Since 2021, 55 institutions and individuals have accepted payments such as Bitcoin

More and more companies and individuals are embracing cryptocurrencies.

By incomplete count, a total of 55 companies, groups and individuals have announced their support for cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin as a means of payment since 2021.

I’ll take a look at which organizations and individuals they are below!

On January 9, Lamborghini Newport Beach officially announced that Lamborghini now supports users to pay with cryptocurrencies such as BTC when purchasing a car.

Since 2021, 55 institutions and individuals have accepted payments such as Bitcoin

On February 3, Miami Mayor Francis Suarez said he will expand the popularity of Bitcoin throughout the city, including making citizens’ salaries available for payment via BTC. He is working hard to make Miami a bitcoin-friendly city due to the growing popularity of cryptocurrency among its citizens. Other proposals for cryptocurrency include allowing the use of cryptocurrency to pay local fees and taxes, and investing a portion of city funds in bitcoin.

Since 2021, 55 institutions and individuals have accepted payments such as Bitcoin

On February 5, through a partnership with local crypto payment platform PayCek, 46 gas stations under the Tifon gas station in Croatia will accept BTC, ETH, XLM, XRP and EOS.

On February 16, customers of KIKLABB, an authorized company owned by the Dubai government, can now pay visa fees and trade licenses via cryptocurrency. The supported crypto payment options are BTC, ETH and USDT. KIKLABB is the first government entity in the UAE to accept crypto payments and other institutions will soon follow suit, according to KIKLABB CEO Tasawar Ulhaq.

On February 19, Luzboa, a small Portuguese energy trading company, announced that it will start accepting BTC as payment for electricity. The company’s president revealed that it will launch a Bitcoin wallet in the coming days that will allow residents to pay their electricity bills under a new payment system called Bit Spot.

Crypto payment solution UTRUST announced the launch of a customized payment application based on Shopify and is now accepting applications from sellers on the Shopify platform to pay in cryptocurrencies such as BTC.

Recovery Unplugged, a Florida-based addiction treatment organization, has officially established a Bitcoin transaction infrastructure and is accepting cryptocurrencies such as BTC through Coinbase. This payment innovation will help make addiction treatment available to the more than 19 million addicts in the addiction patient population.

On February 21, New York-based car rental service platform eAutoLease announced it will accept cryptocurrencies such as BTC as a payment method for rentals and online car sales.

Since 2021, 55 institutions and individuals have accepted payments such as Bitcoin

On March 1, apparel company Ultracor announced the introduction of cryptocurrency payment options such as BTC support to the brand’s online shopping portal.

On March 2, Sino Global Shipping (SINO.US) announced that the company will accept BTC as a payment method for its global shipping, freight and logistics services. Payments made in Bitcoin will be paid at the interest rate applicable on the date of payment. Mr. LeiCao, CEO of the company, commented: “We are pleased to begin accepting Bitcoin as a payment method. Sino Global Shipping is adapting to the trend in the digital currency industry by providing our customers with a variety of payment options. Accepting Bitcoin will allow our customers and business partners to take advantage of the increasingly important payment network.

On March 5, Thai cinema chain operator MajorCineplexGroup has allowed some customers to purchase movie tickets using cryptocurrencies such as BTC. According to a report by local news outlet SiamRath on Thursday, MajorCineplex has announced the launch of its cryptocurrency payments pilot program to support innovation and new technology. To unlock the new payment option, the company has partnered with local crypto exchange Zipmex and digital payments startup RapidZ.

On March 10, American Residential Warranty (ARW) added support for cryptocurrency payments such as BTC. ARW CEO Richard Kaufman said, “It’s very exciting to join the digital venture and our crypto payment capabilities will work with crypto payment gateways and apps such as BitPay or CoinPayments are compatible.”

On March 11, Kessler Collection, a US luxury hotel group, announced a partnership with BitPay to accept cryptocurrency payments. Currently, it will accept BTC, ETH and DOGE payments, and in the future it will also accept payments in four stablecoins.

Private jet charter operator flyExclusive announced that through a partnership with crypto payment provider BitPay, its private charter flights and Jet Club have accepted cryptocurrency payments, supporting BTC, ETH or other forms of cryptocurrency payments.

Tenerife, Spain-based real estate company Piso Barato Inmobiliaria has enabled a feature that allows customers to pay for properties via BTC. Although they mention the term “cryptocurrency,” the company mainly refers to BTC in its statement. ” and, as a result, the company has become interested in digital assets. The future owner of a property can buy any property in Tenerife with bitcoin through the company.

On March 12, the Beans & Dots coffee shop in Bucharest, Romania, accepted cryptocurrency payments. Users can now pay with BTC and Elrond native token eGold on the official website.

On March 15, Major League Baseball team Oakland Athletics announced that fans can now purchase a six-person accommodation suite for the 2021 season for one BTC. The suite is priced at $64,800.

On March 30, the Oakland Athletics announced it will pick up BitcoinThe Oakland Athletics baseball team typically rents out its full-season luxury observation deck suites for $64,800. The team will now accept bitcoin payments until April 1 for one BTC. in addition, the team plans to keep any bitcoin earned.

On March 31, Canada Post (Canada Post) said it recognized the changing monetary and financial environment in the country and, noting the growing adoption of cryptocurrencies by the public, decided it would use BTC to pay its employees.

On April 6, Wake Skincare, a UK-based DTC brand, announced that it accepts cryptocurrencies such as BTC as a payment method. Users can use the bitcoin and ethereum payment options offered by Coinbase on its Shopify checkout page. In addition, the brand has joined a series of pay-through or rewards programs.

Since 2021, 55 institutions and individuals have accepted payments such as Bitcoin

On April 7, Nashville boutique hotel Bobby Hotel announced that it now accepts bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies for room and event reservations through BitPay, a bitcoin payment service. Bitcoin payment service BitPay will manage cryptocurrency payments on behalf of the hotel, meaning guests can pay in BTC, ETH, and a range of stablecoins, as well as with dogcoins, which BitPay added last month.

On April 8, Los Angeles real estate giant Rick Caruso will support users paying residential and commercial rent for its shopping centers and properties using BTC, while the company revealed that it has allocated 1 percent of its assets to bitcoin. who runs a store selling Tesla electric cars at the Carusos the Americana at Brand center in Glendale.

On April 9, American brewery StillFire Brewing began accepting BTC payments According to Graft Brewing Business, brewery StillFire Brewing will dip its toe into cryptocurrency and begin accepting bitcoin as a fee for beer, soda and different items. stillFire Brewing becomes the first company in Georgia to accept the cryptocurrency bitcoin as payment, with the brewery set to use Coinbase as a payment tool.

Mortgage brokerage firm Matrix Mortgage Global announced that it will allow digital assets for payments with the help of cryptocurrency payment provider BitPay, now accepting BTC, ETH, XRP and BCH.

On April 10, Premier League soccer club Southampton signed a new sponsorship agreement that includes the option for the club to pay certain performance-based bonuses in BTC.

On April 12, Lucian Blaga University in Sibiu, Romania, said it will allow students to pay for admission using cryptocurrencies such as BTC starting in July. Students will reportedly be able to pay using Elrond (EGLD), which is about $1,000 per year for undergraduates, which the university will then convert to Romanian lei.

The Times has partnered with Grayscale to release a video series around cryptocurrencies. As part of the agreement, The Times agreed to accept BTC payments and add bitcoin to its balance sheet. The news comes on the heels of a March announcement that Time president Keith Grossman tweeted that the magazine will begin accepting cryptocurrency as a payment method for digital subscriptions within the next 30 days.

Since 2021, 55 institutions and individuals have accepted payments such as Bitcoin

On April 13, a nightclub called E11even in the U.S. city of Miami will accept cryptocurrencies as a form of payment after being closed for more than a year due to an epidemic. According to an official statement, the list of supported cryptocurrencies will include BTC, BCH, XRP and dogcoin. Dennis DeGori, the creator and CEO of E11even, said, “With the growth of cryptocurrencies and their importance, along with Miami Mayor Francis Suarez leading the technology boom in Miami. We felt it made sense to introduce cryptocurrency as an option for guests to spend their evenings out, and we believe cryptocurrency is here to stay.”

Australian custom gaming computer maker Dream PC announced on Twitter that it will accept payments from customers using BTC, LTC, ETH, BCH, and USDC.

On April 14, American comedian Amanda Cerny announced that she accepts BTC payments American internet personality, comedian, and model Amanda Cerny announced on Twitter that she accepts BTC payments.

Since 2021, 55 institutions and individuals have accepted payments such as Bitcoin

On April 15, Acker, the world’s largest auction house for rare and precious wines, will now accept payments in cryptocurrencies. acker will utilize the crypto payment processor BitPay to support payments in cryptocurrencies including BTC, ETH and dogcoin. The auction house also accepts certain stablecoins, including PAX, Gemini Dollar and BUSD.

NBA Sacramento Kings club chairman Vivek Ranadev said he would provide each member of the Kings with their required BTC payroll, and that payroll, including player compensation, could be paid using BTC in the future.

Texas Eye and Cataract Clinic Accepts BTC Payments for Surgery On April 20, TEC, the Texas Eye and Cataract Clinic, announced that it has begun accepting BTC payments for LASIK, a procedure that corrects patients’ visual impairments.

WeWork, the shared office giant, announced a partnership with BitPay and Coinbase. Through BitPay, WeWork will accept cryptocurrencies such as BTC, ETH, USDC and PAX as payment methods. WeWork will also keep the cryptocurrency on its balance sheet. The company will pay landlords and third-party partners in cryptocurrency through Coinbase.

Since 2021, 55 institutions and individuals have accepted payments such as Bitcoin

Beatport, the world’s largest online electronic music store, has partnered with cryptocurrency platform to begin accepting BTC payments this June. In addition, Beatport will release its first A/V compilation series NFT “MusicforFutureDanceFloors” on April 23rd, which will include exclusive unreleased tracks from DJ/producers Sasha, Charlotte DeWitte, BoyzNoize, Panci-Pot, and more. BoyzNoize, Pan-Pot’s exclusive unreleased tracks, Fanciulli and Alec Monopoly’s new collaboration “SoldAsSeen”, and Sama’Abdulhadi’s tracks, which will be showcased alongside Leif Podhajsky’s visual art. together with Leif Podhajsky’s visual art.

On April 22, Jackson, N.Y., Mayor Scott Conger plans to begin using cryptocurrencies such as BTC for payments in the city. The mayor also said the city is exploring giving its employees the option to pay in cryptocurrencies, do bitcoin mining and keep it on the city’s balance sheet.

On April 23, Hong Kong restaurant Okra announced that it has begun accepting payments in BTC, ETH, XRP, BNB and BUSD. Restaurant owner and chef Max Levy sees this move away from cash as a way to improve the balance sheet.

Seville is fast becoming a crypto-friendly city in Spain, as two well-known local hotels, Hotel Bécquer and Hotel Kivir, announced on April 24 that they will start accepting payments in cryptocurrencies such as BTC, allowing customers to book rooms using digital assets. Both hotels have signed partnership agreements with domestic exchange Criptan to provide crypto payment gateways for their customers, according to the Seville daily.

On April 25, Oliver Laufer, CEO of Caracas Air, a leading Venezuelan aviation academy, announced on Twitter that the company has begun accepting BTC as a payment option and offering payment discounts. Currently, Caracas Air is reported to have about 900 students, making it one of the fastest growing aviation academies in Latin America.

On April 26, Sean Culkin, a player for the National Football League’s Kansas City Chiefs, said he will receive his entire base salary for 2021, worth $920,000 in bitcoin, the first player to accept BTC for his pay. Culkin acknowledged that the financial decision is not for everyone. But he said his financial outlay, risk tolerance and long-term belief in bitcoin led him to make the right choice.

Since 2021, 55 institutions and individuals have accepted payments such as Bitcoin

Camping World Holdings, a U.S. supplier of RV parts and supplies, announced that it will begin accepting BTC, BTC, and other cryptocurrencies as payment methods for customers purchasing RVs through a new partnership with BitPay.

George Residence, a Nigerian hotel, announced that it is speaking about accepting BTC payments.

On April 27, the Central Bank of Iran allowed the country’s financial institutions to use cryptocurrencies such as BTC to pay for imported goods. The Central Bank of Iran has notified money changers and banks of its revised regulatory framework for crypto payments. The amendment means these institutions can now use cryptocurrencies to purchase goods and services from other countries in order to circumvent U.S. economic sanctions. Some say the local crypto mining industry could earn $2 million a day.

On April 29, US-listed restaurant chain operator Muscle Maker announced it will begin accepting BTC as a payment method, which will first accept bitcoin as a franchise fee for new franchisees and later expand to online food and beverage payments for its acquired meal prep company Superfit Foods, eventually supporting all of the company’s daily food purchases and online orders.

The Houston Rockets officially announced that its official store has supported payments in cryptocurrencies such as Paypal, BTC, BCH, ETH, Dogcoin, and USD stablecoin. The news comes on the heels of the news that the NBA Rockets owner’s restaurant brand will also accept payments in cryptocurrencies such as BTC.

Since 2021, 55 institutions and individuals have accepted payments such as Bitcoin

On April 30, Bangkok real estate developer Ananda Development announced that it will accept cryptocurrency payments for its houses and condominiums. CEO Chanond Ruangkritya said bitcoin’s recent year-long surge, which peaked at $64,000 at one point, has piqued his interest in the investment trend. The developer has partnered with Thai cryptocurrency exchange Bitkub to allow customers to use BTC, ETH and USDT to buy properties, including Ideo and Ashton condominiums, Unio townhouses and Airi residences.

On May 2, hbx, an e-commerce site owned by Hong Kong trendsetter Hypebeast, now supports BTC, ETH, LTC and other cryptocurrencies as payment methods.

On May 4, Biziondo, a Spanish healthcare group specializing in chiropractic care, will accept BTC and other crypto asset payments at its clinical facilities throughout Spain. After seeing the growing adoption of Bitcoin around the world, management is becoming interested in blockchain technology and no longer relying exclusively on traditional banks or intermediaries for payments.

Charles F. Stewart, CEO of luxury auction house Sotheby’s, announced that Sotheby’s will begin accepting BTC and ETH payments, and that art lovers will be able to bid on famous street artist Banksy’s “Love is in the Air” in cryptocurrency next week. “. Coinbase will support payments in the eight-digit range on Sotheby’s website, and will also help manage price fluctuations.

On May 6, Nasdaq-listed auto insurer Metromile allowed customers to pay their insurance premiums in BTC and allowed policyholders to receive cryptocurrency compensation. CEO Dan Preston said the new payment method could meet huge customer demand.

Bill Walsh, president of Cruise Travel Outlet, one of the largest cruise travel agencies in the United States, announced that the agency now accepts digital assets as payment for cruises or land vacations, including BTC, ETH, BCH, LTC, DASH and EOS.

On May 7, the world’s top auction house Fuyis announced that it will hold a joint Twentieth Century and Contemporary Art Evening Auction with Poly Auction next month. The sale will include a physical artwork by renowned street artist Banksy, “Laughing in the Present Laminate A,” accepting buyers to pay in cryptocurrencies such as BTC. This season’s joint auction, which will take place from June 7 to June 8, will accept buyers of this work to pay the hammer price and buyer’s commission using Bitcoin or Ether through the company’s wallet on cryptocurrency trading platform Coinbase as a gateway.

On May 9, Miami luxury condominium Arte Surfside announced it will accept cryptocurrency as a form of payment for its luxury residences, including the Villa Nove penthouse, which is currently listed at $38 million. The company has partnered with trading platform SolidBlock to allow potential buyers to pay in a variety of cryptocurrencies, including BTC and ETH.

On May 10, Urban Tea, the Nasdaq-listed parent company of Chinese tea brand Mingyuntang, announced that its Chinese tea stores will begin accepting BTC, ETH and dogcoin payments. By deploying cryptocurrency payments, Urban Tea plans to bring the cryptocurrency app scene into the daily lives of its customers.

As we can see, since PayPal announced last year that it accepts cryptocurrency payments such as BTC, more and more companies and individuals have chosen to embrace cryptocurrency payments as well. The current definition of cryptocurrencies such as BTC in the US-led countries is “crypto asset”, while China defines BTC as a “commodity”.

However, it is worth noting that by means of payment, we usually refer to the function of money to settle debts, pay taxes, rents, wages, etc. This function is designed to accommodate the production of commodities and the production of goods. This function was developed to meet the needs of commodity production and exchange. Due to the difference in space and time between commodity production and commodity exchange, the objective necessity that the transfer of commodity use value and the realization of commodity value are separated in time arises.

Does the fact that BTC can be used as a means of payment mean that the properties of our so-called “virtual currency” have been discovered and recognized again? The global regulatory rules will probably tell us the answer.

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