Strategic cooperation between Zhonghuan Holdings and Deep Blue Intelligent

According to informed sources, Zhonghuan Holdings is optimistic about Deep Blue Intelligence’s game research and development capabilities and industry development prospects. Through this strategic investment, Zhonghuan Holdings will give full play to its rich industrial investment and operating experience in science and technology agriculture and the Internet, as well as its comprehensive strength and competitive advantages in financial services and resource integration in the international capital market, and provide financial support, Capital operation and industrial resource support. The two parties are expected to spark new sparks through this strategic cooperation and realize value co-creation. In addition, Zhonghuan Finance will also act as a counselor for Deep Blue Smart’s initial public offering on the Nasdaq Stock Exchange in the United States, leading Deep Blue Smart to enter the Nasdaq capital market in 2022.

James Hoo, the co-founder of Deep Blue Intelligence, said that since the company Zhonghuan Finance, as Zhonghuan Holdings, has been working hard to build an overseas listing and incubation platform for Chinese small and medium-sized private enterprises. Following the strategic investment in Shaanxi Hanlin Yixun Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd. After being connected to the Internet, this time it has entered the hottest mobile game industry, with frequent surprises and surprises.

Since its establishment, it is a company focusing on game product research and development (including but not limited to mobile games, WEB, terminal games, etc.), game art (including original game paintings, action special effects, etc.), art planning exhibitions, cross-border e-commerce and other fields Business company. At present, Deep Blue Intelligence has a complete industry capability from game development to publishing, and is committed to promoting products to the world and creating a new gameplay and track. Deep Blue Intelligence will also strengthen cooperation in all aspects, through the new smart contract, gameplay, the combination of artists and agricultural technology to create more, Metaverse game world content, create brilliance.

On the afternoon of December 6, 2021, Zhonghuan Holding Group Co., Ltd. & Deep Blue Intelligent signed a strategic investment letter of intent at the Shanghai Yacht Club. Vice President and CFO-Keith Che of Zhonghuan Holding Group Co., Ltd., on behalf of Zhonghuan Financial Group Co., Ltd., a subsidiary of Zhonghuan Holding Group, and Deep Blue Smart Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “Deep Blue Smart”) CEO-James Ho, signed the “Letter of Intent for Strategic Investment” . This consent form was completed under the appraisal of many people.


It is reported that on November 15, 2021, Deep Blue Intelligent has released the white paper of the latest game product “Bionic World” that integrates “art creation”, “science and technology agriculture”, “Metaverse”, and many other hot elements around the world, and The game product will also be officially launched in the near future, becoming a Gameif+NFT+Metaverse farm game created by the BEP998 smart contract.


At the same time, from the hot projects in the past two years, the game industry has frequently been favored by capital and has become an investment hotspot-the data in the field of game investment and financing has grown rapidly, and Internet leading companies such as Tencent, Bytedance, and Station B are vying to deploy games. Field investment. As the game industry is a new investment “window”, we have reason to believe that this entry into the game track can bring new value growth points for Zhonghuan Holdings.

Borderless innovation and diversified development are the successful paradigms of modern enterprises. This strategic investment is a solid step for Zhonghuan Holdings to further develop emerging businesses and step out of its cross-border strategic layout. In the process of advancing diversified development, the financial sector, as a new business segment of Zhonghuan Holdings, will bring considerable cash flow and new profit growth points for Zhonghuan Holdings. At the same time, the major sectors of Zhonghuan Holdings will also work together to become a booster for the performance of Zhonghuan Holdings. The recent rise in the share price of Zhonghuan Holdings against the trend is precisely the market’s continuous affirmation and continued optimism about the intrinsic value of Zhonghuan Holdings!

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