Space Metaverse Research Report

Abstract: Space is a virtual world in the meta-universe. By switching between different scenes, it focuses on a private online space and social shopping and social activities. The project is still in its early stages, and the team is committed to researching the next frontier of social experience in the meta-universe.

Project Introduction

Space is a meta-universe concept project, which aims to provide users with an immersive virtual experience of social shopping and various real-life activities. At present, immersive experience scenes such as social networking, shopping, business meetings, and concerts have been developed.

Hoo Tiger Symbol Research Institute | Space Metaverse Research Report

The project also provides the purchase of NFTs such as land and artworks. Users can purchase various NFTs in the space to enjoy a virtual private space. At the same time, it also provides social venues (concerts, meeting rooms, art exhibition halls, etc.) to bring users a diverse virtual reality life experience. At present, the items that can be purchased in the project are all priced in U.S. dollars, and there is no news about the release of tokens.

Industry track

The industry track where Space is located is mainly composed of Metaverse and NFT, e-commerce and VR:

1. Metaverse and NFT

Blockchain technology is derived from the distributed ledger technology derived from Bitcoin to the value transmission of virtual space. At present , templates for virtual world value transmission such as Decentraland and Sandbox have been born . Ethernet Square and other public by virtue of the chain block chain is decentralized computing, open source and created a major ecological and DAPP innovative business models, and then nearly a year fiery combination with traditional financial DeFi, and built based ERC721 NFT technology now introduces the concept of meta-universe to apply long-distance collaboration and cross-space clearing and settlement. Blockchain technology is completing innovation after innovation in a short period of time.

Since the beginning of this year, the meta-universe concept has increasingly entered the public eye, and the search popularity on Google has also been rising.

Hoo Tiger Symbol Research Institute | Space Metaverse Research Report

(Data: Google Trend)

Let’s take a look at the degree of capital’s attention to the meta universe.

Hoo Tiger Symbol Research Institute | Space Metaverse Research Report

Hoo Tiger Symbol Research Institute | Space Metaverse Research Report

Since the beginning of this year, the capital market has paid certain attention to the concept of Metaverse. Related ETP products have exploded in stages. The overall stock price of Roblox launched in March of this year fluctuated mainly. To sum up, the market’s attention to the concept of meta universe continues to increase, and the capital market is still in the initial stage of value discovery.

One of the important functions of Metaverse is online collaboration across spaces, such as online office and conferences being developed by Facebook, cloud communications and remote office products such as ZOOM, Google Meet, etc., especially under the influence of the epidemic. Increasingly incorporated into the operations of traditional companies.

Hoo Tiger Symbol Research Institute | Space Metaverse Research Report

(Data: Wind, Guosheng Securities Research Institute)

Space, like ZOOM, has created a collaborative office scene, and its later development, like Facebook, will use VR technology to make online office and interaction an immersive experience, which is a popular track in the meta universe.

In the face of the hot NFT market, you can look at two sets of data:

Hoo Tiger Symbol Research Institute | Space Metaverse Research Report

Hoo Tiger Symbol Research Institute | Space Metaverse Research Report

Data: TheBlock

Judging from the development of NFT this year, the number of sales of game NFTs came from behind, showing a situation of concentrated outbreaks in the following years; while the prices continued to rise for art and collectibles NFTs. The main layout of Space on the NFT is art and collectibles, which will increase the value; the life and entertainment items that can be purchased in the virtual space are more likely to belong to the game NFT, and the volume will be increased. Judging from the current situation in the game scene, it is more inclined to a variety of game items and volume. Art and collectibles are concentrated in the “gallery” scene, currently priced at hundreds of dollars, and there are many types of other life and entertainment items, and the project is more inclined to an e-commerce business model. Of course, NFT products have an incalculable value discovery period, but the continued popularity of the NFT market is bound to have a positive impact on the products in the project.

2. E-commerce and VR

Space is exploring two different markets. Both e-commerce and early VR markets have experienced accelerated growth in business and events. On the one hand, there are more virtual events than in the past; on the other hand, e-commerce purchases have increased by more than 40%. The project development team believes that the future of these industries will be more on the immersive multi-dimensional experience of the home.

Hoo Tiger Symbol Research Institute | Space Metaverse Research Report


The products of the project mainly exist in various virtual scenarios, including land trading, consumption and income earning are realized in various scenarios:

  • Create public or private rooms • concerts • courses
  • shop
  • gallery

Project development

Hoo Tiger Symbol Research Institute | Space Metaverse Research Report

The project as a whole is still in the early stage. From the roadmap, the next projects will successively launch desktop applications, token systems, DAO and VR apps.

The advancement in technology and economy is in the following aspects:

  • Obtain VR technology
  • Polkadot , Boson’s market infrastructure protocol or other build Commerce Tool layer
  • Pro Tools Creator Subscription
  • Company and company’s land domain name blockchain
  • Partial ownership of land and commercial transactions
  • Transaction ownership after the specified lock-up period
  • Investors may get liquidity earlier

In addition, the project development team is still advancing some cooperation, cooperating with institutions and teams such as WHITE CUB, STUDIOMAKEUP, etc. According to official data, there are currently 9 art galleries, 2 for musicians, Thailand’s largest music festival S20 and 2 Beauty brand.

Therefore, from the perspective of the project development map, the overall is still a way of building an ecosystem to establish a business model or token economy, expanding in breadth and diversified activities of different institutions, and in depth, it is building e-commerce based on blockchain technology. And VR scenes. From the current point of view, a VR online office model is likely to be the development direction of the project, and it is also a more popular track.

business model

The business income model designed by Space is closer to the traditional business model, which is mainly composed of the following three parts:

• Virtual land for sale

• Transaction and custody fees


The project development team has not yet listed clear transaction, hosting and advertising fees, but land transactions are a major source of NFT income in some blockchain game projects:

Hoo Tiger Symbol Research Institute | Space Metaverse Research Report

Therefore, Space’s overall business model relies heavily on the number of users and user traffic, and the follow-up needs to focus on the official media attention of the project, community activity and the number of online games.


Hoo Tiger Symbol Research Institute | Space Metaverse Research Report

Batis Samadian is the founder of Saffron and Mamquam GmbH. He has also invested in Emmetros and Bali Juice and has extensive entrepreneurial experience.

Chance Glasco is a video game consultant with 20 years of industry experience. Before entering the video game industry, Glasco graduated from Full Sail University in 2001. Glasco’s first project after graduation was to work for Steven Spielberg and DreamWorks’ franchise and Medal of Honor. After the success of the first game, he and other developers left their work to open a new studio, Infinity Ward. The Oklahoma-based game studio will continue to create the “Call of Duty” series, which has become the best-selling video game series in the new millennium and has sold more than 300 million copies so far. Glasco is the co-founder of Doghead Simulations ( dog, a company known for its virtual reality conference application rumii.

Felix Mago is the co-founder of Dash NEXT, Dash Thailand, Futerio and Blocktech. Institute. He has served as a university lecturer at Berlin University of the Arts and other schools.

Hoo Tiger Symbol Research Institute | Space Metaverse Research Report

The company’s core team members cover talents in economics, commerce, blockchain technology development, game development, finance and operations. The overall coverage is wide and the staffing is relatively complete. The founder, Batis Samadian, has filled some gaps in market operations, but the company currently lacks expertise in community, media operations, and art.

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