Supervision keeps an eye on the multi-company reply of Metaverse saying that “it is still in the exploratory period”

The continuous surge of Meta Universe concept stocks has aroused the attention of regulators. As of the evening of November 10, many Meta Universe concept companies have received letters of concern or inquiries from the exchange. On the evening of the 10th, companies such as Liyuan Information and Pingzhi Information received letters of concern. At the same time, Jiachuang Video, Zhongqingbao and other companies responded to the exchange’s inquiry letter about Metaverse.

Regulatory attention

On November 10, many stocks in the A-share Meta universe concept sector rose sharply. Chinese Online, Pingzhi Information, and Liyuan Information soared by 20%, and Changxin Technology, Philips, Yishang Display, and Roman shares rose by about 10%. New Cape, Jebsen, Hengxin Oriental, Creative Information, and Fengshang Culture rose more than 5%.

Meta Universe continues to be hot, and the exchange continues to send letters to inquiries related concept companies.

On November 10, Liyuan Information received a letter of concern issued by the Management Department of Shenzhen Stock Exchange’s Growth Enterprise Market. From September 29 to November 10, Liyuan Information’s stock price has risen by 30%. Recently, the company said when answering investors’ questions on the Yihuiyi platform, “The company’s self-developed MCU chips can be used in infrastructure such as AR, VR and other meta-universe construction.”

The Shenzhen Stock Exchange’s letter of concern requires Liyuan Information to explain whether there is a situation that actively caters to market hotspots and hype companies, and requires the company to take into account the MCU chip’s existing orders and its direct application in AR and VR to fully address the impact of MCU products on the company’s performance And make necessary clarifications and risk warnings for the meta-universe concept.

Pingzhi Information also received a letter of concern last night. The exchange asked the company to specify the relationship between the main business and main products of the partners and the concept of Metaverse, and the advantages of the partners in terms of talents, technology, and markets. The current competition in the universe, the cooperation model of the partners, the existing technology and personnel layout of the partners in the metaverse field, the current stage of the aforementioned technology in research and development, application, etc., the expected launch time, and the future market The feasibility of commercialization and commercial application, and fully remind the related risks.

Yishang showed that it had 4 daily limits on 4 trading days from November 3 to 8, but the stock price reversed its limit on November 9. On the evening of November 9, Yishang showed that it received a letter of concern from the Shenzhen Stock Exchange and was asked to explain whether there was a “hot spot” by disclosing “increasing the company’s investment in the Metaverse industry”. The letter of concern requires the company to combine the current main business conditions to explain in detail the relevance of the current business to the Metaverse industry, as well as the status of the related business, the proportion of revenue and profit, and whether the company has the necessary talents, technology and skills for the development of related businesses. Business reserves and whether a stable business model can be formed.

Multiple companies respond to inquiries

As of the evening of November 10, companies such as Zhongqingbao, Jiachuang Video, Shengtian Network, Kunlun Wanwei and other companies have responded to inquiries from the supervisory authorities on the issue of Metaverse.

On November 10th, Jiachuang Video responded to the letter of concern, stating that the company’s VR business and the meta universe concept business are comparable in terms of immersion, multi-end entry switching, accessibility, and scalability. The company’s VR business is comparable to meta universe. The concept has a certain relevance in the key and core technical support.

On the same day, Zhongqingbao replied to the Shenzhen Stock Exchange’s letter of concern that the gradual formation and enthusiasm of the meta universe concept was unexpected by the company, and the company did not have the motivation to speculate on the stock price of the meta universe hot concept.

The day before, Shengtian Network announced that the concept of Metaverse is still in its early stage, and many related technologies are not mature. The final form of Metaverse has yet to be verified by time. In the VR/AR experience zone project, the company does not produce VR/AR hardware, but only develops content management and payment and derivative service access platforms. The current project is still in the development stage, and there is a large uncertainty about the final landing time. Investors are requested to pay attention to investment risks.

Kunlun Wanwei responded to the letter of concern on November 9th, stating that since various industries have not yet fully unified the definition of Metaverse, all parties in the industry will still need to work together to explore in the future. The company has not yet entered a mature stage in this field, and technical support and hardware facilities still need to be continuously updated and improved. Therefore, there is a greater risk of uncertainty in the implementation progress of related projects, whether they can achieve the expected results, and whether they can meet future market demand.

On the evening of November 4, Tianxia Show was requested by the Shanghai Stock Exchange. Tianxia Show responded to the concept of Meta Universe, stating that the “Rainbow Universe” social product developed by the company is currently in the testing phase, and the official launch time is uncertain. The technical support comes from company-level R&D reserves, which realizes 3D-based social scenes, and has not yet connected to VR, AR and other technologies. The product has not yet generated revenue and will not affect the company’s performance at this time.

“From the beginning to now and in the future, the company has always believed that Metaverse is a huge concept. We have always moved forward cautiously and slowly, gradually landing in accordance with the concepts recognized by many peers, research companies, scholars and us. Most colleagues are unable to clearly define the concept of the meta universe. A huge concept that may affect the next few years or even hundreds of years still needs to be continuously updated and updated.” Zhongqingbao said that the gradual formation and fierceness of the meta universe concept is the company’s start. Unexpected.

Jiachuang Video said frankly that the company knows that the definition of Metaverse is not yet fully clear. At the same time, due to the grand concept of Metaverse and the relevant industries are still in the stage of exploration and development, the company has not yet made a targeted overall plan for Metaverse.

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