Summary of MWC2021: Under the desolate appearance, drastic changes are taking place

Although this year’s MWC is quite deserted, the new products unveiled may also mean that drastic changes are coming.

The most stringent anti-epidemic measures in history, a large number of first-line manufacturers abandon the exhibition, the flow of visitors on site is only less than 40% of the previous year, and many manufacturers actually only record and “play” on the spot even if they continue to participate in the exhibition…

Summary of MWC2021: Under the desolate appearance, drastic changes are taking place

If you want to talk about the degree of desertedness and “miserable”, this year’s MWC (World Mobile Communications Conference) will undoubtedly have the opportunity to remain famous in history. In fact, if you pay attention to the relevant media in the past few days, you will find that you are uncharacteristically uncharacteristically interested in this year’s MWC, not to mention special pages or even sporadic new product information.

Summary of MWC2021: Under the desolate appearance, drastic changes are taking place

However, perhaps it is precisely the phrase “the essence is the essence”. Although the scale of this year’s MWC is not large, the number and types of new products released during this period are pitifully small, but when we look back at the press conference during this exhibition When you read about new product information, you will find that their weight is not light at all.

  • Samsung previews new smart watches, the industry may usher in drastic changes

What’s interesting is that the most important press conference during this year’s MWC was actually an event that did not launch any new products. Because at this conference, Samsung only announced the name of the new operating system “One UI Watch” that the new smartwatch will be equipped with, as well as some features and interface screenshots.

Summary of MWC2021: Under the desolate appearance, drastic changes are taking place

Galaxy Watch 4 Classic exposed by foreign media

But even so, in fact, for the entire smart watch industry, it is equivalent to dropping a blockbuster. This is because Samsung’s “press conference” once again confirmed that Sanyi Life had previously reported that it would abandon its own Tizen smart watch system and join the Google Wear OS camp.

Summary of MWC2021: Under the desolate appearance, drastic changes are taking place

More importantly, it also confirms our previous guess that after joining the Google smartwatch ecosystem, Samsung may be customer-oriented, gaining the freedom of interface and hardware solutions that other Wear OS smartwatch manufacturers have never had before, thus defeating others in one fell swoop. All “Google Watch” vendors, in turn, control the entire Wear OS ecosystem.

Summary of MWC2021: Under the desolate appearance, drastic changes are taking place

In fact, just recently, in an interview with the media , another smart watch manufacturer, TicWatch (that is, go out to ask ), was silent about when its smart watches would get the new version of Wear OS updates. According to foreign media reports, in this cooperation between Google and Samsung, the latter not only obtained the exclusive right to “magically change” Google’s latest smart watch system and exclusive use of self-developed watch hardware. The new version of the system can be used in the third quarter of this year, but even the relatively influential manufacturers in the Wear OS ecosystem may have to wait until the first quarter of next year to get the update.

You should know that although Google’s Wear OS smartwatch ecosystem was unsuccessful in the past, since the hardware solutions and system updates of various manufacturers are all under the unified responsibility of Google, there is basically no “approaching one over the other”. Now after Samsung enters, not only can use much more advanced exclusive chips (other manufacturers use 28nm or 14nm chips, Samsung uses its own 5nm new solution), can customize the Wear OS interface exclusively, and even give priority Get system updates.

In other words, although the ecology of “Google Singer Watch” appears to be “collected” by Samsung, it is actually equivalent to being completely dominated by its family. As a result, although Wear OS’s share in the smart wearable device market is expected to increase significantly in the future, it may be at the expense of the current small factories cooperating with Google being abandoned and Samsung’s dominance.

  • Qualcomm releases Snapdragon 888+, the direction of performance improvement is worth thinking about

Compared with Samsung’s launch event, which has no new products but surprising weight, Qualcomm’s activities during the MWC are not surprising at first glance. The newly-launched Snapdragon 888+ mobile platform, as a modified version of Snapdragon 888, continues Qualcomm’s strategy of launching two flagship platforms within one year this year, and also enables new flagship models in the second half of this year to have better SoCs. Available.

Summary of MWC2021: Under the desolate appearance, drastic changes are taking place

But if we trace back the history of Qualcomm’s previous “Plus” master control, we will find that regardless of Snapdragon 801, Snapdragon 821, Snapdragon 855+, or Snapdragon 865+, they all have upgraded CPU and GPU on the basis of the standard version. From the frequency, the main enhancement is the game performance.

But this time the Snapdragon 888+ has changed. According to the official information, compared with the previous Snapdragon 888, the CPU super core frequency of the Snapdragon 888+ has only increased from 2.84GHz to 2.995GHz. The change is not big, and its GPU specifications (1024ALUs, maximum frequency 840MHz, computing power 1720GFlops) have not changed at all. In other words, if you only look at CPU, GPU performance or game performance, Snapdragon 888+ is not much faster than Snapdragon 888.

Summary of MWC2021: Under the desolate appearance, drastic changes are taking place

So, which part of the specifications has been improved by Snapdragon 888+? The answer is the AI ​​accelerator unit. According to the official statement, the AI ​​computing power of Snapdragon 888+ has increased from 26TOPs of Snapdragon 888 to 32TOPs in one fell swoop, and the AI ​​computing performance has increased by more than 20%. You know, there has never been such a precedent for improving AI performance on the “half-generation” enhanced version. So the question is, why does Snapdragon 888+ use AI performance as the main improvement point?

On the one hand, looking at the current smartphone industry, it is not difficult to find that even the top large games, with the performance of the “sub-flagship” such as Snapdragon 870 and Dimensity 1200, can basically meet the needs of full frame operation. Snapdragon 888’s gaming performance is still surplus for most of the time, at least for now.

Summary of MWC2021: Under the desolate appearance, drastic changes are taking place

But on the other hand, with the improvement of smart phone imaging, such as the improvement of pixels and the maturity of smart phone AI development tools, real AI programs have indeed been used more and more in today’s high-end products. From the daily low-level scheduling optimization, to the anti-stuck algorithm, temperature control algorithm, touch acceleration algorithm, and image optimization algorithm during the game, to the AI ​​focus, AI white balance, AI exposure measurement, AI multi-frame during the shooting process The synthesis algorithm is like this.

Because of this, greatly enhancing the AI ​​computing performance of the SoC actually means that it will accelerate the response speed of mobile phones in many usage scenarios. Even, greatly enhancing the AI ​​performance of mobile phones for today’s flagship phones may also mean smoother gaming experience, better image performance, and more power saving for daily use. In other words, the choice of Snapdragon 888+ to use AI performance as the main upgrade point has already shown that even for today’s top flagship models, AI computing power is still not enough, and this is actually The above is also equivalent to an announcement in disguise, that the era when smart phones are truly fully AI-driven is coming.

  • Lenovo returns to the high-end tablet market, tablet computers return to the high-performance era

Finally, let’s talk about the tablet market. Although many friends may first think of Apple iPad and Samsung Galaxy Tab S, in fact, because these two have their own rhythms in technology and product lines, these products do not represent the general situation of the market in many cases.

Summary of MWC2021: Under the desolate appearance, drastic changes are taking place

Take the previous few years as an example. Although Apple and Samsung have updated their high-end tablet product lines as usual, it is not difficult to see through the market that most of the brands at that time generally no longer launched high-performance tablet products, instead Low-profile and low-priced products are the main focus of the market. And this actually means the decline of products such as tablet computers during that time.

Summary of MWC2021: Under the desolate appearance, drastic changes are taking place

Similarly, when the established consumer electronics manufacturer Lenovo launched the Yoga Tab 13 equipped with the Snapdragon 870 platform, a 13-inch 2K screen, four speakers, external video input and a pressure-sensitive stylus at MWC this year, it could indicate that consumers are starting again. Be interested in high-performance tablet computers. Many manufacturers have therefore begun to pay attention to this product sequence that has been abandoned for many years.

Why are consumers interested in high-end tablets again? On the one hand, the design of smart phones has now encountered a bottleneck. In the case that the crease problem of the folding screen, the heat dissipation problem of the high-end master control, and the cost of the flagship model are still not well resolved, the size of the conventional mobile phone has been It’s difficult to exceed the 7-inch threshold; on the other hand, consumers’ demand for high-performance productivity tools continues to grow when home-made is almost the norm, but PC products are cost-effective due to the hype of graphics cards/hard drives. reduce.

Summary of MWC2021: Under the desolate appearance, drastic changes are taking place

Mobile phone screens are not large enough to be used as a real productivity tool, and high-performance computers are too expensive. In this situation, the size is large enough, the heat dissipation is good, the battery life is long enough, the performance is not bad, and it is much cheaper than high-end PCs. The high-performance tablet computer products of China have naturally become the darling again. In fact, it is not only Lenovo, but Huawei has just announced the new MatePad series products equipped with Qualcomm Snapdragon 870 and Qualcomm Snapdragon 865 platforms some time ago. In addition, the news that Xiaomi ’s Xiaomi tablet will launch follow-up products this year has been very popular. Obviously tablet PCs will once again usher in a period of rapid development.

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