Starting from a realistic digital human, this company wants to be the entrance to the Metaverse

On the Dragon Boat Festival this year, Xinhuanet launched its first hyper-realistic digital figure, Xiaozhu. Unlike most of the digital figures with expressionless faces and rigid limbs on the market, Xiaozhu dressed in ancient costumes and achieved almost the same performance as human actors. And the expression is smart and even the subtle eyes are very realistic.

Digital Man Xiaozhu was jointly launched by Xinhua Media Creative Workshop and Odin Technology , a digital Homo sapiens company specializing in VR and Metaverse scenes . The latter developed four sets of underlying hardware systems such as Loki Emotion micro-expression collection. A technology company with the most advanced micro-expression technology in the human field, it has served customers in the government, media, consumer brands, film and television, variety shows, banks, automobiles and other industries. “The later video content is also Odin provided technical support and participated in the production.

According to 36氪, this company has been blessed by two well-known investors from the beginning of its establishment. As early as 2019, Jiang Shan, the founder of Huawen Venture Capital, and Lei Ming, the founder of Cornerstone Investment, jointly began to incubate and invest in Odin. Technology, positioned at the bottom technology of VR and digital human.

Odin Technology has previously focused on technology accumulation and technology research and development. According to co-CEO Grissom, Odin is currently the only technology company in China that can achieve Hollywood’s 3D digital avatar-level digital human. They can perfectly restore a person in the three-dimensional world, so that viewers can’t tell the truth from the fake, but the cost Only 10% of Hollywood.

Why did you choose to enter the field of digital human? Grissom, who has participated in the whole process of domestic 3D games from the initial stage to the present, said: “Humans are always the core of various scenarios, and the advent of the hardware era will allow computers and computers to completely simulate a Realistic people, this thing will become a node of hardware development.”

In the opinion of Odin Technology, digital people will create a very great and very different company from people as the starting point.

For example, the core of creation in film and television performances and short videos is human, and when it is difficult to distinguish between a digital human and a real person, a part of the profits can be shared in the field of content creation. Grissom said: “In the future, there may be a company that will monopolize a large number of group performances and even formal actors in the film and television industry. This day will happen sooner or later, and it may be faster and faster.”

In addition, they believe that with the popularity of VR and AR, holography, AR, and VR may be used to present three-dimensional images in the future. In this state, only 3D digital people can interact with people in it. This kind of scene is most likely to be first. Implemented in social or gaming.

In order to make the digital human enter the film and television or game industry faster, the first problem that Odin overcomes is the simulation of expressions. Human-like technology. “Even if it’s just a real crying expression, it may only be tens of seconds, but the raw data is tens of terabytes, and we need to continuously optimize the processing of this data.”

At present, Odin has four core technologies. These four technologies include digital human scanning, expression capture, clothing material scanning and face database. These technologies are based on Odin’s self-developed software and hardware technologies. Their founding team members have From the special effects engineer of Hollywood’s top projects, Grissom has many experience in game main program projects developed by self-developed 3D engines.

Compared with the static scanning system used in Hollywood film and television projects, Odin Technology can scan more than 10,000 3D models in three minutes, which is convenient for them to collect dynamic data of real people and create a more realistic digital human.

 There are many facial capture devices on the market today, but none that can truly perform rich and delicate performances in three-dimensional images, and Odin Technology’s Loki Emotion solves this problem.

Grissom said: “Emoticons are very important for digital people to convey emotions. If digital people can’t perform, sing, convey emotions, and read lines, its future will be meaningless. Odin is a domestic and even the world in terms of digital human expressions. It has an absolute lead.”

Odin’s goal is to make digital people more and more difficult to distinguish between real and fake. Even some film and television dramas can use digital people without the audience being aware of them. Recently, they are cooperating with existing film and television companies. After more than two years of technology accumulation, Odin Technology will begin commercialization at the end of 2021, providing one-stop solutions for digital people, including live broadcasts, concerts, virtual performances, e-commerce services and other scenarios, as well as digital customer service, digital employees and digital artists.

In 2022, Odin Technology will continue to invest in technology research and development. They are launching two new devices, one that can be related to VR devices and an interactive digital human hardware device, which will be released to the c-side next year, and the other is The digital human local PTZ equipment launched for in-vehicle and commercial screens allows the digital human to enter more commercial scenarios. At the same time, Odin Technology is trying to provide a more complete set of virtual concerts and virtual human e-commerce live broadcast solutions.

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