SPASEE plans to launch the Carmen series of Cube Stars with a focus on providing one-stop commercial satellite services in Southeast Asia

Southeast Asia’s first one-stop commercial satellite service provider, plans to launch its first verification satellite in 2022

With the onset of the international commercial spaceflight boom, more and more companies, universities and research institutions want to launch satellites for business ventures and scientific exploration activities. However, the technical and resource barriers to engage in space activities are very high, from satellite manufacturing to rocket launch, from space measurement and control to data services, the long industry chain discourages many enterprises and research institutions, and it is difficult to reach every link of the industry chain, which becomes a pain point for satellite application services.

SPASEE, a Singaporean company incubated by Nanyang Technological University and established in 2020, is a one-stop commercial satellite service provider in Southeast Asia, dedicated to developing low-cost CubeSats and providing commercial small satellite design, manufacturing and launch solutions and value-added data services for customers from Southeast Asia to the world.

One-Stop Commercial Satellite Services
Located in Singapore and based in Southeast Asia, SPASEE aims to be the first one-stop commercial satellite provider in Southeast Asia with its Kármán CubeSat product line. SPASEE CEO Luo Ruikang shares the following three aspects.

First, the whole process service: the industry chain of commercial spaceflight is very long, if an unfamiliar enterprise or research institution wants to explore business, it needs to invest a lot of human energy to study and analyze. SPASEE provides value-added data services after the launch. This one-stop service can help customers save a lot of human resources and realize the whole process from the initial demand to the final application.

Localization advantage: Compared with traditional spacefaring countries, Singapore is located in the Southeast Asian region, which is relatively slow in the development of commercial spaceflight, so there are not many companies that can provide satellite manufacturing to launch services. SPASEE, based on the Nanyang Technological University Satellite Research Center in Singapore, is one of the few start-ups in Southeast Asia that can provide commercial satellite manufacturing and supporting services, which is attractive to local customers in Singapore and Southeast Asia. The company is attractive to local customers in Singapore and Southeast Asia.

Proven technology: SPASEE’s founding team members were involved in the design of Singapore’s SCOOBI satellite at Nanyang Technological University’s Satellite Research Center and have accumulated some experience in satellite design and manufacturing. efficiency and engineering cost savings. The Carmen I CubeSat will share the same R&D platform as the SCOOBI satellite and is based on the AOBA VELOX-IV satellite, which has already been validated in orbit with STK simulation software. to reduce costs.

Already achieved order revenue, plan to launch the first verification star next year
SPASEE’s main product line is Carmen I to III CubeSat series, the products cover different sizes of commercial small satellites from picosatellite, 1U~9U, wrapped with solar panels, containing attitude control system and earth communication system, which can carry instruments for scientific missions and perform customized services. 3U CubeSat has an average delivery time of about 3-6 months, and is expected to be launched after 2022 one after another The launch is expected to take place after 2022. The Carmen series of satellites are aimed at universities and research institutions with space research needs, as well as commercial customers with communication and remote sensing needs.

SPASEE’s first validation satellite, Pioneer I, is intended for art, souvenirs or other non-functional payloads and is scheduled to launch on a SpaceX commercial rocket in 2022. The satellite currently has a private order and has begun satellite design. If the development and launch proceeds smoothly, Pioneer One will be the first private satellite in Singapore’s history to carry a customer’s art souvenir into space.

In addition to satellite design and manufacturing, SPASEE also provides different sub-project products and portfolio options for customers to generate revenue through upstream and downstream services in the industry chain. It mainly includes charging satellite pre-design consulting fees and mission design fees, start-up window coordination services, and value-added services such as remote sensing satellite data applications. SPASEE is also currently conducting research on the feasibility of high-throughput communication satellites in the hope of gaining market share in the future market competition for Internet satellites. At present, the value-added data service has already reached cooperation with Wuhu Agricultural Technology Center to realize corresponding income, and has also provided corresponding service for palm garden in Malaysia.

SPASEE plans to launch the Carmen series of Cube Stars with a focus on providing one-stop commercial satellite services in Southeast Asia

Herald One design framework, image credit: SPASEE

First in Southeast Asia, international opportunity
SPASEE CEO Luo Ruikang told 36 Krypton that there is no company in Singapore, including the whole Southeast Asia, that can provide a complete satellite ecological service, so this is a big potential market opportunity. SPASEE has not only accumulated experience in satellite design and manufacturing technology, but also has accumulated resources in satellite parts supply chain and rocket launch services. Singapore has a total of 13 satellites in orbit, 9 of which are designed and produced at the Nanyang Technological University Satellite Research Center.

SPASEE is now mainly facing customers in Singapore, Southeast Asia and China. In the Chinese market, competing microsatellite service providers such as Jiutian Microsatellite and MicroNanoStar have already achieved multiple in-orbit validations, SPASEE’s advantages are closer to the needs of Southeast Asian customers, an international supply chain, and cheaper and more stable commercial space launch options. Currently, SPASEE can control the material cost of 1U cubesat to the order of tens of thousands of RMB.

According to Luo Ruikang, compared with China, which has a complete industrial chain system, Singapore and Southeast Asia, although lacking in the upstream components industrial chain, Singapore has more advantages in international cooperation and is less influenced by political factors, which can help attract leading international commercial space talents, as well as conveniently procure global satellite components for cheaper and more stable commercial space launch services. Currently, SPASEE has entered into cooperation with many satellite component suppliers, including AAC ClydeSpace, ISISPACE, Microchip, Ettus Research and other core component suppliers. In terms of rocket launch services, SPASEE can help users dock with SpaceX, Rocket Lab and other service providers for launch services according to their needs. Meanwhile, in the commercial space industry chain, the Singapore government hopes to cut through the satellite field and will have corresponding industrial support policies in the future.

Angel round financing needs
The SPASEE team currently consists of more than ten people. The core R&D team is from National University of Singapore and Nanyang Technological University of Asia, with more than 50% of Ph.

In April 2021, the company received a seed round of financing totaling $74,000 from the Suzhou High-Tech Zone (Huqiu District) Science and Technology Innovation Bureau and a private equity injection.

SPASEE is about to focus on angel round financing in the next two months, the amount of financing is expected to be $3-4 million, is in contact with funds from Singapore and the Middle East region, it is reported to have received investment intentions from a domestic investment institution.

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