Station B tests “High Energy Chain” and starts “Metaverse” business

Regarding the sudden popularity of the meta-universe concept, many domestic Internet leading companies have announced that they will participate in it. Recently, Baidu’s immersive social app “Xiyang” has been publicly involved in the meta-universe. A generation of Internet technology architecture, etc.

Station B also quietly opened its meta-universe dream. Tech Planet exclusively learned that station B is testing the “high energy chain” related to the meta-universe business. A person close to station B told Tech Planet that the high-energy chain is a digital native community built for new applications, culture, games and digital assets. It will also support community governance in the future.

Judging from the introduction of the test screenshots, the “Energy Chain” is a kind of “metacosmic ecology”, which aims to create an open, innovative and all-encompassing digital native community. Blockchain is exactly the underlying technology that is necessary to create the meta-universe.

Station B tests "High Energy Chain" and starts "Metaverse" business

In addition, it should be noted that the high-energy chain will also be applied to the next-generation digital world “Meta Universe” that will be launched soon. The meta universe at Station B will soon be unveiled.

Station B tests "High Energy Chain" and starts "Metaverse" business

At present, the vision of the High Energy Chain is: to provide channels for digital assets on the chain, welcome diversified applications to join the ecology, realize cross-application circulation of digital assets, and provide users with diversified use scenarios and display stages. Become a “sovereign identity authentication + asset library” for organizations or individuals.

For Metaverse, Station B has its own thinking. “At present, it is at the media and capital level. Few people who make products discuss meta-universe, because it is necessary to have enough products and technological breakthroughs to realize meta-universe. It cannot be achieved in recent years, but it is indeed capable Bringing users a better experience and a better vision, giving users one more choice.” said Chen Rui, CEO of Station B.

What is the difference between the meta universe at station B?

The meta-universe of station B is based on blockchain technology. It is simply understood that blockchain, as an important underlying technical support, plays an important role in identity authentication mechanism, economic system construction, and creator value protection. Station B hopes to pass Blockchain technology completes the layout of the core components of Metaverse.

According to what we know, the meta-universe ecology (high-energy chain) of station B contains a new generation of applications, culture, games and digital assets, which is also the mainstream application ecology of meta-universe.

Specifically, the meta-universe ecology of station B can bring users services in 6 directions:

The first is to upload original works to the chain, which can prove the uniqueness and legitimacy of the creator’s content, similar to the “copyright deposit certificate” function jointly created by Tencent ISUX Original Gallery and Tencent Blockchain.

The second is to create an NFT collection exhibition hall that can show others your NFT collection. Similar to Ali’s Antchain NFT and Tencent’s Magic Core.

The third is to show your identity to others in a low-key manner. The specific form of this service is currently unknown.

The fourth is to have a virtual pet, which may be similar to a QQ pet in experience, providing users with a unique virtual cat.

The fifth is to interact with idols, which may provide users with a virtual imaging space, allowing users and idols to have a zero-distance interactive experience in a specific virtual space. It is not ruled out that virtual idols will also be added.

The last one is the digital identity. The digital identity created for the user through blockchain technology, identity information and other data are permanently stored on the chain, and the ownership of the data is completely owned by the user.

Station B tests "High Energy Chain" and starts "Metaverse" business

The other three major application scenarios of the meta universe ecology at station B are digital collections (NFT), digital identity, and the new generation of digital world “metauniverse”.

In addition, Tech Planet also learned that the meta-universe ecology of station B also provides a block explorer service, which can search for transaction hashes, contracts, and verifiers, and transaction records will be displayed on this page in real time.

Station B tests "High Energy Chain" and starts "Metaverse" business

At the same time, the Metaverse Ecosystem at Station B has proposed three technical solutions. The current publicly available solution is the private key storage solution. In order to help ordinary users improve the security level of private key management, the high-energy chain adopts a design solution that replaces users with centralized management of private keys. Two technical solutions such as smart contract and trusted cross-chain are still being tested.

It can be seen that through blockchain technology, Station B has realized the application in multiple scenarios such as NFT, block explorer, and digital identity, and these scenarios together constitute the ecology of the meta-universe of Station B.

For B station, Yuan Yu -chou this business better to do?

“I think that the most important thing in the concept of the meta universe is to have a self-circulating content ecological supply. This is not something a company can do. After all, to build a meta universe world, there must be many creators. They really need to be able to be in it. Make money. This is the philosophy that the B station ecology has always been adhering to. For example, virtual anchors are such a case. The up host turns into another image through motion capture, and then it is loved by many people.” Chen Rui said.

Chen Rui believes that if there really is a meta-universe world, a lot of content must be needed so that users can linger and forget about it. Therefore, a self-circulating content ecology is needed. At present, station B already has such an ecology, and has formed a community of 270 million people, so station B is indeed one of the more suitable companies in China to become a meta universe.

Combining the above-mentioned high-level positions of station B on Metacosmos and the actions of testing the ecology of Metacosmos, Metacosmos has become the next major business direction of station B.

The B-station doing meta-universe benefits from the huge young users behind it. Li Ni, chief operating officer of station B, revealed that one out of every two young people has a user of station B, and young people have become the main consumer of the domestic Internet, and the number of young paying users at station B is steadily increasing. In the first quarter of this year The average annual growth rate of revenue from value-added services reached 89% year-on-year. It is a good attempt to explore the commercialization route based on the meta-universe. For example, it can be applied to the personalized dress of station B, and the personalized dress can be sold to users as NFT. Similarly, the popular content of UP can also be set to NFT for sale. .

In addition, the meta-universe application scenarios of station B are built around topics that young people are interested in, such as NFT, virtual pets, idols, and the digital world, and are constantly developing new gameplay and scenarios, which will give young people more The meta-universe gameplay ensures the sustainability and stickiness of the meta-universe ecology at station B.

It can be seen that the core users of Meta Universe at station B are mainly the Z era group. As for whether the App of station B will be incorporated into the high-energy chain or combined with it, it remains to be seen.

At the same time, it should be noted that the blockchain is only part of the meta-universe ecology, and the construction of meta-universe does not happen overnight. Station B also needs to strengthen the construction of VR, AR and other aspects to make the meta-universe cake bigger and better.

Currently on the market, there are many Internet companies deploying meta-universe construction. In August of this year, BYTE fired the first shot of the largest domestic acquisition of Meta Universe. It spent about 9 billion yuan to acquire the meta universe concept company “PICO”, which is also the largest acquisition of the domestic VR track this year.

Later, it was revealed that Tencent was recruiting for the new Tianmei project “ZPLAN”, which was later confirmed to be the Tencent Metaverse project, which focuses on social + games and is in charge of Yao Xiaoguang.

Not to be outdone, Baidu recently launched the Hirong App, which focuses on the virtual world of multi-person interaction. Unlike the blockchain-based metauniverse of station B, Baidu builds its metauniverse ecology around VR.

In any case, Meta Universe is still in an embryonic stage. Whether it is station B or Tencent or Byte, the current layout is laying the foundation for the construction of Meta Universe, but as a ticket for the next Internet era, each The competition and investment in the meta-universe circuit is bound to become more intense.

(Note: The pictures taken in the article show the business tested at that time, and the specific business officially announced after going online shall prevail).

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