Swarm announces end of airdrop, starts pledging to mine coins on August 2

Swarm announces the end of airdrop and starts pledging for coin mining on August 2nd!

Swarm announces end of airdrop, starts pledging to mine coins on August 2

Breaking news: Swarm has officially announced that “the airdrop will end on June 21. It’s been quite a journey. Since the airdrop was announced, the Swarm network has grown from 200 Bee nodes to hundreds of thousands of Bees around the world, and on August 2nd it will start pledging to run the main network nodes”.

The official announcement “The end of the airdrop marks the beginning of a new journey; please join the main network or continue to run nodes on the test network, trusted contributing nodes can access the main network directly without re-pledging bzz.”

Airdrop Timeline
All steps are time sensitive and will expire on the above date, i.e. 23:59 CET. Please note: If you miss the deadline, you will not be able to proceed to the next step.

June 21, 2021

The airdrop campaign ends. Trusted nodes will be closed and check distribution will stop.

June 21 – July 12, 2021

What happens: Everyone who operates a Bee node cashes all their checks.

Why should I care: If you receive a check from a trusted node and do not cash it, you will not be eligible for airdrops.

July 15, 2021

What happens: The Swarm Foundation will publish the list of trusted nodes. It will then deploy the aBZZ token on Goerli (airdrop BZZ) and launch an app on airdrop.ethswarm.org to interact with this token. The terms and conditions of the airdrop will also be available on this page.

July 15 to July 21

What happens: Everyone can view their aBZZ balance on airdrop.ethswarm.org and consolidate their assets by sending their aBZZ to the Ether address they want to receive their BZZ on the main network.

July 22nd

What happens: aBZZ can no longer be consolidated.

Why I should care: Make sure you consolidate your holdings before this time. Consolidation is important to ensure you don’t spend a lot of gas on the xDAI network to move your BZZs.

August 2

What happens: All Ether addresses holding aBZZ on Goerli will receive BZZs on the xDAI network. every aBZZ on Goerli will receive an airdrop BZZ on xDAI.

Or, if you prefer, you can transfer your BZZs from xDAI to the main Ethernet network.

What I need to do: Start running your primary network node with your BZZ.

Explanation: You need to wait for August 2nd for the official mining, and open the node pledge after the tokens are released. The rules about the pledge have not been announced yet!

1, June 21 is the main network start, or mainly run test network nodes, because the token release to wait until August 2.

2、After August 2, new nodes added to the new node need to be pledged, before the test network contribution nodes can operate on that main network fully functional nodes, no need to re-pledge Bzz.

3、Disengaged nodes running for more than 12 hours will touch the penalty mechanism.

4、Single node pledge range is 5-10 bzz (current public offering price is 1.92 USD)

5, the official mining BZZ need to wait until August 2, instead of June 21.

Swarm announces end of airdrop, starts pledging to mine coins on August 2

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