Taiwan startup veteran’s path to unicorn entrepreneurship: making digital assets reach more people

“I’m a super believer in digital assets and it’s my mission to change the world.”

Taiwan startup veteran's path to unicorn entrepreneurship: making digital assets reach more people

“I’m a super believer in digital assets, and changing the world is my mission.” After saying this, Neo laughed out loud.

Since his introduction to Bitcoin in 2015, Neo has been jumping down the cryptocurrency “rabbit hole” without a second thought. Not only has he invested in dozens of outstanding projects, but he also incubated the IoT project ioeX to get national-level applications for it. In the process of dealing with the market, he realized that many people did not have access to the crypto world, so he prepared and launched Cyberbank, a digital asset exchange in Singapore, a year ago, hoping to make digital assets reach more people through its enterprise spirit of “gold flow, people flow, and creating various effective information flow”.

A battle-hardened entrepreneur who crossed over from the traditional industry to the crypto world
Neo, whose Chinese name is Peng Jinbao, is a native Taiwanese and a serial entrepreneur who has been through a lot of battles. He co-founded Tenacity Auto Parts with his family back in 2007, and from a small company with only 6 people, it has become a multinational trading company with more than 30 customers worldwide in 10 years, and is quite famous in the global industry.

“From squatting on the floor to pick up goods warehouse management, quality assurance, packaging, manufacturing, product reversal, mold engineering, product development, plant affairs, ISO process writing, almost I alone built from scratch.” Manufacturing business experience, let him accumulate grounded, and hard work on the product, from 0 to 1 to develop the company company standardization experience. It is worth mentioning that although it is a manufacturing company, but under Neo’s leadership focus on brand building, but also strongly shaped the industry’s top brand image.

After a coincidental encounter with Bitcoin in 2015, Neo took a deep leap down the crypto “rabbit hole” and began his research into digital assets, which gradually evolved into a love and new career. The initial $200,000 he invested in digital assets has grown to $200 million in two years, and he is known as the “investment sage” in the crypto community in Taiwan.

Perhaps because of his years of entrepreneurial experience, Neo is particularly fond of sharing and good at organizing. At a time when crypto investors were more fragmented, Neo gradually attracted and gathered many blockchain enthusiasts with his own research and analysis, and also formed a community to connect blockchain enthusiasts from all over the world. He claims that the original intention of the establishment was entirely to share information, and subsequently followed Neo these community members have also won considerable investment returns.

“Public chains, exchanges, decentralized exchanges, DAOs, social software, payment systems, leveraged lending, the Internet of Things…” Neo selected some key tracks very clearly at that time in 2017, and brought community members to invest in BNB, EOS, Qtum, Firecoin and other star projects at that time. after the craze of 1C0 hit, the crazy mood of the market also exceeded Neo’s imagination, and at the beginning of 2018, he chose to rush back at the high point and brought the community to stop the digital currency activities in time. This decision also proved to be correct in hindsight, as early 2018 was the high point of the last bull market.

At an offline meetup hosted by him, during a chat with his community members, he snapped to the huge market collaboration point between IoT and blockchain. He thought it was the Internet of Everything multiplier, which gives various additional values to the devices of the Internet of Everything and truly creates an ecosystem for commercial use on the ground. He then took the initiative to dig and incubate the IoT project ioeX responsible for CMO and partners, leading all the work except technology, making it drive the Korean Liberal Party to use the ioeX solution to build a voting system, while for the largest blockchain voting system in Asia.

And just in the process of market engagement, Neo found that there are still a lot of people, especially in the lower market there are still a large number of people who are not properly exposed to digital assets, and these people happen to be the ones who need to enjoy the dividends of digital assets. So, from January 2020, Neo began to research and prepare a new digital asset trading platform, Cyberbank, and put the registration in Singapore, where the regulation of cryptocurrency is most clear.

A dreamer who sees the market first and helps more people realize the dream of financial inclusion
In the crypto world, exchanges are undoubtedly the most upstream of the industry, holding traffic, capital and resources. In an interview with Bloomberg at the end of last year, Zhao Changpeng, founder of Coinan, said that Coinan’s net profit in 2020 would be about $800 – 1 billion, which shows the considerable revenue capacity of cryptocurrency exchanges.

And Dreamer Neo is also confident of running his own piece of the cryptocurrency circuit. He is a self-proclaimed “product manager” in the cryptocurrency world, solving the pain points of the market without going with the flow.

According to his design, CyberBank launched a new social membership-based financial trading platform based on cryptocurrency money managers, adopting a tripartite model of exchange, custodian and fund, escorting the digital asset trading business with strong capital business, and having a strong reserve of capital liquidity. Concentrated resources to create digital gold, digital equity, financial innovation and development of the formation of gold flow, human flow, and thus generate effective information flow model to achieve financial inclusion in the new digital era, and ultimately make digital assets become an integral part of the mainstream economy.

Through a large amount of traffic cash and incentives, it will bring fresh “blood” to the crypto market and allow 80% of the people on the sidelines to have a better way to enter this new industry. In Neo’s opinion, “the sink market will always be the biggest track.”

In addition to trading business, Cyberbank is also committed to financial business innovation, talent training, etc. to help traditional groups to transform and upgrade to digital financial technology groups, to create alliance chains of various industries and the construction of a full ecology of digital assets, to make digital assets mainstream and wealth appreciation more free, so that every user involved in it can enjoy the dividends of the digital currency era in advance.

“Let digital assets become mainstream, this is our goal and mission, and also Cyberbank’s corporate slogan.” Neo re-emphasized that the original purpose of starting Cyberbak was to make digital assets truly accessible to more people around the world.

A believer in digital assets, “progress is a comfortable addiction”
From the moment he started Cyberbank, the battle-hardened entrepreneur embarked on a new, super-charged journey. “On average, I sleep in the office four days a week.” This new entrepreneurial journey, as a person who has long been wealthy and free, Neo is an empty glass mentality to go all out. In Neo’s social media, you can often see him sharing his work, in order to recruit the best team talent, he became the most diligent BOSS on the recruitment software; weekend just chatted with colleagues to a viable product strategy, then turned to the office to start implementation; before the start of financing will have done the product, complete the channel docking. Of course, he also wrote, “pushing yourself to the limit will become superhuman.

The senior “product manager” also often shares his tactics and thinking about the product, and loves to draw inspiration from the ideas of successful Internet companies. For example, he researched byte-jumping, how to make the communication thing easier, and thought that Jitterbug captured the entertainment of young people, while Fishu captured the collaboration of young people; for example, how Alibaba relied on the iron army to break through the e-commerce, through the Internet startup bubble to become one of the top e-commerce platforms. And Neo is planning to build a new group of Iron Army in the crypto world led by the team leader.

Neo is a quick thinker and good at updating and iterating himself. In his own words, his mind leaps so fast that others may not be able to keep up with it, however, his entrepreneurial goal has always been clear to build a crypto unicorn company.

“Progress is a comfortable addiction,” Neo has made this one of his mottos. This believer in digital assets continues to ply his trade on the road to changing the world.

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