“Sister Lang” in the multiverse

The two episodes focus on three points: the two palaces are approaching the dynasty, the princess returns, and the royal family decides the age.

The multiverse suddenly became popular and became a cutting-edge concept in the Hollywood film industry. On one side, Michelle Yeoh has N skills to reconcile with her daughter, and on the other side, Doctor Strange travels through N spaces to fight against the Scarlet Witch. Really should let the two meet to see if it’s Mama Yang’s Kongfu or Cunfu’s magic! 

"Sister Lang" in the multiverse

At the same time, the return of the third season of “Riding the Wind and Waves” also seems to have opened the “Sister Lang Multiverse”. Ning Ning and Na Ying are the champions of the previous two sessions, which means that the queen mother of the two palaces is coming to the court to train the government. Wang Xinling’s sweet sister returned to the nest and stirred up the youthful memories of many post-80s men in the short video. They looked at their wives’ eyes when they got married, but they didn’t even look at Wang Xinling’s affectionate and firm when singing “Love You”. 

As for Zhang Tianai, who lost weight with right-angled shoulders, when Xu Mengtao asked her about her age, she finally broke down: “Do you want to call me sister? I’m 90.” What kind of precise blow is this? Does Xiao Taotao not know about Sister Zhang’s Baidu Encyclopedia? Birthday column, only month but no year!

Hard Candy, who has watched movies at home all day and has seen the drama, can’t help but imagine: Assuming the existence of the multiverse, what impact will it have on the layout of “Riding the Wind and Waves”? In the battle between Tian Zhen and Na Ying, if the winner was Tian Zhen, wouldn’t it be Na Ying who was co-managing the Sixth Palace with Tranquility? And if there is no emotional crisis, will Wang Xinling be another Jolin Tsai who has successfully transformed? And Zhang Tianai, will it be 85 flowers or 90 flowers or 95 flowers in the multiverse? 

"Sister Lang" in the multiverse

All kinds of variables are due to the difference of one thought at key nodes. For example, Michelle Yeoh has become a big star in some universes, but in some universes she can only open a laundry room. If the sister in “Riding the Wind and Waves” regroups her life experiences, it will inevitably lead to another ending. There is no regret medicine in the world, but if it can be interconnected with other universes like “All Cosmos”, how will the sisters choose? 

The Empress Dowager

During the reign of Tongzhi, the two palaces hung down curtains. The decree drawn up by the eight ministers of Gu Ming cannot be promulgated and executed without the two seals of “Tongdaotang” and “Yu Shang”. Among them, the Empress Dowager Ci’an in the East Palace holds the “Royal Reward”, and the young Emperor Tongzhi of the Cixi generation in the West Palace keeps the “Tongdao Hall”. It seems complicated, but it actually formed a dual restriction system between the former dynasty and the harem, the east palace and the west palace. 

This season, “Riding the Wind and Breaking the Waves” invites Tranquility and Na Ying, two great bodhisattvas. It seems to be an extra boost for the cast, but in fact, it secretly defines the discourse power system of the show. In the acting and singing circles, Na Ying, who is quite quiet, is like the queen mother of the two palaces who listen to politics. Zhuyu is in front and the championship has been won. No wonder the other sisters saw them as if they saw the dean. 

"Sister Lang" in the multiverse

Mangotai also understands the Gongdou drama routines very well, so when they come up, they arrange an offense and defense between the two of them. Na Ying said that she doesn’t like to be around the corner, and Ning Jing said that I am the best at it. Na Ying said that he had seen Ning Jing’s small video, but did not study the competition video. Ning Jing simply said that he had not even watched the small video. Ning Ning said that her son is older than Na Ying’s son, and Na Ying has come to marry you earlier than me. 

A good meal with a gun and a stick, it is hard to believe that there is no script. We can either interpret that the two do not regard each other as an imaginary enemy, or we can say that they both go their separate ways and stand on their own in their respective tracks. In the selection process, the superficial skills of the virtual and the snake are fully realized. As for Wu Mochou, you pushed me to say goodbye, but you were embarrassed to grab it. When Yu Wenwen arrived, he was really afraid of Caritas. He said that he liked others but was worried that he would not be able to discipline them. It was obviously a hot potato. 

"Sister Lang" in the multiverse

Although the captain and Ning Jing and Na Ying shared a table to eat, the discerning person could definitely feel that the rest of the sisters were the resources to listen to others’ arrangements. It’s not as tragic as the mermaid, but it is extremely difficult for you to completely disobey the meaning of the two queen mothers. Both of them are straight-forward, and the show is deliberately arranged to look like two gang female bosses talking about business. 

Back in 2001, when Na Ying sat at the “China Pop Songs List” awards show, her grievances were in stark contrast to her domineering today. As early as the 1990s, Na Ying and Tian Zhen had a feud. In 1992, Na Ying sang “What a Big Tree” in the Spring Festival Gala, and then Tian Zhen made this song into an MV in 1993. 

In 2001, Tian Zhen was voted first and Na Ying was second. The organizing committee notified Tian Zhen to accept the award. However, Tian Zhen just had a performance the day before. Faced with the uncertainty of attendance, the organizing committee prepared to award the award to Na Ying. As a result, Tian Zhen turned down the performance and came to the scene, and found that the award had already fallen by the wayside. Faced with such embarrassment, Na Ying had to say politely, “I am also the luckiest, but I am not the best.” 

"Sister Lang" in the multiverse

It is not necessarily true that this incident affected Tian Zhen’s development back then. But the actual situation is indeed a watershed for the two queens’ “Qi Luck”, Tian Zhen gradually became lonely and Na Ying was thriving . If Tian Zhen hadn’t been so impulsive back then, would it be her who talked with Ning Ning Jing today? After all, Zhen Zhenzi has a more hot temper, and the look and feel is enough drama. And in 2022, Na Ying will travel back to 21 years ago, will he scold Tian Zhen: “Damn, the most annoying person!” 

sweet girl return

Liu Genghong girl, Wang Xinling boy, Eason Chan child are the most realistic ecology of short videos. The girl danced the shuttlecock in Liu Genghong’s live broadcast room, the primary school students became obsessed with “The Lonely Brave”, and Wang Xinling woke up the post-80s husband fans overnight. They disregarded the death stare of their wife and went crazy about “Love You” on TV. 

"Sister Lang" in the multiverse

To be honest, Wang Xinling’s scenes in “Riding the Wind and Waves” currently being broadcast are really pitiful, and they didn’t edit other sisters’ comments after the performance. With such an arrangement, I don’t know if the program team thinks she’s a fool or is helping her to abuse her fans. Here, “I’m not worthy” is substituted for An Lingrong. 

In terms of qualifications, Wang Xinling debuted earlier than 80% of this year’s sisters. In terms of popularity, “The Wedding Dress of the Kingdom of Heaven” and “Smile Pasta” are explosive dramas in the hearts of audiences born in the 1980s and 1990s. 

Therefore, in “Sister Lang”, Wang Xinling is a flashy sister, but the nostalgic wave she set off on social media is about equal to “Concubine Xi returns to the palace”. Although there is obviously a team-planned marketing to fuel the flames, compared to the frequent appearances of Chen Qiaoen and Rainie Yang in the mainland, Wang Xinling’s “sweet girl return” this time is really a long time ago. Coupled with the re-screening of “Magic Tianlun”, the “archaeological fever” and the sense of renaissance in 2022 will be stronger. 

Some passersby are also curious, does Wang Xinling really have so many male fans? Is the Wang Xinling boy on Douyin a follower or a true feeling? According to Hard Candy Jun, those who are too young will definitely follow the trend. It is absolutely true for those who are 25 years old and above. Don’t question them if you are over 30 years old. Please, Wang Xinling’s fans are old, not dead. Corresponding to the horror support of Japanese otaku, Wang Xinling boy is still innocent! 

“If you are still dancing at the age of 80, you can still be called Sweetheart Grandma, which is not bad!” Wang Xinling said in “Riding the Wind and Waves”, showing that she had already reconciled with the label “Sweetheart Master”. And in the sigh of the fans’ recollection of old things, we can fully see Wang Xinling in another universe—— 

"Sister Lang" in the multiverse

There, she can sing “Love You” and “Bending Eyelashes” sweetly, and also maturely sing “Big Sleep” and “The Thunder That Splits You Is On The Way”. There, she didn’t meet the scumbags Fan Zhiwei and Yao Yuanhao, so she didn’t have to spend unnecessary energy on her emotional life. There, she did not suffer from acute cellulitis due to overwork while filming “In Love with Chameleon”, and was ridiculed for plastic surgery and face collapse. 

There is a joke in the short video: “Hua Chenyu has money, but Hu Yexin has no money.” Can we also say that Jolin Tsai succeeded in transformation, but Wang Xinling failed in transformation. In 2011, Yao Yuanhao and Sui Tang parted and reunited, which resulted in Wang Xinling being “being a junior”. Four years later, Wang Xinling and Yao Yuanhao broke up, and private photos were leaked. In this regard, although Wang Xinling caught up with the golden decade of Taiwan Entertainment from 2000 to 2010, he also missed the opportunity to move to the mainland from 2010 to 2020.

"Sister Lang" in the multiverse

Compared with Chen Qiaoen, who successfully entered the mainland drama market with “Swordsman”, and Rainie Yang, who has accumulated praise for her personalized cover in the music show, Wang Xinling is far away like a legend 20 years ago. At that time, fans could only buy tapes, CDs and VCDs, and listen to “Love You” in Walkman, but they couldn’t make data for her. Now relying on “Sister Lang” to break out, in fact, they are just missing their youth. 

“Husband” Age

Aya chatted with Xue Kaiqi, Liu Lian and Yu Wenwen about her good friends Zhou Xun and Fan Xiaoxuan. Xue Kaiqi said quickly: “First of all, I’m not.” Yu Wenwen was confused: “Why not?” Liu Lian said: “Well, maybe, I am.” Zhang Li secretly opened the little red book: “How? 21 days to become a real Lala”, and found that the author of the note was Zhang Tianai. 

"Sister Lang" in the multiverse

If you ask where you saw this, Mr. Hard Candy will tell you without hesitation that this is not a VVVIP pure content of “Sister Lang 3”, but compiled by netizens. Regardless of the true orientation, “husband” was once a character that actresses liked to lean on very much. In 2016 after the popularity of “Prince Concubine’s Promotion”, Zhang Tianai frequently referred to herself as “husband” on Weibo, to the extent that she would frown when she saw it. 

“Husband earns money to support the family in the crew”, “Husband just wants to shoot dramas”, “Welcome to my husband for a haircut”… Later, Zhang Tianai became obsessed with body management and became a variety show liar like Cecilia Cheung. The crew was eating fried chicken, and she ended up eating only the size of a fingernail. 

Tell Yang Di that he has never drank Coke, and was found to have Coke bottles at home. In “Oops, Good Body”, she said that she was raised well since she was a child, and her family even sent her to an aristocratic school, causing her family to be crowded into one bed. After all the high tuition fees, can’t you just grit your teeth and buy an extra bed? 

As a result, photos of her family raising crocodiles when she was a child were exposed on the Internet, and she also went to Japan to study in high school. Good guy, the “poor” in the mouth of stars may be different from our ordinary people’s concept. Zhang Tianai also said that she was often bullied and excluded during school. However, on another show, she said that she was very powerful, often bullying her male deskmate and instructing others to do things. What’s the matter, it turns out that this is the person who has become the most hated person ever. 

"Sister Lang" in the multiverse

What also makes people feel uncomfortable is her interaction with male guests in variety shows. It was only here that I demonstrated self-defense with Wang Dalu, and there was a hot fight with Xu Kaicheng. Wang Dalu took off her shoes, but she actually said: “Taking off socks and shoes in the northeast is a wedding ceremony.” We don’t advocate giving female stars a female morality lesson, but this is too much like the greasy table in the hometown of Hard Candy Jun. The young man will speak. 

Zhang Tianai used the terminology of the hip-hop circle to say that it is too fake. She is no different from her own body rolls, and the key is the kind of empty restraint and false innocence, which makes people feel strange. The interview in “Sister Lang” can almost be said to be an imitation of Liu Haocun. Pretending to be silly and delicate, how old are you now? 

In contrast, “age stalk” can only be regarded as the slightest black material. Zhang Tianai, who will never be less than 30 years old, seems to be the default age to participate in “Sister Lang” this time. After all, no matter how young you are, you can’t participate in “Sister Lang” . And if it is changed to 05 one day, then it will not be possible to play “Prince Concubine’s Promotion” in elementary school. However, Teacher Yu Zheng came out at this time to support the actress to change her age, it seems that she had a grudge against Tian Ai. Everyone had forgotten about it, and started laughing at a reminder. 

This year’s “Sister Lang”, Zhang Tianai, who seems to have taken the royal script, does not seem to like it. Obviously everyone recorded and sang, but the audience specifically singled out Zhang Tianai and said that she sang falsely. Yu Wenwen, who took the blood bag script, doesn’t seem to be hated. After all, she said that Zhang Tianai was thin into a skeleton, which is also what Hard Candy Jun said. Sister, let’s eat two more bites, can’t we just take two bites? 

"Sister Lang" in the multiverse

I hope that Zhang Tianai in the multiverse will not be discussed as “fake crotch width”. I would like to go to “Sister Lang” in the third season and have less palace fights. I also hope that the show will be true to its vision, and let more sisters in front of the screen live in real life as if they were in the multiverse, believing and full of infinite possibilities. 

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