Solana network failure has been restarted for nearly 18 hours

As of 10:00 on September 15th, Beijing time, the Beta version of the Solana mainnet has been intermittently unstable for 12 hours, and applications on the Solana chain have not been able to operate normally.

At present, the price of Solana token SOL has not been significantly affected. The current quoted price is 158.5USDT, which is a daily decrease of 0.44%.

After a night of panic, what happened?

September 14 evening

Solana Status tweeted that starting around 19:52, the Beta version of the Solana mainnet encountered intermittent instability, and engineers are investigating the issue. The Twitter account was updated at 22:26 and stated that the exhaustion of network resources led to a denial of service (Denial of Service), and engineers are working hard to find a solution. If necessary, the verifier is preparing for a possible restart.


At this time, according to data, the Solana block has not been updated for more than 3 hours, and the last block stops at #96538248.

September 14 at 23:40

The Ethereum 2.0 pledge liquidity solution Lido Finance stated on Twitter that the Solana blockchain suspended block production because of the overload of transactions that caused most Solana nodes (including verification nodes) to experience out of memory (OOM) errors. At present, the engineers and node operators in the team are working hard to find a solution, and if necessary, the verifier is preparing for a possible restart.

September 15 at 3:11 am

Solana Status released a tweet stating that the transaction load of the Beta version of Solana’s mainnet has increased significantly, reaching a peak of 400,000 TPS. These transactions flooded the transaction processing queue, and the lack of priority for the delivery of key messages on the network caused the network to fork. This fork caused excessive memory consumption and caused some nodes to go offline. The engineer tried to stabilize the network but failed.

The verifier community chose to coordinate the restart of the network, and a new version is currently being prepared.


September 15 at 7:52

It has been 12 hours since the Beta version of the Solana mainnet suffered intermittent instability, and the Solana chain application has not been able to operate normally so far.

Solana Status released information that the Solana validator community chose to restart the network cooperatively, and the snapshot height is slot 96542804. Solana Status recommends that the verification node be updated to Mainnet-Beta 1.6.24 version.

As of 10:00 on September 15, according to data from Solana Beach in the Solana browser, 90.5% of validators have been upgraded to version 1.6.24. The restart of the Beta version of Solana’s mainnet requires an absolute majority agreement of 80% of the verification nodes.

Mk08tdJLvF4J00xMqK9eaPGbaeJHj0SHkaYtfKxh.pngSeptember 15 at 14:00

Solana Status released information stating that the Solana verifier community successfully completed the restart of the mainnet Beta version after upgrading to 1.6.25. Dapps, block explorers, and support systems will be restored in the next few hours, and all functions should be restored by then.hXs770Udk814BmZEjQypngOz5mV7hlTV98jfD20j.png

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