Sony’s drone Airpeak S1 will ship in the fall for $9,000

After being made fun of at CES, Sony’s first drone, the Airpeak S1, continues to rise to the challenge. on June 10, the “rookie” drone, which has been constantly questioned, was updated on Sony’s website with specifications and pricing information. the Airpeak S1 barebones package costs $9,000 and includes the airframe, two pairs of propellers, a remote control, two batteries and a battery charger. The Airpeak S1 bare-bones kit costs $9,000 and includes the airframe, two pairs of propellers, a remote control, two batteries and a battery charger. The price shows that this drone is positioned for high-end professional imaging.

And Sony also hopes that it is a major selling point: the ability to get Sony cameras into the sky.

Sony's drone Airpeak S1 will ship in the fall for ,000

The Airpeak S1 is fully compatible with the Alpha series of full-frame mirrorless cameras, meaning that the drone is capable of aerial photography in 8K quality. As a result, Sony claims that this is the industry’s smallest drone capable of carrying Sony’s Alpha camera, which not only captures dynamically but also has precise and stable flight control performance.

The built-in brushless motor and 17-inch propeller, control system and sensing technology enable it to fly at extremely high speeds with very stable wind resistance. The fastest maximum speed without load reaches 55.9mph (25m/s), with a maximum angular speed of 180°/s* and an attitude angle of up to 55°.

Sony's drone Airpeak S1 will ship in the fall for ,000

In addition, Airpeak S1 uses Sony’s self-developed propulsion unit and flight control system, with one stereo camera in the front, rear, left, right and bottom of the fuselage to collect visual information, and two infrared range sensors to collect positioning data, enabling the implementation of positioning and 3D spatial awareness of the drone through original algorithms. Key sensor information such as IMU and barometric pressure help optimize the control system even in areas where GPS may be obstructed.

Sony's drone Airpeak S1 will ship in the fall for ,000

And equipping it with an advanced remote control not only allows you to control the aircraft freely, but also to create high-quality aerial pictures. The cloud control center is an APP called “Airpeak Flight”, which allows you to watch information such as battery life and aircraft speed, and also supports dual control mode. Therefore, one person can control the camera and gimbal, and the other person can control the flight of the drone.

Sony's drone Airpeak S1 will ship in the fall for ,000

There is also a web application called “Airpeak Base” to manage equipment, maintain flight logs and create advanced flight plans. Keeping flight progress monitored prevents operators from being caught off guard by aircraft or battery problems, Airpeak S1 can be programmed to fly the same flight path over and over again. Latitude, longitude, altitude, gimbal orientation, timed video and photo still images can all be pre-programmed and reproduced with Airpeak Base.

Sony's drone Airpeak S1 will ship in the fall for ,000

The only criticism is that the Airpeak S1 can reach a maximum flight time of 22 minutes with no load. With heavy loads like the α7S III and 24mm F1.4 GM, the flight time stays at a maximum of 12 minutes. It’s hard to imagine what can be accomplished in just 12 minutes when shooting aerial photography of difficult jobs.

Finally, for your viewing pleasure, we have also listed all the features of the Airpeak S1.

Maximum speed of 55.9mph (25m/s), maximum angular speed of 180°/s, and an attitude angle of up to 55°
Sony-developed propulsion and flight control system
Flight time of up to 22 minutes without payload
Stable in winds of up to 44.7 mph (20m/s)
Landing gear with open/close legs
Removable propeller for quick change and transport
Sony-developed stereo camera and vision sensing processor with original algorithms for real-time 3D spatial awareness
Stable flight in confined spaces or when out of GNSS range
Equipped with multi-directional sensing for obstacle avoidance
The world’s smallest drone of its kind, capable of carrying the Alpha Series full-frame mirrorless camera
RCR-VH1 remote control controls the aircraft, gimbal, and camera, while providing real-time image output
Combined with “Airpeak Flight” cell phone APP, you can control the aircraft, camera and gimbal
Dual operation mode, independent control of the aircraft and gimbal/camera
Equipped with flexible flight modes
Airpeak Base” web application for integrated management of flight plan, flight log and equipment

We can see that the Airpeak S1 has a lot of Sony’s self-developed products, and the flight stability and stability performance of the Airpeak S1 is worth seeing in the Sony YouTube video we’ve seen so far. As for how the actual performance? Sony says it will start accepting pre-orders and shipping to customers in the fall of 2021, so we’ll find out then.

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