Some people left the stage sadly, some people made great progress, and the “Song of Ice and Fire” was staged on the Metaverse Circuit

The future is yet to come

Rametley said: “There is only one entity in the whole universe, only in its various forms.”

For the Metaverse, this statement is quite apt. As Zuckerberg, founder of Meta, said: “The Metaverse is a vision that spans many companies and even the entire technology industry. You can think of it as the successor to the mobile Internet.”

However, more than half of 2022 has passed, and the track of the Metaverse has become polarized. Some players are living in “hot water”, and some players are developing “in full swing”.

On August 23, Nreal held China’s first AR glasses launch conference, officially returned to China, and officially launched three hardware products for the Chinese market, including two AR glasses.

On the same day, according to Sanyan Finance and Economics, the Metaverse company Yingchuang Technology , which claims to be the “Microsoft of the Metaverse Era” , was exposed to arrears of wages. The company was also forcibly dismissed by founder and chairman Sun Li, and employees filed for arbitration. .

Players on this track have different encounters. When will the future of the Metaverse come?

“A Song of Ice and Fire”

From the perspective of Yingchuang Technology, we may come to the view that winter is coming.

As a leading player in the early layout of the Metaverse in China, Yingchuang Technology has been favored by well-known capitals such as Dachen Caizhi, Langma Feng Venture Capital, Zhichu Capital, and Koala Fund, and has completed a total of hundreds of millions of financing.

However, since its establishment 8 years ago, Yingchuang Technology has been wandering between the two target businesses of AR and VR, and all projects have not achieved breakthrough progress at the commercialization level.

In terms of hardware, the Yingchuang Honghu mixed reality MR glasses, priced at 24,999 yuan, are almost unpopular; in terms of software, there is only a “stay tuned” page, and there is no actual product.

Some people left the stage sadly, some people made great progress, and the "Song of Ice and Fire" was staged on the Metaverse Circuit

Source: Yingchuang Technology official website

In Songuo Finance’s view, the death of Yingchuang Technology is just a microcosm of many bankrupt Fangyuan Universe companies. The problem these companies have in common is that they can’t sell their products.

Contrary to these companies who frantically hyped the concept of the Metaverse, but could not see the product, those players in the AR and VR fields who let their products land first were unexpectedly doing well.

On the same day that Yingchuang Technology disbanded its employee group, the well-known AR equipment manufacturer Nreal held China’s first AR glasses launch conference and officially launched three hardware products for the Chinese market, including two AR glasses: Nreal X and Nreal Air. .NrealX is a full-featured AR glasses for exploring the infinite scene application of augmented reality technology, priced at 4299 yuan; Nreal Air is mainly fashionable and lightweight, priced at 2299 yuan.

Nreal, which has officially entered the mainland market, is itself a Chinese brand. However, the company started out in overseas markets, and its AR glasses products have been commercialized in South Korea, Japan, Germany, Spain, the United Kingdom and other markets.

According to Strategy Analytics data, in 2021, Nreal’s share of consumer AR terminal shipments will reach 75%; by the first half of 2022, Nreal’s market share will rise to 81%, making it an absolute leader.

Xu Chi, founder and CEO of Nreal, believes: “The mission of the next-generation computing platform is to promote the upgrading of the mobile Internet to the spatial Internet, deeply integrate digital information with the real world, and return to the original three-dimensional space experience of the human world. Nreal believes that its The direction will be AR glasses.”

This saying is actually a Metaverse inside and out. Nreal is still optimistic about the future of “deep integration of digital information and the real world”.

Also a player in the domestic AR/VR field, Yingchuang Technology, which has been hyping the concept of the Metaverse in China, has ended its story. Nreal, which first “bloomed” in overseas markets, is living better and better. The problem lies in the mainland market. ?

However, Nreal Xu Chi pointed out that looking around the world, it is almost impossible to find another country that can surpass China in the four points of supply chain, talent, market size and policy support. China is ready for everything and only owes the east wind. Chinese enterprises have the ability and opportunity to build and define the intelligent terminals of the next era.

The future is yet to come

No matter from the perspective of industrial development or from the perspective of local policies, the Metaverse industry is a treasure land to be developed.

On January 24, 2022, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology held a press conference on the development of small and medium-sized enterprises. Liang Zhifeng, director of the Small and Medium-sized Enterprises Bureau of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, said that he would guide and support small and medium-sized enterprises to accelerate the process of digital industrialization and industrial digitalization, and cultivate a group of companies to enter Innovative SMEs in emerging fields such as Metaverse, Blockchain, and Artificial Intelligence.

Local governments attach great importance to the development of the local Metaverse industry.According to the statistics of science and technology from the media and new industry research, as of August 15, 2022, a total of 39 government policies or work reports across the country have formulated or mentioned key development Metaverses, involving 30 countries, provinces, cities, districts at all levels .

Shanghai is also an important battlefield for the development of the domestic Metaverse industry. The 2022 World Artificial Intelligence Conference will be held at the Shanghai World Expo Center from September 1st to 3rd, with the integration of artificial intelligence and the Metaverse becoming the focus.

This shows that the application of the Metaverse is infiltrating into more cutting-edge technology fields, and the industry is developing well.

What’s more, the integration of the Metaverse with games and social fields has always been valued by tech giants.

For example, among domestic Internet companies, Tencent is the second largest shareholder of the game company Epic Games, and Epic Games aims to realize the scenes in “Avalanche” as its strategic goal; ByteDance also entered the Metaverse by acquiring Pico in August 2021.

As the standard bearer of the Metaverse concept, Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg said recently that Meta’s next VR headset will be released in October this year.

It is reported that Meta’s next-generation VR headset will provide new features to help users have a “social presence”-like experience.

The actions of these big companies show that they are all betting on the future prospects of the Metaverse.

However, the transition to the Metaverse is a long process. Compared with most start-up companies aiming at AR, VR hardware, Metaverse games, virtual humans and other subdivisions, the big manufacturers are more at ease.

Even Meta, who shouts “All in”, invests less than 20% of the company’s profits in the Metaverse.

From this point of view, although the Metaverse is still highly optimistic, it is unlikely that it will fully enter daily life in a short time.

As written in the article “How the Metaverse Rewrites Human Social Life” on the website of the Central Commission for Discipline Inspection and State Supervision: “Rationally look at the new round of technological revolution brought about by the Metaverse and its impact on society, and do not underestimate the 5 to 10-year opportunity. , and do not overestimate the evolutionary changes in 1 to 2 years.”

In short, the polarized track tells us that the “bubble” of the Metaverse is not the disillusionment of technology, but the chaos of hype and overestimation.

A Metaverse with grand ideas and a huge worldview should be based on technology and creativity, rather than being matured “children”.

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