Social content, detonating consumer popularity

The right to speak popularly is given to young people.

In the previous article, I mentioned a point of view: content traffic and commercial traffic have begun to merge quickly and irreversibly.

The question I want to discuss today is, under the new commercial flow, or the new content flow, what is the role of content and business integration, is it more and more homogenous or is there still a different division of labor?

My point of view is that it will still be different. Although commercial traffic starts to have content, and content traffic also has commercial consumption, this will not homogenize the two parties, and each will still have a different division of labor.

Social content will be more recommended for commercial consumption. For example, the growing grass, evaluations, including live broadcast sales, are all commercial areas under the content ecology.

The contentization of commercial traffic is more about carrying popular consumption and conducting large-scale transactions.

For example, now Lynx flagship store, basically become a new consumer brand first official website, become the bearer of all goods brand letter positions in interest rates, precipitation consumer user traffic pool.

I hope to explore how content traffic + commercial traffic can generate consumer popularity.

Below, enjoy:

Pop the right to speak, leave it to young people

If you observe carefully, you will find that young people’s consumption decisions are increasingly dependent on content recommendations, to see what other people are buying and what the top people are recommending, and then decide whether to place an order.

The consumption habits and paths of young people are undergoing tremendous changes. Behind this is the change in media access methods, and people’s trust logic is changing.

In the past, we believed in authority and officialdom, in fashion magazines and fashion female demon. Now people believe that ordinary people, social experts and ordinary white buyers show, these are becoming the core force in consumer decision-making.

Popular voice is being given to young people.

When I wrote the new brand marketing strategy before, it was very important to accumulate brand reputation .

Whether in Xiaohongshu , Douyin, Station B, or Weibo and Zhihu , including some in-depth media platforms, content with different brands must appear.

More than a decade ago, most brands would do search engine SEO, but now it can be understood as brand word-of-mouth search optimization based on content platforms.

Including the previous communication with new brands such as Perfect Diary , they cooperated with a large number of social talents in the rapid growth stage, doing content grassing, product evaluation, buyer show and other word-of-mouth content, these contents have exploded and provided the brand’s subsequent growth. Sufficient motivation.

The accumulated reputation evaluation will become the most important and core brand asset.

Let’s talk about the logic from social content to consumption popularity. First, social content becomes a style trend, and then it feeds back to the brand’s single products, helping to become a hit.

From the perspective of the brand side, how to make the product a hit.

On the one hand, continue to accumulate reputation assets and maintain a high-quality relationship with core talents. Then it is to establish a reputation feedback mechanism for ordinary users to fully mobilize buyers’ desire to share. Build reputation assets from big stars to professional talents, and a wider range of ordinary users.

On the other hand, it fully integrates with the content trend and becomes a part of the trend. It used to be called chasing hot spots, but now chasing style and fashion. For fast-moving consumer goods, there are already flexible production lines that can respond quickly, and on the other hand, they can also respond to content trends through cross-border methods.

For example, the recent popular sweet funeral makeup, immediately launched a single product that satisfies this popular, and has become the core single product under the trend.

Another important question is how did the consumption epidemic happen, and who is creating it? In other words, can consumption trends be created?

Next, let’s talk about how to be created when a consumption epidemic occurs.

When the consumption trend is created

Li Jiaqi and 6 Gen Z youths performed the first Gen Z makeup attitude documentary.

The 6 young people represent 6 different makeup styles, including Oriental Cyber , Steam Fantasy, Metal Function, Sweet Fun Academy, Millennium Retro, and Slash Neutral.

Like me, you may not understand the definition and content of these styles, but it doesn’t matter, this is the popularity of Generation Z.

This is #天猫同好派#联合#天猫彩妆周# that focuses on post-95 interest marketing. Through insights into pan-two-dimensional interest preferences, high-frequency scene needs of summer music festivals, focus on youth music X ACG popular content X makeup culture, joint Collision initiated the #次世代幻妆# project to create beauty styles and lifestyle trends.

As a platform, Tmall has the ability and motivation to do this. Through the discovery and promotion of trends, it leads the style trend at the content level, drives the growth of brand sales, and the explosion of single product explosions. In this way, we can achieve a win-win situation for all parties.

The content and volume of this project are very large, from the trendy content of multiple top platforms and media, to the joint participation of many trending people, to the highly innovative ACG immersive music festival offline, and the site based on interest. Innovative gameplay in the circle and so on.

Multi-dimensional, diversified content and brands, from style popular to consumer explosions, we are here to sort out the birth and growth of popular.

Refine trends based on consumption insights

Even if Tmall is the largest consumer platform, it can’t allow fashion to happen out of thin air.

Popularity is discovered and discovered.

Tmall is the number one sales position for almost all new brands. It has the most comprehensive number of young consumers, so it has the most comprehensive data on young people’s consumption. And the consumption trend in the future is hidden in these data.

First of all, from a large amount of consumption data, insights into single-product explosions or brands that have started to grow rapidly in recent time, and then based on a large number of such insights, refinement becomes a trend.

For example, are young people’s attitudes toward beauty more bold? Blue and yellow eyeshadows can also be popular.

At the same time, we will work with external partners to insight into content trends, such as the grass-planting trend of Xiaohongshu, and the aesthetic flow of talents. For example, the latest hot content at station B. For example , the mood changes of young people in positions such as Kuaishou Huya and so on.

Based on content insights and consumption insights, trends are refined.

Define style to promote content popularity

To the second stage, define fashion trends and create style keywords to facilitate subsequent dissemination.

The phantom makeup project has defined 6 major style trends, including the aforementioned sweet funeral academy and millennial retro styles.

The next step is to fully explain the style through the core content and become popular.

In the spheres of culture on communication strategies in order to, plus style attitude, then into style design dollar element, in order to interpret trends in style. At the level of public opinion dissemination channels, station B and Weibo are the core dissemination positions.

In terms of social content, around the high-frequency scenes of Generation Z, for the first time, 9 major youth community platforms such as Huya, Soul, Meitu Xiuxiu, and NetEase Cloud Music were launched to launch the global #次世代幻妆精选赛#.

Only six ACG heads and popular IPs including Onmyoji, Fifth Personality, QQ Hyun Dance, etc. will be invited as the “phantom makeup class representatives”, and work with Li Jiaqi x youth representatives to create the first generation Z makeup attitude documentary “The Back Face Experiment Cabin— Sensory Reset.

Integrate the authoritative fashion media Ruili Apparel & Beauty x 95 post-95 Meitu data to release 6 major trends and styles with all-round big data interpretation, and select 11+ well-known cosmetics and cosmetics brands and key industries such as L’Oreal Hairdressing, MISTINE, and eye makeup Trend “next-generation makeup.”

Cooperating with Modern Sky to create “Asia’s first ACG immersive music carnival”, well-known coser, young Rapper and other super multi-dimensional idols gathered to create next-generation phantom makeup high-concentration offline events, further expanding the impact of the topic. 

Through multi-platform and multi-dimensional social content, the “Next Generation Magic Makeup” program was created to promote the 6 major trend styles to become popular in the post-95 ACG, and to undertake with trending brands and popular items.

Brand undertakes to create explosive models

Returning to Tmall’s business model, starting with Tmall’s consumer insights, to trend-style content popularization, and finally returning to Tmall’s website, supporting the consumption and popularity of style trends with multi-dimensional brands and single products.

The strategic logic of this project decided that a large amount of content must be made under social traffic, and then returned to the site, planning a diversified and youthful gameplay in the site, retaining consumers and consolidating fashion trends.

The core of course is the make-up week conference venue, and the “next-generation fashion” mental venue, which serves as the core transaction venue.

First, establish identity. When users enter Taobao, they can interact with answers by searching keywords, just like the answers of members of station B, questions related to ACG subculture and trending products. After answering the questions, they can get the identity authentication of phantom makeup, and at the same time Receive exclusive benefits.

In the station, around the hot content x makeup knowledge, the first online search answer challenge + Polaroid interactive, from searching content to shooting IP, to the exclusive mental venue 11+ big-name trend “makeup” to undertake the full link, and effective Precipitate and operate related groups.

Then to undertake branded goods, create 11+ big-name trend “makeups” in the station, from searching content to shooting IP, the whole link undertakes style trend single products. The last is the sustainable operation of interested people, which is deposited in flagship stores of different brands and IPs.

There is more than one case for Tmall Tonghaopai. In March-April this year, the New Fashion Fashion and Golden Makeup Award were combined to create the next-generation Oriental cyber style and promote the large-scale growth of related categories of GMV.

This next-generation fantasy makeup is a larger-scale fashion trend creation, and the “next-generation geek” to be done next will promote the popularity of the younger consumer electronics field. In the future, we will continue to explore trends around the interest circle of post-95s generations, continue to create youth pop culture, and drive the explosion of consumer fashion.

As a platform, Tmall can simultaneously mobilize content partners outside the site, interest IPs and related brands on the site, and promote the popular consumption of the people from the most basic consumer insights.

What should I do if I am an independent brand and I want to be popular and popular? In fact, I used this case to sort out the popular logic, how it happened and grows.

After understanding this logic, first figure out who you are, then find your own position, and let your brand or single product become popular.

We may not be able to create a trend, but there are still opportunities to be part of it.

Summary: look out, look out constantly

I tried to say a word today, look out, look out constantly. While lowering your head to sell goods, look at what young people outside are talking about, what they are sharing, and consumer passwords are hidden in the young people’s sharing list.

How the consumption trend is created and promoted in the present, and how it happened.

First of all, the social environment was closely related. For example, when “The Catcher in the Rye” became popular in the United States in the 1960s and 1970s , the anti-wearing of red caps became a sign of rebellious teenagers, which could drive the consumption trend (rebellious teenagers are still keen to wear caps. ). The popularity of flared pants was driven by the rise of popular music at the beginning of the century and the centralized voice of fashion magazines.

At the moment, the popular voice is being given to young people.

In Xiaohongshu, Bilibili , on all social content platforms, every young person who is willing to share, they are leading new trends.

Another change is that commercial advertisements are content-oriented. The younger generation is becoming more tolerant of commercial recommendations from KOLs, and is no longer disgusted at the touch of an advertisement.

From occasional recommendation, to professional planting and evaluation, to live selling. As long as the content is valuable and contributes to people’s consumption decisions, whether it is commercialization is not important at all.

The popularity of content is more equalized, and the popularity of content drives the popularity of consumption.

Let’s look at the new consumer brands that have emerged in recent years, whether it is Perfect Diary Huaxizi or Hey Tea Genki Forest.

It seems that they are all popular and popular brands, but when looking at their growth path, it is difficult to see the shadow of traditional marketing.

I can’t tell what the positioning of these brands is, and I don’t know their slogan. I rarely see their advertisements in public media.

But on the other side, their content is constantly being shared on social platforms, being discussed and recommended constantly. These content (not advertising) is creating new brands and creating their own consumer popularity.

The path of consumption popularity is: first there is a content trend, then a style is defined, and finally consumption is driven.

The advice that can be given to the brand is: look outside and go into the content.


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