Siziwangqi People’s Court used blockchain technology for the first time to hear a financial loan contract dispute case

On June 22, 2022, the Civil Division of the Siziwangqi People’s Court used the “Inner Mongolia Court Blockchain Evidence Verification Center” platform to hear a financial loan contract dispute case using blockchain evidence storage technology.

During the trial process, the civil court actively guides the parties to make full use of the relevant provisions of online litigation to reduce litigation costs and improve the quality and efficiency of case trials. During the trial, the civil court conducted a blockchain technology verification of the electronic evidence submitted by the plaintiff Agricultural Bank of China Siziwangqi Sub-branch in accordance with the law, and affirmed the electronic evidence.


This is the first time since the High Court of the Autonomous Region promoted the judicial application of blockchain technology, the first time that our court has realized the on-chain verification and identification of electronic evidence in the trial of cases through blockchain technology. The application of chain deposit technology not only saves the parties the time and capital cost of printing, stamping and converting electronic evidence, but also brings great convenience to the parties in litigation.

With the increasing onlineization of social and economic life, electronic evidence has gradually become an important form of evidence supporting digital justice and smart courts in the digital economy. Due to the characteristics of decentralization, non-tampering, encryption and traceability, and the combination of blockchain technology and electronic data storage, it improves the litigation efficiency in the field of judicial evidence storage and evidence presentation, and solves the difficulty of evidence storage, collection and verification. And other issues.


In the next step, the civil court will strengthen the coordination and cooperation with relevant units, realize the deep integration and utilization of on-chain data and off-chain judicial system, and provide a solid judicial guarantee for high-quality development with high-level judicial services.

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