Steam bans NFT and blockchain games or benefits competitor Epic Games

Games giant Epic Games, told The Verge, which store their games (Games Store) in the block chain game and supports encryption currency game block chain assets and keep an open mind. Before Epic’s statement, its competitor Valve had banned gamesthat use blockchain technology and  NFT assets on Steam.

When asked about the possibility of games featuring NFTs, Epic replied that it is willing to cooperate with early developers in the field .

Need to comply with some regulations

However, Epic mentioned that the game must comply with financial laws, clearly state how the blockchain is used, and have an appropriate age rating. The company also stated that developers are not allowed to use Epic’s payment service to accept encrypted payments, but must use their own payment system.

Clarify the rules

Tim Sweeny, CEO of Epic Games, has previously stated that the company is not interested in NFTs. But as far as the current situation is concerned, this statement seems to apply only to its own games. The company stated that it will work with developers to understand how blockchain technology will be used in games to clarify the rules. Tim Sweeny shared his thoughts on using blockchain technology in games on Twitter.

He said, “Epic Games Store will welcome games that use blockchain technology, provided that these games comply with relevant laws, disclose their terms, and are age-rated by the appropriate team. Although Epic does not use encryption in its games Currency, but we welcome innovations in technology and finance…As a technology, blockchain is just a distributed transaction database with a decentralized business model that encourages investment in hardware to expand the capacity of the database. Regardless of the specific purpose Whether it’s successful or not, it’s all useful.”

Developers still have to wait

However, Epic’s willingness to support blockchain technology and blockchain games on its platform does not mean that developers who are forced to quit Steam will be able to immediately put their games on the Epic Game Store. Epic’s self-release plan is currently in a closed beta, and Epic Games’ FAQ section states that it can only choose who can join the platform based on specific circumstances.

However, it is well known that Epic is a relatively benevolent and tolerant platform owner. During the trial with Apple, when lawyers purchased certain offensive and pornographic games offered on and used them as counter-bargaining chips. Become the focus.

Compete with Valve

Providing opportunities for games banned by Steam is one way Epic competes with Valve. In an attempt to make its store a major player in the PC gaming space, Epic is willing to make big bets, and this development may help to get developers and gamers involved.

As the news of the ban spread, NFT fans have begun to look forward to Epic. Enjin, which helps developers integrate NFTs into products, called Valve’s decision “short-sighted” and “disappointing.”

Steam ban

The Steam ban came after Valve quietly banned all games that use cryptocurrency and NFT, on the grounds that NFT can be exchanged for real money. Steam’s updated Steam Distribution Getting Started Guide specifically mentions that “applications that build, distribute, or allow cryptocurrency or NFT transactions based on blockchain technology are prohibited.”

Although Valve did not give any clear reasons to support its decision to ban NFTs and cryptocurrencies, the tweet by SpacePirate, the developer of Age of Rust, provided clues behind it. SpacePirate claims that the ban on NFTs and cryptocurrencies on Steam is an extension of a comprehensive ban on items with monetary value in the real world.

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