StarkNet ecological native DeFi project inventory

The StarkNet ecosystem is evolving and changing every day; Therefore, it is difficult to monitor everything in detail. Below is a summary of all native DeFi projects built on StarkNet (image below courtesy of Astralytica).


To get started with StarkNet, you first need to have a wallet that is compatible with it.

There are currently two online wallets on StarkNet, and the MetaMask wallet is also coming.


Argent: The OG of the smart contract wallet, which is native to StarkNet, is also open source and supported by some large players. Their user experience is very smooth, and this wallet can be used on a browser.

myBraavos: StarkNet-based native wallet that provides the best user experience and continues to improve. To stay on that mission, they recently raised $10 million. Supports mobile devices (Android, Apple) and all browsers.

3 options to increase liquidity for StarkNet:

(1) Official StarkWare Bridge: StarkGate ( [running on testnet and mainnet]

(2) Cross-rollup bridge for transferring ETH’s native assets: Orbiter Finance

(3) Protocol for migrating assets from CEX to L2 in a single transaction: Layerswap

Once you enter the StarkNet ecosystem, you’ll find that there are plenty of DEX projects under construction that support permissionless, unmanaged, and trustless transactions.

Let’s start with AMMs

mySwap is the first StarkNet AMM, developed by the Braavos team.

By the way, this is also the first AMM to run on the StarkNet mainnet. So, it is now possible to exchange and store liquidity on it.

JediSwap, the AMM was created entirely by its community through an innovative system of points and contributions.

It’s an exciting community experiment that has proven its success through a Gitcoin donation campaign (the number one contributor).

10KSwap is a new open source StarkNet AMM.

Currently running on mainnet, its liquidity pool was recently opened, so you can trade and provide liquidity with 10KSwap directly on the StarkNet mainnet.

SithSwap, an innovative AMM, integrates many exciting features.

In short, it combines the features of Curve, Convex, and Uniswap V2, all powered by StarkNet.

They have raised $2.65 million and successfully passed the Nethermindeth audit.

zohal, the AMM provides the user with a 100% customizable interface through a system of modules, where each module represents a function, and the result is the creation of a dashboard adapted to the needs of each user.

Starkswap, this AMM is also working on building a range of DeFi products on StarkNet. It currently has two products: Starkswap, a classic AMM; Iron Fleet, a protocol for low-cost interaction on ETH via StarkNet (via vault system)

alpharoad, the equivalent of a staking DAO built on StarkNet, provides the following features: an AMM, vault-based DeFi strategy, NFT collection with advantages on the platform

StarkDefi, an all-in-one DeFi hub on StarkNet, offers a large number of high-demand DeFi products, including: an AMM, a launchpad, staking services and farming pools, and liquidity locking for projects

Yes, there are enough AMMs. But rest assured,

There are two DEX aggregators on StarkNet

That is, an agreement that scans the liquidity on all AMMs to determine the best exchange rate for an order.

Fibrous Finance, a DEX aggregator, is tasked with connecting all StarkNet AMMs, allowing users one-stop access to liquidity on all of them.

The Commercium, another DEX aggregator with the same goal, but offering different features: 100% on-chain router (it can even create your own router and add it to the protocol), services at no extra cost, no licensed products

Well, now that you have all the relevant information, you can buy cryptocurrency through all StarkNet AMMs.

So, what about the support for the order book DEX? In addition to spot, limit orders, leverage and options?

Let’s take another look at the order book DEX and the options agreement.

Brine Finance, a multi-chain DEX that supports spot trading, offers several features such as:

* Instant and no gas fee transactions

* A decentralized and permissionless ecosystem

* Track dashboards

* Profit and loss analysis


ZKEX, another multi-chain order book DEX, aims to be a decentralized competitor to Binance/FTX, built on three zk-rollups: StarkNet ofc, zksync, and

ZigZag Exchange is a DEX order book based on zero-knowledge proofs (which also runs on Arbitrum). The goal is simple: to become a decentralized NASDAQ. In addition to offering spot, ZigZag also plans to integrate margin and perpetual.

The MES protocol, an order book DEX similar to Zigzag, is designed to provide the same user experience and functionality as the CEX, with all the benefits of a DEX. The planned focus of this protocol is L2 ZK, so it supports: StarkNet, zkSync, Polygon’s zkEVM

rabbitx, a perpetual DEX built on StarkNet. They stand out from the competition and their commitment is:

* No first-mover advantage on their platform

* There is no gas fee

* Deep order book liquidity

Moreover, they have quite strong VC backing behind them.

ZKX Protocol, a perpetual contract-based derivatives protocol, offers several innovations, such as:

* A new form of DAO organization

* Liquidity exchange mining

* Adaptive Balancing Rate

* DLOB powered by a decentralized node network


They also raised $4 million, and the fundraising is not yet over.

Carmine Options, an open-source StarkNet AMM for options, allows buying and selling European options.

The protocol will be the perfect place for traders, liquidity providers, and investors to create multiple DeFi strategies.

Well, with all the dApps introduced so far, you can connect your assets to StarkNet and trade them on the DEX and options markets.

Now, why not give yourself a try of what’s new on StarkNet via launchpad?


In addition to StarkDefi, there are three other options.

Astraly, this launchpad offers many exciting innovations, such as:

* 100% on-chain lottery

* Tradable NFT ticket distribution

* An on-chain reputation system that increases your chances of getting a ticket distribution.

zkspark, an L2 ZK launchpad, education center and project incubator. Its main objectives are to participate in:

* The democratization process of ZK_Rollups

* Development of ZK_Rollups projects

* Train new developers for the field

dolven labs, the catalyst for many projects on StarkNet, are fully owned by its DAO and offer a variety of features such as:

* Service incubator

* No licensed token mint

* License-free Launchpad

* No licensed liquidity lock

Then, let’s assume that you are in a bull market, when you are ready to go, but you want to increase your chances of profitability in the market… Here are the solutions you need.

Let’s take a look at the StarkNet currency market

zkLend, which is StarkNet’s money market OG, has a lot of innovations, with two main products: Artemis, aimed at DeFi users; Apollo, for institutional players.

In addition, zkLend is the first publicly funded StarkNet project: $5 million was raised from leading VCs.

curve_zero, is the fixed-rate and term money market on StarkNet.

To achieve this, Curve_Zero developed and built using the on-chain cryptographic native rate curve supported by the Empiric Network.

xBankFinance, the first currency market to run on the StarkNet testnet. It’s a classic currency market with an awesome user experience.

0xHashstack, which is the native ZK money market, offers low mortgages. That’s right, low mortgage, mortgage rate of 300%. That means you can borrow $300 with $100. However, the loan is limited to dApps supported by the protocol.

nostra finance, which provides the currency market, but also offers: an AMM, the first StarkNet native stablecoin (UNO), backed by interest-bearing ETH. They also have a $5 million fund to grow their ecosystem and provide community incentive missions

CygnusDAO, a decentralized stablecoin lending and margin trading protocol that allows lenders to offer stablecoins without IL risk while profiting from borrowing fees and farming proceeds. On CygnusDAO, LPs can borrow stablecoins using their LP tokens.

Serity Finance, a yield-oriented 2.0 DeFi protocol for backing synthetic assets, provides sustainable yields. The project aims to compensate for the current lack of DeFi, mainly by introducing PCV principles and yield-backed synthetic assets.

In the final part of this super long article, let’s take a look at improving and promoting our DeFi activities on StarkNet

Seven protocol tools

Empiric Network, the first zk-native decentralized oracle, aims to provide decentralized, transparent, and composable data. With Empiric, the protocol can fetch 100% of the data on-chain, eliminating the need for off-chain infrastructure. By the way, they have raised $7 million. (Financing continues)

Starcombo, a protocol tool for interacting with multiple DEFI protocols simultaneously in a single transaction. It is the ideal tool for creating StarkNet policies.

yagi, the first keeper network and earnings aggregator on StarkNet. Its purpose is to provide multiple revenue strategies through vaults for the convenience of DeFi farmers. For example, the JediSwap vault allows users to provide liquidity on it with any number of tokens.

Starknet id, StarkNet’s authentication and domain name service, supports: connecting social networks to identities, connecting identities to project partners, and replacing old address formats with .stark domain names

Starkboard, a DeFi data center that allows anyone to access all of Starknet’s DeFi data in real time. In particular (Testnet and mainnet): changes in TVL (Total Lock-in Value), share of assets in that TVL, user data, changes in fees, and others

Finally, there are two more browsers:

Voyager developed by Nethermindeth

Starkscan developed by aspectdotco

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