Statemine has added NFT and asset asset modules!

On June 3, the Kusama Council voted twice, the first time to change the shell’s storage to statemine’s creation state, and the second time to upgrade the statemine logic for the shell!

Statemine has added NFT and asset asset modules!


On June 2, the shell parallel chain runtime on Westend was upgraded to Westmint (the Westend version of Statemint.

On June 3, the Kusama Council voted twice, the first time to change the shell’s storage to statemine’s genesis state, and the second time to upgrade the statemine logic for the shell! Then accelerated through the technical committee and into a referendum!

At 00:30 AM on June 4, after two council + technical committee + community referendum, Kusama network finally upgraded the parallel chain shell to Statemine parallel chain! This means that the Kusama Network has officially launched Statemine, the first parallel chain for public good, and allocated the first free slot for Statemine by way of governance! This is a very historic moment! As a member of the Kusama Board of Directors, PolkaWorld was also involved in the voting for both motions! Statemine gets the first free parallel chain slot in the Kusama network!

Statemine’s NFT and asset modules have been developed and perfected, currently there is no asset interface open to the public, it can only be called through Sudo, the next step will be to open the asset issuance function through Kusama Council and referendum! blob/33908c1414/polkadot-parachains/statemine-runtime/src/

On June 5, the Kusama Board voted to approve Motion 306 to upgrade Kusama’s Runtime to v9040 to add 2 transfer methods on Kusama-Statemine. The referendum will be opened next!

You may have noticed a recent spike in the number of extras posted on Kusama. This is due to the contest using RMRK (which is now closed)

If you are interested in Statemine (the first public interest parallel chain running on Kusama), you can check out the Github repository here (Statemine is the Kusama version of Statemint) statemint


Kian Paimani, developer of Parity, and Hoon Kim, developer of Plasm, participated in this week’s “Parity and Friends” webcast, sharing Polka’s PoS mechanism and X-VM (cross-VM interaction). ) Watch back here:–friends-pos-/register

Polkascan submitted their May report for maintaining the Python library to interact with the Substrate interface.

Patract has submitted a report on Redspot Milestone 0.4, the core functionality of Redspot that was completed with Redspot v0.3. In Redspot v0.4 we have made some major experience optimizations, such as adding docker support, adding a GUI interface, supporting browser plugin signatures, and other optimizations.

You can view upcoming events (e.g. new era, new council elections, etc.) through the events calendar on Polkadot-JS.

PolkaWorld has compiled a translation of Polkadot co-founder Robert’s keynote at Polkadot Decoded, where Robert argues that parallel chains are disrupting all existing blockchain technologies, i.e. all existing Layer 1 and smart contracts. Polka Parallel Chains Will Break the Blockchain Layer 1 Landscape

PolkaWorld translated and edited Gavin’s conversation with a few close friends and colleagues at Polkadot Decoded, check out the “Fun Facts from Three of the Top Geeks Behind Polkadot” here

Please note

Just a reminder that the Parity team recommends voting NAY on Referendum 24. This change will be made directly in the next release!

If you are a developer looking for Polkadot related projects, there are a number of RFP grants from the Web3 Foundation, check them out here:

An interesting example is the front-end of Staking Rewards Collector, which provides a user-friendly interface for determining past Staking rewards for a given account. master/rfps/

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