Spinn of American Centrifugal Extraction Coffee Machine Receives 20 Million USD Financing, Wants to Be the Dyson of Coffee Machines

Starting at $479

According to foreign media TechCrunch , the coffee machine startup Spinn recently announced that it has received a new round of $20 million in financing. This round of financing was led by Spark Capital, followed by Amazon Alexa Fund, Bar 9 Ventures and some of the previous shareholders. Together with the previous round A and B financing, Spinn’s total financing reached 37 million US dollars.

Spinn uses a centrifugal extraction coffee machine to rotate and grind coffee beans, which is different from the ordinary squeezing type, which can more completely retain the taste of coffee beans. The Spinn coffee machine is used in conjunction with its own App. Users can set their taste preferences on the App. The coffee machine changes the speed and water volume according to the type of coffee produced. More than 500 handcrafted roasters from around the world have settled in the App built-in mall, providing more than 1500 different types of coffee, and users can purchase coffee beans in the App.

According to survey data released by the National Coffee Association in April, in 2020, 40% of coffee consumers will own a single-cup coffee machine, and nearly 50% of Americans will buy a single-cup coffee brewing machine at home. One of them bought a new home coffee machine in the past year.

Domestic coffee drinking habits started late, but consumers’ acceptance of coffee is rapidly increasing: According to data from Deloitte , among the consumers who have developed coffee drinking habits in China, the number of cups per capita in first-tier cities is 326 cups per year. Tie with mature markets such as the United States, Japan and South Korea. In the small home appliance market, coffee machines also entered the TOP 10 household kitchen appliances last year. With consumption upgrades and coffee popularization, they will see greater market space.

Spinn of American Centrifugal Extraction Coffee Machine Receives 20 Million USD Financing, Wants to Be the Dyson of Coffee Machines

Image source | Spinn official website

Information on the official website shows that Spinn currently sells 3 types of coffee machines, with retail prices ranging from US$479 to US$799. They can make a variety of coffees, including Espresso, American, and cold brew, without the need for filters.

Spinn coffee machine can be controlled by Amazon Alex voice commands, machine touch screen, and App. Users can not only use the App far programmable system coffee maker, coffee machine can also view real-time status, maintenance and so on.

Spinn founder Roderick de Rode believes that Spinn has seized the window period when convenience stores and cafes are closed this time. Small coffee suppliers hope to enter Spinn’s e-commerce platform to sell coffee, and the epidemic has caused 85% of Americans to transfer their daily cup of coffee to their home.

Spinn’s coffee machine is currently open for pre-order and is expected to be delivered this fall. The App is currently available for download in the Android and IOS application markets. It is reported that this round of financing will be mainly used to expand production to prepare for the delivery of orders and establish cooperation with more coffee roasters. In addition, Spinn will continue to develop new products and improve existing technologies, hoping to become the ” Dyson ” of coffee machines .

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