“Specialization and Specialization” in the Metaverse

Specialized special new + Metaverse, the king of web3.0?

"Specialization and Specialization" in the Metaverse

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2021 is the first year of the development of “specialized, special and new” and the first year of the development of the Metaverse. 

At the beginning of this year, “Metaverse” and “Specialization and Specialization” began to appear in official statements at the same time. Tongzhou, Beijing will set up a Metaverse parent fund; Shanghai has included Metaverse in the “14th Five-Year Plan”; cities such as Hefei and Wuhan are actively deploying the Metaverse industry. 

According to agency forecasts, the market size of the Metaverse will exceed $800 billion in 2024. At that time, whoever has the dual concept of “Metaverse” + “specialization and newness”, who is the leader of the subdivision track, will be able to copy Tencent and Byte in the web2.0 era.

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Not surprisingly, China’s first Metaverse FOF will be located in Tongzhou, Beijing.

Recently, the Tongzhou District Government issued “Several Measures for Accelerating the Innovation-led Development of Beijing Sub-center Metaverse”. It is mentioned that relying on the Tongzhou Industry Guidance Fund, the “Fund of Funds + Direct Investment” method should be used to combine other social capitals to create a fund covering the Metaverse industry.

Since the listing of Roblox, the “first stock of the Metaverse” in March last year, Internet companies such as Facebook, Tencent, and Byte have deployed the Metaverse, and Beijing, Shanghai, Hangzhou and other places have also joined the Metaverse industry competition.

The Metaverse industry chain includes upstream underlying technologies (sensing technology, holographic images, blockchain, etc.), intermediate interaction methods (VR headsets, brain interfaces, etc.), and downstream application scenarios (social, office, etc.).

According to the Beijing Stock Exchange (ID: tobse666) , many of these companies are “specialized, special and new” companies that have been cultivating in subdivided tracks for many years.


The city grabs the beach “Metaverse”

If 2021 is the most “popular” year for the Metaverse in the capital market, the “status” of the Metaverse in 2022 may be raised to another level—many local governments have begun to incorporate the Metaverse into the city’s key “help” list.

On March 3, the official website of the Tongzhou District People’s Government of Beijing issued a “Notice on Several Measures to Accelerate the Innovation-led Development of Beijing Sub-center Metaverse”.

The “Notice” mentioned that the Tongzhou District Government will not only build a fund covering the Metaverse industry, but also provide real money subsidies for rent.

For example, three levels of subsidies will be given to key enterprises newly registered in the Metaverse Application Innovation Center and renting their own office space. Each company will subsidize an area of ​​no more than 2,000 square meters per year, and the continuous subsidy will not exceed 3 years.

“Metaverse Innovation Center” is a gathering area for the development of the Metaverse industry in Tongzhou, Beijing. It is located in the Innovation Center of Design Town, the sub-center of Beijing, adjacent to Zhangjiawan Design Town and Universal Resort.

On January 19, a signing ceremony was just held here. Blue Cosmos, a subsidiary of BlueFocus (300058.SZ), which is responsible for the investment and operation of Metaverse, has become the first Metaverse enterprise to settle in the “Metaverse Innovation Center”.

According to the introduction of Tongzhou District Development Group, there are currently about 30 Metaverse companies intending to settle in.

Beijing is not the only city that has vigorously supported the Metaverse industry.

Shanghai has written the Metaverse into the “14th Five-Year Plan”. At the end of December last year, the Shanghai Municipal Commission of Economy and Information Technology issued the “14th Five-Year Plan for the Development of Shanghai’s Electronic Information Industry”, which mentioned that quantum computing, third-generation semiconductors, 6G communications, and the Metaverse should be deployed to strengthen the Metaverse. Forward-looking research and development of the basic capabilities of the underlying core technology.

This is also the first time that the Metaverse has been written into the local “14th Five-Year Plan” industrial plan.

Immediately afterwards, the Office of the Leading Group for the Development of the Digital Economy in Zhejiang Province issued the “Guiding Opinions on the Construction of the Future Industry Pilot Zone in Zhejiang Province”. One of the layout areas of the future industrial pilot zone.

Most cities have written the Metaverse into government work reports.

Metaverse is the frontier area targeted by Chengdu and Hefei in 2022; Wuhan will promote the integration of Metaverse and the real economy; Jiangxi Provincial Department of Science and Technology has positioned 2022 as a breakthrough year for the development of the VR industry, supporting Nanchang to plan and build the Metaverse Experimental Zone.. ….

Just like the layout of the new energy vehicle industry at the beginning, the Metaverse is a new outlet, and no city will turn a blind eye.


“Specialization and Specialization” in the Metaverse

As a track that requires the blessing of multiple cutting-edge technologies, the Metaverse industry is also regarded as a “future industry”.

However, the Metaverse itself is not new, it is older than many Internet giants.

In 1992, a science fiction novel called “Avalanche” was born in the United States. According to the description of the novel, people in the future will live in an immersive digital world and communicate with each other through virtual images.

This virtual digital world is the Metaverse.

More than a decade later, the story in the novel is moved into reality. Dave Baszucki built Roblox, a game platform where you can make friends and shop. After more than ten years, Roblox was listed on the New York Stock Exchange in the United States. “Others always classify us as the Metaverse.” The phrase Versailles completely detonated the concept of the Metaverse.

China’s Internet giants are also smelling the opportunity.

ByteDance and Tencent took the lead in the layout. One acquired Pico, a VR headset manufacturer, and the other invested in VR game developer Wei Mo Era. Soul, slogan, which focuses on soul socialization, has become a “social Metaverse for young people”; Luo Yonghao, who is still bringing goods, also announced his entry into the world of the Metaverse…

Although everyone is working on the Metaverse, many companies are just “posting a card”.

There is a saying in the VC circle: the Metaverse is the poetry and distance of the digital world, and AR/VR is the best entrance to the Metaverse.

The entire industry chain of the Metaverse involves the underlying technology foundation in the upstream, such as sensing technology, XR, holographic image, blockchain, computer vision technology, etc., the interaction method in the midstream, such as VR headset/glasses, brain interface, etc., and the downstream application scenarios.

According to incomplete statistics from the Beijing Stock Exchange (ID: tobse666), the VR subdivision track is one of the tracks with the most “specialized, special and new” companies in the Metaverse.

The Pico mentioned above, whose Chinese name is Beijing Xiaoniaokan Technology Co., Ltd., was successfully selected into the second batch of “specialized, special and new” small and medium-sized enterprises in Beijing in 2021 last December.

Before being “fancy” by Byte, Pico has been deeply involved in the VR field for more than 6 years.According to its official website, up to now, Pico has included 349 authorized patents, covering core VR technology fields such as image, acoustics, optics, hardware and structural design, and bottom-level optimization of operating systems.

Lanting Digital is also a “specialized, refined and new” enterprise in Beijing.

Lanting Digital, an innovative solution company focusing on the VR/MR field, was established half a year earlier than Pico. In September 2014, Lanting Digital was established. In the second year, Lanting Digital received an angel round of investment from Huawen Media, and completed Pre A financing in the third year.

It is understood that it is the only 5G VR technology company with a complete set of technical solutions in the country, and it is also one of the top 50 VR companies in China at the 2020 World VR Industry Conference.

In addition, the XR content production company of which Zhang Yimou and Blue Cursor are shareholders is popular in Qitian , and it is also a “specialized, special and new” enterprise.


Specialized special new + Metaverse, the king of web3.0?

At the beginning of this year, “Metaverse” and “Specialization and Specialization” appeared in the official statement at the same time.

On January 24, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology held a press conference on supporting the development of SMEs. At the meeting, Liang Zhifeng, director of the SME Bureau of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, said that to cultivate a group of “specialized and new” small and medium-sized enterprises in digital industrialization, special attention should be paid to cultivating a group of industrial Internet, industrial software, network and data security, smart sensors, etc. The “little giant” enterprises in the field, cultivate a group of innovative small and medium-sized enterprises entering emerging fields such as Metaverse, blockchain, artificial intelligence, etc.

Like the Metaverse, “specialty and new” is not a new term.

As early as 2011, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology proposed to cultivate “specialized and special new” enterprises, but by the end of July 2021, “specialized and special new” will have obvious popularity. At that time, the Political Bureau of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China held a meeting, which called for speeding up the resolution of the “stuck neck” problem and the development of specialized, special and new small and medium-sized enterprises.

Coupled with the establishment of the Beijing Stock Exchange, which locates innovative small and medium-sized enterprises, the era of specialization, specialization, and new development has finally arrived.

2021 is the first year of the development of “specialized, special and new” and the first year of the development of the Metaverse.

In China, the Metaverse has a more romantic expression. Two years before the release of “Avalanche”, Qian Xuesen talked about the concept of “Virtual Reality”. Qian Lao did not translate it literally as “virtual reality”, but paraphrased it as “spiritual realm”. To a certain extent, the spiritual realm is actually a romantic imagination of the future digital space and human-computer interaction.

This kind of imagination is evolving with the development of Internet technology.

During the “two sessions” this year, Zhou Hongyi, founder of 360 Group, said that the Metaverse is the highest state of digitalization and a kind of digital twin . Metaverse ultimately serves the real world, and will be widely used in digital industrialization, industrial digitization, industrial Internet, Internet of Vehicles, and smart cities in the future.

The agency also predicts that by 2024, the market size of the Metaverse will exceed $800 billion.

At that time, whoever had the dual concepts of “Metaverse” + “specialization and newness”, who was the leader of the subdivision track, could possibly copy Tencent and Byte in the web2.0 era.

And according to the Beijing Stock Exchange (ID: tobse666) , Hefei, the “best venture capital”, is at the forefront again.

Luo Yunfeng, the mayor of Hefei, stated in the “Government Work Report” that by 2025, Hefei will cultivate 3 billion-dollar enterprises, 300 “specialized, special and new” and “champion” enterprises, while Metaverse, superconducting technology, precision Frontier fields such as medical treatmentare precisely the fields that Hefei focuses on.


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