SpaceX Accepts Dogecoin Payments, Multiple Animal Concept Coins Double in One Day

Dogecoin takes flight in “Animal City Madness”

SpaceX Accepts Dogecoin Payments, Multiple Animal Concept Coins Double in One Day

DOGE (Dogcoin) is one step closer to a real “to the moon”.

According to Newswire, on May 9, Geometric Energy Corporation (GEC) announced that the DOGE-1 lunar program will launch on SpaceX’s Falcon 9 rocket, and that SpaceX’s payment method for this commercial partnership will be DOGE, making it the first commercial lunar payload launch in history to be paid for entirely by Dogcoin (DOGE).

The day SpaceX announced that it would accept DOGE payments, Musk also said on a U.S. variety show, Saturday Night Live, that he would give DOGE as a gift for his mother.

SpaceX Airlines accepts Dogcoin payments, DOGE as a Mother’s Day gift, and Musk continues to bring in DOGE, and more and more users are starting to pay attention to DOGE. According to Carbon Chain Value, on May 10, global netizens’ enthusiasm for DOGE surpassed Bitcoin for the first time in Google search hits.

DOGE hot search constantly, in the DOGE rise effect driven by the birth of animal coins such as SHIB, LION, PIG Token, AKITA also in the last two days rose sharply. aicoin data show that on May 10, SHIB 24-hour maximum rise of 253.6%, LION 24-hour rise of 171%, PIG Token The 24-hour increase was as high as 4247%.

“On May 9, DOGE fell from a high of $0.7 to $0.41, a 24-hour drop of more than 40%. According to OKEx, as of 1:00 pm on May 11, DOGE was temporarily quoted at $0.45, down 39% from its high of $0.74 on May 8.

DOGE coin price retreat is also a warning to investors, regardless of who shouts orders and who brings goods, asset price fluctuations within the stage is the eternal market law, especially when the coin price soars, investors should be cautious to enter.

SpaceX accepts dogcoin payments

This year, Elon Musk, the founder of two leading technology companies, Tesla and SpaceX, has been sparing no effort to shout orders and bring goods for DOGE (dogcoin), which has made him the “godfather of dogcoin” according to investors.

As the “Godfather,” Musk is responsible enough for DOGE to implement DOGE’s payment function as a cryptocurrency into his company’s business scenario after round after round of tweeting about it.

According to Newswire, on May 9, Geometric Energy Corporation (GEC) announced that the “DOGE-1 Moon Program” will be launched aboard SpaceX’s Falcon 9 rocket. In this commercial cooperation, SapceX’s payment method is to accept dogcoin payment, which makes this cooperation between the two sides attract much attention from the outside world.

In response to this partnership, Geometric Energy CEO Samuel Reid said, “Geometric Energy and SpaceX have entered into a large-scale formal deal with DOGE to use DOGE as the unit of accounting for lunar operations in the space sector. ” SpaceX Vice President of Commercial Sales Tom Ochinero also said, “This mission will prove the application of cryptocurrency beyond Earth orbit and lay the foundation for interplanetary trade.”

A month ago, on April 1, Musk tweeted that he wanted to bring a dogcoin to the moon, and the “DOGE-1 Moon Program” brings that goal one step closer.

Not only is DOGE connected to his company’s business use scenario, Musk is also promoting DOGE to his own family.

On the first day of the official announcement of the DOGE-1 moon landing plan, Musk appeared with his mother on the American variety show “Saturday Night Live”. , while Musk was mischievous, “It is the dog coin.”

Since this year, Musk seems to be more attached to DOGE than to Tesla, and has been standing up for DOGE on Twitter since February, sparing no effort to shout orders and bring goods. Under his drive, DOGE’s coin price has also soared. Data shows that on January 1 this year, DOGE’s price was $0.0046, and on May 8, it rose up to $0.74, with a maximum increase of 16080%.

However, from the last two days of the currency price trend, Musk seems to have some carry. Although the two hot spots of “SpaceX Airlines accepting DOGE payments” and “DOGE as a Mother’s Day gift” still dominated the headlines of the industry media, the DOGE coin price still fell back.

On May 9, the dogcoin price dropped from a high of $0.7 to $0.419, a maximum drop of 41%. As of 1 p.m. on May 11, DOGE was temporarily quoted at $0.45, down 9% in 24 hours, and down 39% from its all-time high of $0.74 on May 8.

The “animal concept” version of the asset takes off

The DOGE coin price has recently retreated, but the price of DOGE copycat assets such as SHIB, ATIKA and LION, which emerged under the auspices of the Musk-backed DOGE effect, are still soaring. on May 10, several “animal concept” segment assets rose by more than 100% in 24 hours. The “animal coin” has also become the focus of the market in the past two days.

AICoin data shows that on May 10, SHIB rose from 0.00001565 to $0.0000397, a 24-hour maximum gain of 253.6%, and more exaggeratedly, in the past three months, SHIB’s price has risen 1,737 times.

Some users spent a few hundred or thousands of dollars in the early days to buy hundreds of millions of SHIB at random, to get now some assets over 100 million, some assets over 10 million, the recent circle has not less rumors of these unintentionally rich stories.

SHIB coin prices continue to soar, several and other head exchanges have also been online SHIB trading pairs, users transfer back and forth between the wallet and the exchange, but also directly make SHIB become one of the higher consumption of GAS on the ethereum chain. According to OKLlink data, as of May 10, SHIB’s 24-hour Gas consumption reached 165 ETH, second only to Uniswap and USDT.

During the same time period, AICoin data shows that AKITA rose from a maximum of $0.000007321 to $0.0000117638, a 24-hour maximum increase of 240.9%. It is worth mentioning that, as of May 11, 1:00 pm, AKITA temporary report 0.00001878 U.S. dollars, has been up more than 100% for four consecutive days, nearly a month up 1441 times.

In addition, LION 24-hour increase of 171%, PIG Token 24-hour increase is as high as 4247%.

Technology leaders enter the game, cryptocurrency assets out of the circle is valued

Even Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg came to watch as the cryptocurrency market went “Animal City,” and on May 11, he posted a picture of two goats on his Facebook page with the caption “My two goats, Max and Bitcoin”, one of which Zuckerberg named “Bitcoin”.

One of them was named “Bitcoin” by Zuckerberg. After Zuckerberg’s Facebook post was screenshotted and circulated to the cryptocurrency community, some people quipped, “Hurry up and post a goat coin”.

Zuckerberg and Facebook have been focusing on blockchain and cryptocurrency business as early as two years ago. 2019, Facebook was ready to take the lead in issuing Libra, a stable coin anchored with a basket of fiat currencies, and eventually the project has not been implemented so far due to the U.S. government regulation.

But Libra caused no small stir, in addition to Zuckerberg and Libra’s project leader David Marcus (David Marcus) was called to the U.S. Congress in turn to open hearings, Libra project to the public, the global scope of a number of countries have said to issue with their own legal tender anchored digital currency, from the public information, as of now, only China issued the digital yuan into the pilot phase.

Zuckerberg named his goat Bitcoin to pull it back to the coin circle again. Unlike two years ago when he was leading the Libra issue, this time investors are more concerned about Zuckerberg’s back, driven by the recent “animal concept” board asset price soaring effect in the market, investors are looking for the next DOGE, SHIB, if Zuckerberg issued a “GOTA”, it is undoubtedly the next DOGE in the eyes of some investors.

After 10 years of precipitation, the focus of blockchain technology has moved from a group of technology geeks to cutting-edge technology innovators such as Musk and Zuckerberg, and now, its application boundary is still expanding.

Hu Chao, vice president of OUKE Cloud Chain Group, also believes that in the past six months, technology giants represented by Musk and Zuckerberg, including many top traditional capital giants around the world, have paid high attention to and positively evaluated blockchain crypto assets such as Bitcoin and spent huge amounts of money to strategically enter the market, which undoubtedly indicates that blockchain-based crypto assets such as Bitcoin have entered the ranks of mainstream asset allocation, and their hedging This undoubtedly indicates that bitcoin and other blockchain-based crypto assets have entered the mainstream asset allocation, and their risk aversion and reserve value are increasingly recognized by the mainstream capital market.

Hu Chao said that Bitcoin has scarcity as an asset based on its technical characteristics and its economic model, and it is also accelerating its flow globally because of its borderless feature. “It is foreseeable that in the future global monetary and financial competition in the digital economy era, the strategic reserve value of crypto assets such as Bitcoin will be paid more and more attention. “

From the perspective of expanding industry boundaries, the participation of leading technology companies and technology innovators worldwide to promote the industry can indeed drive more technology companies and people outside the circle to understand and pay attention to the application of blockchain technology and crypto assets, although they may face risks if they invest rashly simply because of the attraction of the wealth creation effect.

On May 9, the DOGE coin price dropped sharply, which is the best case to wake up. Regardless of who is shouting orders and who is leading the goods, the fluctuation of asset price within the stage is an unchanging market law, and the market hotspots are rapidly updated and iterated, especially when the coin price is soaring, investors should be more cautious to enter.

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