Space Poggers: Add “Fire” to Ethereum

In the early morning of August 9, Space Poggers NFT was officially launched.

For a time, the Ethereum gas fee soared, exceeding 195 Gwei at one time. Subsequently, Space Poggers also completed all sales plans within 20 minutes. As of press time, Space Poggers has burned 571.84 ETH.


What exactly are Space Poggers?

Space Poggers

SpacePoggers is a collection of weird animals in the form of NFT on Ethereum. Each Space Pogger is a cute and unique animal image.

According to the setting of the story, there are twelve tribes living in the super shared spaceship-Space Ark, and each tribe has 1,000 unique Poggers. After eight thousand years of relatively peaceful living in their hometown, the Artemis galaxy, a tragedy occurred that led to a large-scale migration. Today, the Space Ark is one of the last vestiges of civilization. Now Space Ark is forced to venture to explore the unknown space domain, and the twelve tribes will find a new world together.

Space Poggers NFT is a pass to board the Space Ark. Users holding NFT can participate in activities or competitions on behalf of the tribe and receive ETH rewards. In addition, having Space Poggers NFT can also get other rights, including exclusive membership experience, NFT airdrops and branded merchandise, etc. At the same time, Space Poggers will actively cooperate with creators in the NFT community through animation, music, artwork and other art forms. Develop the Space Poggers universe.


To purchase NFTs in the secondary market, you can use decentralized wallets, such as MetaMask, Portis or WalletConnect. The basic price of each NFT is 0.07 ETH; if you want to buy multiple NFTs at once, the price can be reduced to 0.05 ETH ~ 0.07 ETH.

However, Space Poggers NFT is currently unable to display its style on all major platforms. It should be noted that fake Space Poggers NFT has appeared on some platforms, the official trading platform:


As of press time, Space Poggers has 2600 users and the transaction volume has reached 626 ETH.


According to the official roadmap, when NFT sales reaches a certain value, related functions will be unlocked:

10% of the total sales, hire writers, animators, and musicians to build the Space Poggers world;
25% of the total sales, announce the 13th Pogger tribe in a limited edition, and build a space portal to reward it on August 15 Collected all 12 Poggers community members before the day;
sold 50% of the total amount, and launched the first tribal event. NFT holders will team up as a tribe and compete to win ETH and more Poggers;
sell a total of 75 %, launch a member-only merchandise store, providing limited edition equipment as a reward to token holders;
100% of the total sold, all token holders will be invited to participate in the competition-the grand prize is A Tesla Model 3; in addition, the team will donate $100,000 to selected charities.


Development roadmap

Generally speaking, the development of Space Poggers is divided into three stages: the exploration stage, the expansion stage, and the hyperspace stage.

These three stages include: the launch of the liquidity mining pool; Space Poggers conference, cooperation with luxury fashion brands, community DAO; Space Ark VR gallery, etc.


Founding team

The Space Poggers team is led by NiftyWhale, who is an outstanding collector, author and speaker in the NFT field. NateBear serves as the art director.


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