Supermedia Holdings and BV Baidu Ventures jointly initiated the establishment of Yuanbang Technology to accelerate the development of Metaverse

On April 26, (HK0072) Supermedia Holdings Co., Ltd. issued an announcement to jointly invest 10 million yuan with BV Baidu Ventures to establish Yuanbang Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Yuanbang Technology).

Supermedia Holdings and BV Baidu Ventures jointly initiated the establishment of Yuanbang Technology to accelerate the development of Metaverse

According to the joint venture agreement, Hypermedia Holdings will invest 60% and BV Baidu Ventures will invest 40%. This registered capital will become the first seed incubation fund for the new company. There will be more related investments in the future to incubate new projects related to Metaverse. . Yuanbang Technology will aim to “build the ideal city of Yuanbang”. In the future cooperation planning, Hypermedia Holdings is responsible for introducing partners in a number of specific fields (including architecture, design, art, etc.) to design and complete all the implementation of Yuanbang Technology. Project construction and operation planning and design. Yuanbang’s partner, Baidu Xiyang, is responsible for providing Metaverse city infrastructure construction and one-stop solutions, and providing corresponding technical services for Hypermedia Holdings.

Hypermedia Holdings (formerly Modern Media Holdings), as the first media group in China to enter the Metaverse Era, after nearly 30 years of development, the development path from print magazines to mobile magazines, to space magazines, and then to Metaverse magazines , whether it is forward-looking or pattern, Hypermedia Holdings has always been at the forefront of the times. Shao Zhong, founder and chairman of the board of directors and CEO of Hypermedia Holdings Group, said, “Yuanbang Technology Co., Ltd. is an important step for Hypermedia Holdings and Baidu Xiyang to cooperate with the Metaverse. The embodiment of the spirit. It will not only reflect an era of new technology, but also reflect a complex technical system behind a perfect spiritual place. Baidu is one of the few companies in the world that provides AI chips, software architecture and applications. One of the companies that stack AI technology, Baidu has a strong Internet foundation, and has taken the lead in laying out the Metaverse field.

Ma Jie, Vice President of Baidu, commented that Supermedia Holdings is a determined and active media group, and has a lot of operating experience in traditional paper media and electronic media in the digital age. Artist resources and high-level brand resources allow Supermedia Holding has unique values ​​and aesthetics, which will provide richer content application scenarios for the Metaverse. More importantly, Hypermedia Holdings also has experience in offline space operations, because in the world of the Metaverse, the requirements for space operations are very high.

Ma Jie said, “As the first domestic Metaverse product created by Baidu, Xiyang aims to provide the industry with a cloud-intelligence-integrated Metaverse infrastructure platform, and provide solutions for all walks of life to quickly enter the Metaverse and build Metaverse content scenarios. I look forward to cooperating with Hypermedia and Yuanbang to use technology to carry the most interesting dream, and to integrate the imagination of architecture, design and art with future technology. These fields are not only looked up to, but also can be separated from each other. being in it.”

Wen Yongteng, vice president of BV Baidu Ventures Investment, said that we are optimistic about the potential of the Metaverse as a next-generation information interaction platform, and make systematic investments around the three themes of virtual people, virtual assets and virtual space. Yuanbang Technology integrates Xiyang’s technology platform strength and Supermedia Holdings’ rich digital media operation experience and industry resources. It is a rare platform in the domestic virtual space field that combines cutting-edge technology and high-value content. We believe that with the joint efforts of all parties, Yuanbang Technology will bring more exciting content and become an industry benchmark that integrates technology, art and humanistic spirit.

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