Swarm, the black technology of decentralized storage, presses the “accelerator button” for the storage industry?

Swarm is a decentralized data storage and distribution technology ready to support the next generation of censorship-resistant, unstoppable serverless applications.

Swarm, the black technology of decentralized storage, presses the "accelerator button" for the storage industry?

The Internet is in the midst of a revolution where centralized proprietary services are being replaced by decentralized open services. In the current Internet, the vast majority of user data is stored in centralized servers, where the sovereignty of personal information does not rest with the user, also bringing about a large number of data breaches and thefts, an inevitable criticism in the Internet era. The content of services hosted at these providers is hidden behind disconnected and vulnerable links, which has far-reaching implications for computer systems and the increasingly dependent Internet.

With the accelerating pace of blockchain applications coming to fruition, decentralized storage solutions have become a hot technology development and a prerequisite for achieving distributed storage.

The value proposition of decentralized storage is privacy protection, low cost, redundant data backup, open source applications and algorithms, and only when all of the above propositions are realized, it is possible to replace existing centralized storage solutions.

Decentralized storage facilitates the avoidance of individual node failures and enables the transfer of data values. After large files are uploaded in the face of decentralized storage systems, the files are stored as a whole on distributed networks or servers, requiring extremely efficient development applications or operation teams to keep them running. How to ensure that these storage resources can operate stably and reliably? Today, the distributed storage track gives many interesting solutions.

Swarm is a decentralized data storage and distribution technology ready to support the next generation of censorship-resistant, unstoppable serverless applications. It complements the blockchain-based smart contracts originally envisioned for the ethereum cryptocurrency and provides a mass storage component to the Dapp building puzzle.

Project Overview

Swarm is a system of peer-to-peer network nodes that create decentralized storage and communication services. The system is financially self-sustaining thanks to a built-in incentive system executed through smart contracts on the ethereum blockchain.

Swarm’s credo is to shape the future towards an autonomous and sovereign global society and an open market without the need for permission. These principles drive the development of dApp developers, organizations, businesses and activists on every blockchain. Use cases include, for example, social media dApps, free press, archives, blockchain, and DeFi data.

Token Economic Model

Project token: BZZ

Total number of tokens: 625.1 million BZZ

Project website: https://www.ethswarm.org/

BZZ token is a local asset of the Swarm network. It supports bandwidth and storage incentives. These incentives ensure that node operators are consistent and motivated to run and maintain the network.

Following the main network launch and token deployment and issuance, it is expected that decentralized tied curve vending machines with minting and destruction rights will be available, allowing interested parties to purchase BZZ for DAI or sell BZZ for DAI.

Token Allocation

Present and Future Team: 20%

Ecosystem: 23%

Early stage token sales: 42%

Public Token Sales: 8%

Swarm Foundation: 7%

Token Sales

Swarm will begin a public token sale on CoinList on June 14 at 17:00 UTC. Sale participants can choose from two different price options to purchase swarm tokens.

  • Option 1 and Option 2 share the same BZZ token pool. Option 2 only occurs when there are excess tokens in Option 1. By registering a sale with CoinList, eligible users can register for both options. Please note that both options are in separate sales queues.

Project Highlights

Swarm is a distributed system designed to work with smart contracts to provide development and infrastructure for full-service applications running entirely on a decentralized network.

To fulfill the need to store and distribute all the data in the world, Swarm’s advantages are three-fold.

First, Swarm has built-in privacy protection, communication and redundancy features to ensure the availability of data and the continuous transmission of data at a single node once requested, any data, any device while offline. Enhanced security and user privacy protection are important value propositions of Swarm.

Second, data is divided into small blocks and stored throughout the network without a central hub that is vulnerable to attack. Operators have no way of knowing what is stored on their nodes while still paying for storage.

Finally, there is no central authority to control this data or to tokenize it. Instead of relying on intermediaries to ensure the availability and integrity of data, all node operators participate in achieving a fair data economy. swarm fills the privacy gap and the absence of a central mechanism means that no one has the right to access or restrict accounts and content can remain in the hands of users.

Furthermore, since Bee is a Swarm client implemented with go-ethereum. It is the basic building block for the Swarm network and the first client implementation. bee provides high-level constructs for file storage, synopsis and key-value storage, while also providing low-level access to other applications and libraries that create single-owner and trojan blocks on the client side. Therefore, Swarm is not susceptible to individual node failures and server disconnections, nor is it vulnerable to hacking attacks.

Team Members

Jeffrey Wilcke is the founder and team leader, and a member of the Amsterdam go-ethereum team. He supports the Ethersphere sub-teams Dani, Fefe and Swarm to protect the project in times of economic austerity.

For many years, Elad Verbin has been a scientific and strategic advisor to Swarm. elad has invested heavily in the project and has unparalleled insight and depth of insight into various areas of Swarm, especially the isomorphism between pointer-based functional data structures and the content being processed.

Swarm’s development roadmap

According to the officially published roadmap, Swarm’s development journey is divided into five phases.

2015 – 2020: Research under the architecture of the Ether Foundation

June 2020: Release of Book of Swarm

July 2020: Web release

September 2020: Beta test release

June 2021: Token launch and public offering on coinlist

Fundraising History

In 2020, Swarm reached a major fundraising goal, completing $6 million in private fundraising. swarm raised $2 million at the Beta release and another $4 million in December of the same year at the end of Swarm Live.

Currently, Swarm has received funding from ALPHEMY CAPITAl, Bitscale Capital, DFG, KR1, HashKey, NGC Ventures, The LAO, LD Capital , LOTUS CAPITAL, P2P CAPITAL, WATERDRIP Capital, White Paper Capital and many other well-known institutions. This funding boosted the platform’s growth and created a positive social impact.


In this day and age, people are increasingly faced with a dilemma regarding the protection of data and human rights. The decentralized storage industry now needs a new paradigm to emerge. swarm presents an alternative vision of an autonomous and sovereign data sharing world.

Swarm builds on a strong vision of decentralized computing and storage, researching on the institution of Ether and becoming one of the most anticipated projects in its years of development. swarm aspires to shape the future of a global community with autonomous sovereignty and an open marketplace that does not require permission. Its applications can run autonomously and securely in a global scale deployment and execution environment.

Decentralized storage offers a powerful alternative to traditional centralized storage, and Swarm offers developers a new opportunity to explore the distributed storage space with an emphasis on content storage security and improved networking and privacy that will undoubtedly win the hearts and minds of users and enterprises in the future.

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