applications 

Why do ground personnel want to achieve “holographic transmission” with astronauts? 

You think, astronauts who can go to space are called “national treasures”, and only very few people are qualified. 

However, astronauts have been flying for so long, in case of some illness, what else can they do besides taking medicine for autonomy? 

You know, in space, they won’t take a personal doctor out. 

It is in this context that 3D telemedicine, which connects the ground and space, came into being. 

This time, in October 2021, a “holographic teleportation” from Earth to space allowed medical professionals to conduct their first consultations with astronauts. 

Take the Metaverse into space? NASA's first "holographic" humans officially arrive at the space station

Holographic lens medical, the pictures have nothing to do with the news 

At present, NASA is demonstrating this new form of communication, and “holographic transmission” will have broader application prospects in the future. 

In the next step, NASA’s plan is two-way communication. In addition to people on Earth being “holographically teleported” to space, astronauts will also be “holographically teleported” back to Earth. 

Moreover, “holographic teleportation” will also be combined with augmented reality to truly enable remote guidance. 

With the operation of the system, we will not only “wander” outside the earth, but also “live” on the space station. 

In addition, “holographic teleportation” may have a major impact on future deep space travel. 

As the Mars program progresses, the problem of communication delays to and from Mars is a hurdle that needs to be overcome. 

So, with “holographic transmission”, is it improved? 

“Wherever humans are exploring, astronauts need to communicate with Earth, with mission control,” NASA said. 

Therefore, transmission technology is critical to future space missions. 




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