Solana Ecological GameFi Inventory

I believe that those who follow the chain game some time ago were attracted by Solana’s ecologically capable movie-level visual effects, the game Star Atlas created by the Unreal 5 engine, whether it is the concept map released to the official positioning of Star Atlas, or behind it The excellent team has allowed many people to see the future of chain games with 3A quality.

What is Star Atlas?

Solana Ecological GameFi Inventory

Star Atlas is a space-themed MMORPG (massively multiplayer network role-playing game) with a science fiction background. The background of the story is set in 2620 and consists of three factions: the MUD territory ruled by humans; the ONI area of ​​the alien race alliance; and the Ustur star area controlled by perceptual robots. The three major factions are engaged in continuous wars over resources, territories, and dominance. Players are free to join one of the parties and contribute to their faction. The player’s behavior will directly affect the outcome of this interstellar conflict. By making contributions in the game, players can obtain token rewards.

From the official information, the closest benchmarking project to Star Atlas is the 3A game EVE ONLINE, which has been developed for eight years. In addition to the similar traditional game functions, Star Atlas adds token governance, mining, NFT, play-to-earn and other gameplay methods in the blockchain.

Solana Ecological GameFi Inventory

In Star Atlas, all in-game items are NFT assets, including ships, crews, pets, components, land, buildings, clothing, etc.

Similar to most chain games, the game is designed with two tokens, ATLAS is the in-game currency, which can be used for in-game transactions and consumption. POLIS is the governance token of the game. It can be used to shape strategic elements and exert political influence in the game. It can also participate in game governance, such as setting a long-term perpetual inflation rate, imposing a Harberger tax on the value of real estate, choosing the region to be built, etc. Wait.

Currently, Star Atlas has sold 15 NFT posters, which can be traded on the Marketplace on its official website. As its owner, you will enjoy more rights and interests in the future.

Solana Ecological GameFi Inventory

On August 26, Star Atlas will open 1EO with a total amount of US$1 million on FTX. A total of 2,000 subscription coupons were issued this time, namely 360,000,000 ATLAS and 3,600,000 POLIS. On August 30, Star Atlas will open 1DO with a total amount of 496,800 USDC on ApolloX. On September 1, Star Atlas will open 1DO with a total amount of US$500,000 in Raydium.

After briefly introducing Star Atlas, we need to know how Solana, a high-performance public chain deployed by Star Atlas, can do this.

Star Atlas founder Michael Wagner gave a good explanation in an interview:

“Solana is an inevitable choice, which can be attributed to several key areas.

One is technology. Solana has extremely high transaction throughput (50,000 tps), high scalability, low latency, and low transaction costs (0.0001 USD/tx). All of these factors are crucial for the development of games of the same specifications that are completely built on the blockchain.

The second is the company team. The Solana team members have a strong background and have worked with some major technology companies: Qualcomm, Dropbox, etc.

The third is the network. Our cooperation with FTX, Alameda Research, Serum and other teams has already brought benefits.

The fourth is the ecosystem. Solana’s ecosystem is full of innovation. Participating in this ecosystem, we will get many potential partners, such as Stardust, Audius, Raydium and other teams.

When we first started negotiations with Solana last year, about 30 projects were built on Solana. Today, this number has far exceeded one hundred, and we want to be the first to build a game on Solana. “

In addition to Star Atlas, what other GameFi projects are worth paying attention to on Solana?

Defi Land 

Solana Ecological GameFi Inventory

DeFi Land is a GameFi project based on Solana public chain and multi-chain interoperability. The purpose is to create the smoothest DeFi experience through gamification. Allowing users to understand DeFi while enjoying the game is the original intention of the team to create DeFi Land.

The design of DeFi Land is similar to the farm chain game Townstar of Gala Games. But its novelty is that it takes DeFi as a whole, aggregates the actions that can be taken on each DeFi platform, and turns them into a playable interactive game. This is also due to the fact that many vocabularies in DeFi are very close to traditional agricultural vocabulary, allowing players to more intuitively feel the different concepts contained in DeFi during the game.

In the DeFi Land game, each game element will represent an NFT, which is tradable and unique.

For example: If you have a building X on your own land, you will get 2% of the income from Yield farming; if you have a building Y, you will have the opportunity to get a mysterious box airdrop or more every day Other income. Each crop will represent a currency. For example, sunflower is SOL and corn is USDC. These assets will be used to perform the same activities provided by traditional DeFi.

The “land sales” business on DeFi Land will enable users to become part of the expanding virtual world economy. They can rent land and enjoy more rights.

The white paper of the project shows that DeFi Land will successively release two different versions of DeFi Land: V1 and V2

In V1, DeFi Land will enable users to get more “gamified Zapper (DeFi asset management platform)” experience. Players will be able to pool their favorite DeFi agreements together, then accept game tasks and get a “play to earn” game experience.

In V2, the team hopes that DeFi Land will eventually become a game that people really like to play and introduce combat, chat, levels, guilds and more game elements.

Solana Ecological GameFi Inventory

From the team’s point of view, GameFi and DeFi can be well combined. GameFi is the best way for people to join the DeFi world. GameFi will show all participants that DeFi is not difficult. You don’t need to be a PhD in mathematics to complete the basic transactions and income gains in DeFi applications.

DeFi Land won the runner-up in the Solana2021 Hackathon DeFi Group and was supported by Grants provided by the Serum Fund.

Roadmap and token situation:

DeFi Land’s official Twitter announced that it will start the closed test of the V1 version on August 31. Twenty community members will be invited to participate in the test and have the opportunity to receive rewards. DFL tokens will be sold at 1D0 after the beta version. The specific time is unknown.


Solana Ecological GameFi Inventory

I believe everyone has played board games like Monopoly. SOLife is such a Solana-based NFT strategy game, inspired by The Game of Life-a board game that covers a lifetime from birth to death. Users perform tasks, choose goals, and ultimately portray their lives by participating in the game using the baby card they have.

SOLife hopes that people will experience life different from real life through games, develop their own personality according to their beliefs, and feel the sense of success and accomplishment. The NFT, game products and rewards used in SOLife will all play a role on the corresponding blockchain.

SOLife’s NFT card has the following life cycle.

Birth → growth → death → reincarnation


Open the baby card pack you purchased to win a baby card.


The baby card that participates in the game will increase by one year every 3 hours.

Plan your life direction by performing tasks or choosing an option every 10 years. If you do not make a decision within the time limit, the game will be randomly selected.

According to the user’s choice and strategy, the baby card grows in a completely different way.


When a season is over, the baby card that grows up in the game will become a unique commemorative card and will give an ability based on the game result.

The death card can be bet, and at the same time, additional rewards will be given according to the ability of the next season.


It is up to the user to decide whether to use the commemorative card as a bet and use it in the next season, or reincarnate and be born again.

When the user’s death card is reincarnated, it will become a new baby card with the same rating and random abilities.

Card ratings are divided into 6 types, ranging from ordinary to rare, bronze→silver coins→gold→platinum→diamonds→legendary. According to the probability given when opening the package, the card is given a completely random logical rating.

The higher the level of the card, the higher the chance that the character will get a good reward or result for every event that the character experiences in life.

Although the rating of this card is of course important, your skills and judgment in the game are also important. Anyone can take the winning prize home.

Roadmap and token situation:

The sales volume of baby card sets is limited to 10,000 pieces, 5,000 pieces for men and women, and will no longer be publicly sold. Regardless of the market price of SOL, the price of the baby card set is fixed at 3.99SOL.

Solana Ecological GameFi Inventory

All SOLife cards are NFTs and can be traded on the market in the future.

SOLife’s tokens exist on the Solana blockchain. Users can use SLFT to participate in the game, and part of the game bonus or bet reward is paid in SLFT tokens.

The token SLFT will be publicly sold, and those holding baby cards will receive an airdrop. The exact time is unknown.

NFT Marketplace will be online soon. The exact time is unknown.


Solana Ecological GameFi Inventory

Aurory is a JRPG (Japanese Role Playing) game where players will evolve in a rich and diverse universe. In this world there are two different areas and biomes Antik and Cryptos. Players can encounter NPCs and mysterious creatures living in this world, called Nefties. Throughout the journey, players will own Nefties and use them to fight.

Aurory adopts a play-to-earn mechanism, allowing players to earn tokens and NFT while playing the game. Aury is a game token that can buy items from other players in the market, and at the same time can directly benefit from Aurory’s growth. Players can also pledge Aury tokens won in the two game modes. Staking will make players eligible for NFT airdrops and allow users to earn revenue based on market capacity. Aury tokens are also required to compete in the multiplayer game mode.

Solana Ecological GameFi Inventory

Roadmap and token situation:

Aurory is about to start NFT sales, and the specific date has not yet been announced.

The specific issuance date of the token Aury has not yet been announced.

The NFT in Aurory is called Aurorians, and the total number of Aurorians is 10,000. Each sheet is randomly generated based on different elements and is unique.

Solana Ecological GameFi Inventory

Aurory also gives more value to NFT:

NFT will be used as the avatar of the game to prove the identity of the owner’s early participation.

NFT will serve as an admission voucher for future versions.

NFT will be a 3D model skin in a future version of a multiplayer battle game.

Project Seed

Solana Ecological GameFi Inventory

ProjectSeed is a DAO virtual world managed by the community. In terms of style, ProjectSeed is a PVE/PVP mode game. Players can collect and create NFTs through the game, and then trade in the NFT market in the game.

Each player is represented by an avatar in the game, and the player interacts with other people through the avatar. As a highlight in the game, players can modify their avatars by making and wearing armor that defeats the beasts, which further increases the fun of virtual identities.

In the game, the special ability of Zed (the beast) can enhance the power of the character.

Various types of Zed, even the mythical Zed, are the soul of the game. When encountering Zed, players can perform two operation options:

Capture the Zeds and subdue them, let them fight side by side with you; defeat Zeds to get loot for other benefits, such as making armors, weapons, or selling them.

The most interesting part of Zeds is that it allows players to make different items. Zeds’ abilities will be reflected in carefully crafted weapons.

From this, we can see that the creativity shown in the reassembly is what ProjectSeed is very much looking forward to.

Solana Ecological GameFi Inventory

Roadmap and token situation:

ProjectSeed’s token SHILL is a utility token of the gaming ecosystem, including in-game currency, bets and game rewards. A total of 1 billion pieces. Ecosystem 45%, token sales 25%, marketing 10%, development 12.5%, team 7.5%.

Solana Ecological GameFi Inventory

ProjectSeed will conduct ID0 in Solarium, the exact date has not been announced yet.


Solana Ecological GameFi Inventory

OpenEra is an MMORPG based on the Solana blockchain and supported by Serum. It is inspired by classic games such as RuneScape and modern MMOs such as Albion Online.

OpenEra aims to develop a virtual space that can be created and explored. In this world, players can not only make unique items with special attributes from complex biomes, but most importantly, players will be able to make their own stories. In the game, players can not only use verifiable scarce ores to build new weapons, but they can also establish new friendships and relationships—constrained by trust, reputation, or mutually enforceable agreements.

As one of the winners of Solana DeFi Hackathon. The OpenEra team is the team behind a (DeFi) RPG game Sushi Warrior. The team focuses on developing mini games, publishing academic research on human-computer interaction (HCI) and developing immersive experience technology, as well as developing a trusted economic model of cyber-physical interaction-the interaction between virtual game avatars, robots and humans , Use cryptocurrency and blockchain technology to realize financial transactions and agreements.
Roadmap and token situation:
Currently, the project has not announced more information.

Ninja Protacol

Solana Ecological GameFi Inventory

There is only one description of the project in Ninja’s official Gitbook: Ninja Protocol is a product developed on the Solana ecosystem, focusing on games and NFTs.

It can be seen from the official roadmap that Ninja Protacol completed the minting of the Ninja token in the second quarter of 2021. Participate in the Solana Hackathon. MVP released. SBF_FTX agreed to act as the custodian of the Ninja Vault. Ninja-DEX v1 is released. Ninja Games announced the start of development. Ninja Token hard fork. Tokenomics v1 was released in the third quarter of 2021. NINJA-DEX v2 is released and UX/UI has been updated.
In the future, the creation of the NFT series, the release of the Ninja token white paper, the ninja game white paper, the public sale of the ninja token, the v1 version of the ninja wallet, etc. will be completed.
On the official website of Ninja Protocol, it is divided into an undeveloped game introduction page and a DEX trading page. From the roadmap and published information, Ninja Protocol pays more attention to the development of its own token and the iteration of its DEX product. The development progress and information disclosure of the game itself are not satisfactory. The activity on Twitter is also relatively low.


GameFi has achieved remarkable results driven by Axie Infinity . But most of the chain games, especially those on Solana, are still in the early stages. With the explosion of Solana’s overall ecology, it is believed that more and more projects worthy of everyone’s play will emerge in Solana GameFi ecology.


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