SpaceX to partner with SpaceChain to send first Ether node to the International Space Station

The mainstream coins in the cryptocurrency market sank collectively today.

SpaceX to partner with SpaceChain to send first Ether node to the International Space Station

June 4 (Xinhua) — The mainstream coins in the cryptocurrency market fell collectively today. As of press time, BTC is at $36,805.52, down 4.59%, ETH is at $2,639.604, down 5.51%, LTC is at $175.580, down 7.01%; OKB is at $16.710, down 4.90%; DeFi tokens are down in general, and the top three gainers on OKEx platform are: UMA ( +7.56%), JFI (+6.55%), and MOF (+5.46%).

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[Data] A Total of 38 Companies Publicly Held About 497,926 Bitcoins This Week

According to OKLink, 38 companies held 497,926 Bitcoins, accounting for 2.37% of the total Bitcoin holdings. The top 5 institutional Bitcoin positions are: MTGOX K.K. (141,686.00), (140,000.00), MicroStrategy (92,079.00), Tesla (38,571.43), and The Tezos Foundation (24,808.00). In addition, gaming company Razer’s CEO Tan Min-Liang said this week that the company is considering entering the cryptocurrency space.

Industry] China Merchants Bank Launches Blockchain Portal with Smart Contract IDE and Other Services

According to the official public number of China Merchants Bank’s blockchain platform “Open License Chain”, China Merchants Bank’s blockchain portal is officially launched on the same day. China Merchants Bank has two platforms in the blockchain field: Open License Chain and BaaS, including cryptographic service, middleware service, storage service, depository service, integral service, smart contract IDE, browser and other tools and services, and has explored blockchain application scenarios including supply chain, e-bill, fund settlement, cross-border finance, multi-party collaboration, contract depository, etc.

Industry】SpaceX will cooperate with SpaceChain to send the first Ether node to the International Space Station

SpaceX will launch an Ethernet (ETH) node to the International Space Station (ISS) on July 3, marking the first time an Ethernet node has been sent into space. In a recent press release, SpaceChain revealed that they have signed a contract with SpaceX to send the node to the ISS via a Falcon 9 rocket. The Ether node will reportedly be SpaceChain’s fourth blockchain payload to go into space and will be installed by SpaceChain’s customer Nexus Inc.

[Industry] Playboy Launches Animated NFT in NFT Marketplace Raretoshi

Leading American entertainment brand Playboy has launched its first five animated NFTs on a new NFT marketplace called “Raretoshi,” powered by Blockstream’s Liquid sidechain. All NFTs are one-to-one versions and include three Miami-themed animations, an animated magazine cover with a bunny logo overlaying the model, and a tokenized “bunny boarding pass”. Collectors can bid on the NFTs using Liquid Bitcoin (L-BTC), an asset on the Liquid sidechain.

[Opinion] Chia Founder: Doesn’t Want Its Related “Farming Pool” to Create a Monopoly

On June 3, Chia’s founder Bram Cohen and his team shared the latest information and progress on the Chia farming pool protocol at the official Chia video conference “Chia Pools for Pool Operators”. The Chia team does not want to create a monopolistic situation with its associated “farming pools”, and even if such a situation is created in some cases, they will ensure that these large farming pools cannot do evil. (A “farming pool” is the equivalent of a “mining pool” for other blockchain projects, and Chia officially refers to the process of obtaining block rewards as “farming farming,” which corresponds to “mining mining” for other projects. Mariano S., one of the leaders of the farming pool protocol in the Chia team, said that in most mining pool protocols under the Proof of Work mechanism, the pool creates the blocks and the miners do the hash collisions. The “creation of blocks” is directly linked to the “issuance of token rewards,” which gives the pool a great deal of control over the mechanism.

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