Stephen Chow hinted at entering the Metaverse, how does enterprise Web 3.0 marketing go from 0 to 1?

The uncertain present is also the most important window and opportunity period.

Whether you notice it or not, the Metaverse has gradually moved from concept to landing.

Microsoft founder Bill Gates once predicted the change of the Metaverse to movies in the book “Road to the Future”, he wrote: In the future, when people watch the movie “Gone with the Wind”, they can replace well-known actors such as Garbo in the film with their own faces, and really experience the feeling of being a star. People can also go into the map themselves and easily find every street or building.

Its practical Metaverse changes traditional movies, this idea is not only owned by Bill Gates, but also by famous comedian Stephen Chow.

Recently, Stephen Chow posted a question on Instagram, “Who do you most want to see in the Metaverse?” The accompanying picture is the shooting image of his classic movie “Kung Fu”. Stephen Chow’s question sparked a wave of nostalgia for his classic roles among a large number of young fans, and familiar names such as “Wei Xiaobao” and “Supreme Treasure” appeared in the messages.

Stephen Chow hinted at entering the Metaverse, how does enterprise Web 3.0 marketing go from 0 to 1?

On October 18, Stephen Chow also publicly “asked people” to recruit Web3 talents on Instagram, writing: “Looking for outstanding Web3 talents in the dark.” Talent requirements: familiar with Web3, project management experience, brainy and benevolent. Scope of work: Helping me build a creative future. Applicants need to submit a personal profile video or Web3 work, and Stephen Chow also said that he will personally select people.

Stephen Chow hinted at entering the Metaverse, how does enterprise Web 3.0 marketing go from 0 to 1?

Stephen Chow hinted at entering the Metaverse, how does enterprise Web 3.0 marketing go from 0 to 1?

Previously, Stephen Chow also said, “Whether it is for artists or creators, NFT can have a certified copyright, which is of course a good thing and very meaningful.” The movies and dramas I make are also the concept of the Metaverse to some extent, and now the Metaverse will combine technologies such as NFT and blockchain, and I think this will become a new model.”

In this regard, the media interpreted that Stephen Chow will cross into the Metaverse and take action in the field of Web 3.0. In fact, it is not difficult to understand Stephen Chow’s attention to the Metaverse, because the term Metaverse has stayed in literature and film and television works for a long time since its birth.

The English word for Metaverse is Metaverse, which first came from the 1992 science fiction novel “Snow Crash”, which depicts people competing with each other to improve their social status by controlling their digital avatars in a virtual reality world. Thirty years after the birth of Metaverse, its concept has been presented in film and television works such as “The Matrix”, “Ready Player One”, “Westworld”, and games such as “The Sims”, and is more understood as a parallel virtual world.

Before Stephen Chow, many stars in the entertainment industry had entered Web3 and carried out actions in the Metaverse, NFT and other fields. For example, in January 2022, the NFT work “Phanta Bear” jointly launched by Jay Chou’s trendy brand PHANTACi and Metaverse platform Ezek sold 3,000 units in 5 minutes of launch, and was announced to be sold out in just 40 minutes, earning about 62 million yuan.

Stephen Chow hinted at entering the Metaverse, how does enterprise Web 3.0 marketing go from 0 to 1?

Another artist, Yi Nengjing, also frequently discussed Web3 topics with a number of cryptocurrency industry insiders on social media, and even took the initiative to popularize the concept of Web3 to the public in interviews. In addition, Wang Feng released a Web3 music album; Lin Junjie spent $123,000 to purchase three virtual properties in the Metaverse and purchased NFT products at a high price….

When many celebrities are keen to do the same thing, it often means that the event has affected more and more people. In the matter of Web3, from Jay Chou to Stephen Chow, the entry of stars to test the water also revealed a message, the Metaverse era may really come. The advent of the Web3 and Metaverse era will also bring great changes to corporate marketing.

Baidu Marketing and Kantar recently launched the “Web 3.0 Marketing White Paper” pointed out that Web 3.0 is a deterministic revolution, which will create a new world that breaks the virtual and the real, and subverts the existing business, media and marketing. Brands can provide users with tailored immersive interactive experiences and consumption opportunities in the Web 3.0 world. Every brand needs to find its foothold in a parallel world where reality and fiction converge as early as possible.

In reality, although many brands have carried out Web 3.0 layout and related marketing attempts early, such as KFC, Nike, etc., more brands are still outside the door of Web3 and Metaverse. For these brands, how to start their Web3 and Metaverse marketing from 0 to 1? DoMarketing – Marketing Think Tank gives the following tips:

First of all, brands need to actively understand Web3, Metaverse-related concepts and mainstream marketing gameplay.

Web3 and the Metaverse both represent the future of the Internet, of which Web3 is the direction of technological development and the Metaverse is the application scenario and lifestyle, and the two complement each other and are one and the same.

In the Web 1.0 era, it is a read-only network medium for users, who only read the information created by the platform in one direction and cannot interact. Its typical marketing reach method is to use the portal banner for mass marketing.

In the era of Web 2.0, users can read, write and participate, and become the protagonist of digital content through the mode of user-created content, so the platform that masters user portrait data begins to use data and algorithms to personalize personalized marketing to users.

Today, the Web 3.0 era is portrayed as the next generation of new ways of running the Internet. Users can read, write and own, in the marketing paradigm change, in the Web 3.0 era digital people, digital collections, Metaverse, etc. will become new contact points for marketing.

For example, in terms of digital virtual humans, Alibaba’s first “hyper-realistic digital human” AYAYI has cooperated with M.A.C, L’Oreal, Tmall and other brands to release a series of product promotion content through virtual human “personal” accounts on social media such as Weibo and Xiaohongshu, which has played a role in promoting similar stars.

Stephen Chow hinted at entering the Metaverse, how does enterprise Web 3.0 marketing go from 0 to 1?

Secondly, according to the digital development of the industry and enterprises, choose the appropriate landing marketing plan.

Web3 and Metaverse marketing are typical digital marketing, and whether they can do a good job is closely related to the digital development level of industries and enterprises. Enterprise marketers need to choose the appropriate landing plan according to their actual situation.

For example, the big brand L’Oreal has launched its own two spokespeople, “Sister M” and “Ouye”.

In November 2020, L’Oréal Group’s world’s first brand virtual spokesperson, “Sister M” from the Meiji brand, was unveiled at the Expo, attracting many people’s attention with her very Chinese beauty style image, approachable character positioning, erudite and reliable scientific research identity setting.

Subsequently, L’Oréal launched the first virtual idol with Chinese descent “Ouye” as a brand spokesperson, whose age is set to 24 years old, Chinese-French mixed race, with identity labels such as beauty brother, fan crazy devil, and charity influencer, with the vision of being committed to making everyone have beauty.

Stephen Chow hinted at entering the Metaverse, how does enterprise Web 3.0 marketing go from 0 to 1?

Brands that try virtual human marketing for the first time may choose a third party to provide Metaverse virtual human personalization services. Many 3D face-pinching systems independently developed by third parties can customize and create unique virtual human images, empowering enterprises to lay out the Metaverse ecology.

Finally, although Web3 and the Metaverse are still in their early days, brands should think ahead about the layout and not miss the window period.

Although the concept of Web3 and Metaverse is very hot, and has attracted many stars and brand adopters to enter the game, it is still in the early stage of development as a whole, and the new track is bound to be full of uncertainty, such as NFT, which was also popular in the first half of the year, and now it has entered a trough. Even the concept of Web3 is full of controversy, and many current Web3 projects are spit on by Tesla boss Elon Musk, thinking that it is only Web 2.5.

On the consumer audience side, according to the “2022 China Consumer Trend Report” released by Zhimeng Consulting, the general public still has little understanding of the Metaverse, and many people still stay in the three words of the Metaverse, and people of different ages have different attitudes towards the Metaverse.

Contrary to people’s impression that young people like to play the Metaverse, most young people, especially the post-00s, are not enthusiastic about the Metaverse at present. According to the report, 47.9% of consumers heard about the Metaverse for the first time and objected, of which 72.7% were post-00s. The consumer groups with a positive support attitude accounted for 16.0%, of which only the post-80s and post-90s accounted for more than 18%, and the post-00s accounted for only 10%.

Stephen Chow hinted at entering the Metaverse, how does enterprise Web 3.0 marketing go from 0 to 1?

At the 7th China Content Marketing Summit held not long ago, marketing expert Huang Xiaochuan clearly pointed out that “the Metaverse is still in its early stages”. All this is a wake-up call for businesses or brands that want to bet on Metaverse marketing, and everything is still unknown.

The “Web 3.0 Marketing White Paper” pointed out that brands are showing a trend of “shifting from NFT digital collections to full touch points and multi-scene integration” in the selection of touch points for Web 3.0 marketing. The combination of different marketing touchpoints and interconnection can play the effect of 1+1+1>3, which is also the key exploration direction of Web 3.0 marketing pioneer brands in the next 1-2 years.

Although Web3 and Metaverse marketing are in the early stage of exploration and full of various uncertainties, we should not forget that Web3 and Metaverse are the most important technology and industrial development trends at present, and are gradually becoming new connection points and interactive fields for brands and users, as well as a new direction of marketing in the field of digital economy, and enterprises should think and layout in advance.

And the uncertain present is also the most important window, opportunity period and dividend period.

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