Snatch the enterprise-level Metaverse cake Meta and Microsoft teamed up

Snatch the enterprise-level Metaverse cake Meta and Microsoft teamed up

The strategy of turning enemies into friends is not common in the competition of technology giants. This time, the two major technology giants Meta and Microsoft chose to join forces-today, Meta and Microsoft announced a cooperation: allowing customers to integrate Meta’s enterprise social networking software Workplace with Microsoft’s smart team collaboration tool Teams. According to the description, through the integration, customers of both parties can mutually visit the content of the two software.

Snatch the enterprise-level Metaverse cake Meta and Microsoft teamed up

Given that both Meta and Microsoft have recently expressed their “ambitions” for Metaverse, the industry generally believes that the ultimate goal of their cooperation is to grab the Metaverse cake.

“There is no doubt that what I want most is the ultimate immersive video conferencing experience. I hope to achieve this effect: it can make me feel as if I am in a meeting room instead of staring at the screen. A person’s photo avatar.” The 2017 Turing Award winner, John Hennessy, the chairman of Google’s parent company Alphabet’s board of directors, said publicly at the 2021 World VR Industry Conference Cloud Summit.

As if hearing John Hennessy’s screams, the two major technology giants Meta and Microsoft have announced the upgrade of the corporate meeting software experience, such as allowing users to have an Avatar/3D avatar image. After Meta launched its enterprise social network software Workplace, it officially announced an enterprise-centric virtual collaboration platform Horizon Workrooms, allowing VR users and video users to connect to the same place for online meetings. A few days ago, Satya announced at the Microsoft Ignite conference that it plans to transform its chat and meeting application Microsoft Teams into a meta-universe and integrate the mixed reality meeting platform Microsoft Mesh into Microsoft Teams.

To a certain extent, Meta Workplace and Microsoft Teams are two competing applications, and Microsoft Teams has obvious advantages in terms of user level. The latest data shows that Workplace paid subscription users reached more than 7 million, and Microsoft Teams products currently have 250 million monthly active users.

However, Mata and Microsoft have been emphasizing the complementarity between the two applications-Workplace focuses on broad, company-wide connections, while Teams focuses on instant communication between employees and their close colleagues. The person in charge of Meta Workplace said that customers including British telecommunications company Vodafone and Irish listed consulting company Accenture have been asking for this kind of integration.

Technology giants cooperation and opening will become a trend

The public cooperation between Microsoft and Meta is based on two enterprise-level office software, Workplace and Teams. In view of the cooperation between Microsoft and Metauniverse after the announcement by Microsoft officials and their optimism about Metauniverse, the industry infers that the ultimate goal of the two is for enterprises. Level yuan universe cake. Yuan Yu, a senior analyst of CCID Consulting’s Electronic Information Industry Research Center, said in an interview with China Electronics News that the cooperation between Meta and Microsoft in the field of enterprise office software is a typical cooperation model for enterprises to build a meta-universe.

” B-side customers will be the first batch of experiencers of Metaverse, and it is also the first match point that technology giants need to compete for. ” Industry experts believe that the integration of Workplace and Microsoft Teams is an event where Meta and Microsoft jointly attacked Metaverse.

Yuan Yu also expressed the same view. At this stage, the development direction of Metaverse is not clear. Governments and industry giants at all levels will be the main body of the establishment and maintenance of Metaverse in various fields. Therefore, compatibility, dialogue and common improvement are the key contents of the initial development of Metaverse. , The cooperation between enterprises is essential.

Regarding this cooperation, Yuan Yu believes that “The cooperation between Meta and Microsoft can not only give full play to their respective advantages and jointly explore ways to implement the meta-universe in this field, but also clarify the subjects of responsibility for user privacy, public opinion guidance, and supervision, and share economic losses. Protect the rights and interests of users.”.

At the just-concluded World VR Industry Conference Cloud Summit, “cooperation and openness” became the consensus of industry professionals on the development of Metaverse. Senior executives in various sectors of the industry, such as Baidu, Huawei, Microsoft, Tencent, and operators, have shown an open mind to “jointly build a meta-universe and share development opportunities.”

In this regard, Yuan Yu predicts, “The combination of technology giants and enterprises will be the norm to promote the implementation of Metaverse, create new application scenarios and new consumption models. Technology giants are likely to open up their respective ecosystems and embed controllable exchange interfaces in their products. “He explained that, on the one hand, this can enrich application scenarios, expand developers and user groups, and upgrade its own product system and market. On the other hand, the two parties can also explore new market opportunities in the collision and explore the model of meta-universe empowering industry.

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