Small range market, patiently hold the currency to wait for the rise

Wait for the wind to come with patience and wisdom.

I don’t know when and where the next wind will come from.

For most people, medium and long term waiting is far better than frequent short term trading.

1、Market news interpretation

June 5 overnight news keywords: Celsius, KPG Funds, and

Crypto lending platform Celsius announced a $200 million investment in North American mining companies for bitcoin mining, including AI and blockchain technology software solutions and mining company Core Scientific, Texas-based mining company Rhodium Enterprises, and power-based software company Luxor Technologies. Celsius says these investments will help expand Celsius’ existing interests and make it one of the largest U.S. investors in the Bitcoin mining industry.

Interpretation: Horizontal and vertical unions are the main proposition in the field at this stage. Under the increasingly serious external regulation, it is also an obvious way out for related companies in the field to warm each other at this stage, and a reasonable federation makes the market’s funding potential clearer, which is a good thing in the general direction.

New York-based office developer KPG Funds is now allowing tenants to pay rent in bitcoin and ethereum. CEO Greg Kraut said the company decided to introduce the new payment method after a number of clients expressed interest. KPG Funds has registered with cryptocurrency exchange Bitstamp to accept digital assets, and Kraut said the company may consider holding the cryptocurrencies it receives.

Interpretation: The entry of developers also represents that the acceptance of digital currencies is gradually increasing. At this stage, although the regulation among the market has a great impact on the field, the overall market audience, including the consensus, is improving, which also represents that the market potential is expanding, and sooner or later there will be a day to cash in.

2、Currency Analysis


Bitcoin yesterday made a point of ringing the overall market at the moment, the long and short entanglements are much stronger than imagined, and all the news on and off the floor is the same old news, more based on the market itself. The current K-line among is shown in the following chart.

Small range market, patiently hold the currency to wait for the rise

The market is based on the range in the oscillation, the top and bottom respectively in 40000 and 33000 a line oscillation, the short term is in the correction of ideas to choose reference 37000-38000 a line, can be appropriate in the top and bottom of the position of more than short intervention, in addition can be appropriate in the appropriate position in the middle line single intervention, but need to pay attention to the top of the first round of testing can not rush to enter, wait for 40000 game in the choice of long and short.


Ether yesterday pointing to see if the bottom of the position can effectively stabilize in the next round of long and short options can be made. The pressure level is 3000 and the support level is 2450, so there is no need to adjust the big range and add a small range at the top of 2745. Then the day Ether direct pull up breakthrough 2745 a line, short term more than single follow up under the moment or offer 2757, thin profit, here with a good capital preservation, continue to make a choice according to the original position and the top small pressure level 2800 a line.


Yuzi yesterday arranged follow-up options to continue to focus on: pressure level 7.5, support level 5.8 at the same time, short term concern 6 stabilization in making short term long and short options. Then the same in Yuzi back to 6 a line after stabilization, more single follow up under the current offer 6.1 a line, the same thin state, here also bring good capital preservation, the follow-up concern remains unchanged, continue to layout can.


Ether Classic yesterday said very clear, will be with the Ether, the day Ether rose, sister-in-law also year-on-year follow the wind up, unfortunately is not to our layout position, is considered missed. Here to divide the ideas, continue to maintain the original tone can be. Also slightly raise the bottom small range support position at 60 a line. Can follow up around that position long and short.


Prince these two days is also a typical small range market, year-on-year follow-through, do not have to consider too many off-site factors, direct weights within a small range of 670-700 high short low. Note that the top of the first round of tests do not rush into the field to avoid a pull-up situation. Next is the bottom of the large range 650 a line, but also appropriate layout more single.


This time around the SEC thing is to earn a lot of attention, sometimes good and sometimes bad also led to the Ripple field fluctuations compared to the rest of the coin overall more intense, and now around 1 a line oscillation. Here you can properly choose to focus on this position stabilization situation in the choice of a new round of more or less, note or strong volume focused on short term ideas can be.

3, summary

Yesterday’s summary in the point, pay attention to this round of market bottoming, whether the formation of a large level counter-offensive. Then the more helpless is the overall market has always been stuck in a small range, up and down without any power point, whether long or short in any direction. And such a market has lasted for a week, and in the K-line, the triangle area is becoming more and more obvious, and will even evolve to a small range, more wear and tear.

The other thing is that there is always no new round of news in the field, which will not appear for the external influencing factors of the market. The more this happens, the more the market will inevitably shrink, and the sluggish trading is also the biggest problem at this stage.

So this node can only wait, hold the coin to rise with time for space!

4, small coin layout inventory

UNI: fill the position reference 10-15 a line The current average price in 25 a line.

FIL: cover reference 30 a line The current average price in 80 a line.

DOT: cover position reference 10 a line The current average price is 27.5 a line.

OMG: Covering reference 2.3 a line The current average price is 5.5 a line.

HT: Covering reference 6-8 a line. The current average price of 20 a line.

LINK: Covering reference 10-13 a line The current average price of 28 a line.

SHIB: Covering reference 0.000003 a line. The current average price of 0.0000125 a line.

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