Sima Huapeng, CEO of Silicon Based Intelligence: One Universe View, Two Metaverses|WISE2021 King of New Economy Conference

“What we are talking about is the future Metaverse, and the world we actually live in now can also be regarded as the’Metaverse’.”

From December 13th to 15th, the 36Kr “WISE 2021 King of the New Economy” conference was held in Shanghai. More than 300 new economy companies gathered in Shanghai to share their insights on the future economic trend and the development of the industry. “Hardcore power” is exuding in a market undergoing turbulent changes. “Hard core” is the challenge and opportunity brought by the current era and the general environment to Chinese new economy enterprises. On the one hand, companies are required to pay attention to technological innovation and find their own “hard core” barriers; on the other hand, they are required to give back to the society and show more “hard core” “Nuclear” responsibility and responsibility.

Artificial intelligence, interaction, and Metaverse, as new economic industries spawned in the new era, have been attracting attention in the process of promoting social and economic development. Silicon-based smart companies have been virtual humans since 2019, and have special insights into AI and the “Metaverse” that has been frequently mentioned this year.

Sima Huapeng, CEO of Silicon Based Intelligence: One Universe View, Two Metaverses|WISE2021 King of New Economy Conference

Sima Huapeng, Founder & CEO of Silicon-based Intelligent Company

Mr. Sima Huapeng, the founder and CEO of Silicon-based Intelligent Company, was invited to participate in the 36Kr round table on the topic “When we are talking about Metaverse, what are we talking about”, and with Gaohu Capital’s managing partners Jin Ming and Qu Wan Group Vice President and Chief Strategy Officer Zhuang Minghao and STEPVR President Guo Cheng discussed. During the discussion, Mr. Sima Huapeng gradually showed everyone the “metacosmic view” of silicon-based intelligence.

Is the real world we live in also a “Metaverse”?

What is the relationship between the virtual person and your own “digital avatar”?

Regarding the Metaverse, there are ten thousand different “Metaverses” in the eyes of 10,000 people. In the eyes of Mr. Sima Huapeng, what we are talking about is the future Metaverse, and the world we are in now can also be Think of it as the “Metaverse”.

Let us walk into Mr. Sima Huapeng’s meta-cosmos.

The following are Mr. Sima Huapeng’s oral views:

The Metaverse and the real world are like a nested doll

When I was in college, I believed in a view of the universe, that is, human beings live in a virtual simulation environment of supercomputers, that is, living in a Metaverse, but another species created us.

Many ancient sages and sages questioned the meta-universal environment we live in, just like the Buddha’s teaching in the “Diamond Sutra”, “When you see all forms, you see the Tathagata. All forms are false.” 

I think human beings have always lived in the Metaverse. It’s just that the Metaverse parameters we are in are relatively poor, including birth, old age, sickness and death, wars, plagues, and other things. The next Metaverse we are going to build should be an upgraded version of real life, and it is to condense human beings to a better life. The longing platform.

The existence of the Metaverse and our real world are like a nested doll. Whether it is based on NFT, based on decentralized DAO, or based on AI technology, the new civilization spawned by this new technology, we call it a silicon-based civilization, is a civilization based on quantum mechanics, which is different from the civilization that mankind has relied on for thousands of years Newtonian mechanics civilization.

The Metaverse, in fact, carries everyone’s yearning for a better life. Building this platform together is like building an ideal country. This is the Metaverse in our minds. A new civilization may be produced here, which is a very big impetus to the civilization of our entire humanity. Under this civilization, we will have a lot of new production relations, new distribution methods, new interpersonal relations… …I hope to create such a world, and we are willing to participate in the creation of such a world.

Silicon-based Intelligence is a company that “creates people in the laboratory”. We create a large number of virtual lives, which we call silicon-based life, which is different from our carbon-based life. We only had voice as early as 2017, such as calling and customer service. Since 2019, avatars have been produced, and they are now lifelike, and they have made a qualitative leap in application in many scenarios.

Our team is from Nanjing. On the National Memorial Day, we “replicated” Ms. Zhang Chunru at the Memorial Hall of the Victims of the Nanjing Massacre, so that she could tell you about that period of history in the venue. The reproduction and learning of life is the core business of our silicon-based intelligence. We hope that human beings can achieve some kind of immortality with the help of AI.

Virtual human consciousness autonomy is the final stage of the development of the Metaverse

Regarding the development of the Metaverse, I think there will be the following stages.

In the first stage, like the current VR equipment, including the gloves recently released by Meta, based on the Metaverse created by them, we think it is a manual driving mode, a bit like we use physical sensors to mobilize the other in this world. A virtual person in the world, like a marionette to control it.

The second stage is similar to semi-autonomous driving. The virtual avatar in the virtual world has a certain ability to automate operation. For example, when I go to work, he makes money in the way of my avatar. Virtual humans can do many things for humans, and even share some of the work in human reality in the Metaverse.

The third stage is similar to fully automated driving. The growth process of virtual humans is like raising children. At first we taught him a lot of things. He grew up slowly and became independent, so he no longer needs us to be by his side all the time. When we were young, we might be holding him or driving him in the car. Later, when he physically disconnected from us, it became an emotional connection. Therefore, in the ultimate Metaverse we imagine in the future, our virtual humans have a certain sense of autonomy, and the two sides are connected through emotions.

I call the early stage of the virtual person the “Number One Player” stage, which is to remotely control him through a device tied to our body. As shown in the “Avatar” movie, if the body is broken here, the virtual person on the other side is cut off immediately. There is a real-time binding relationship between the virtual person and the person, and the car stops when the person stops.

In the final stage, as shown in the recent “Out of Control Players” movie, the virtual person begins to awaken. Through learning, he has a lot of human thoughts, logic, and consciousness, but he also has his own sense of autonomy. Being able to make friends, travel, post vlogs, etc., is equivalent to creating some of his life in it, and human beings look at him from afar, and connect with him through very deep emotions. This is what I mentioned at the beginning, and I often feel that our Creator looks at me in this way, and there is a god in his head.

Why is it ultimately an emotional connection? Because the connection that can cross the universe must be an emotional connection. For example, our relatives have passed away, but we can still think of them from time to time. This is a cross-universe connection. The movie “Interstellar” has a profound expression on this point.

The earliest myths and legends of our human races almost all described some mysterious power and created people in a certain way. In the future Metaverse, I think there is a need for a large number of intelligent virtual people instead of a group of virtual people controlled by puppets. This is the reason why we are virtual people as an artificial intelligence company.

Humans are the yardstick that defines everything, including in the Metaverse. We believe that [humans] will also be the core, but they are virtual humans. Therefore, we have invested large-scale technology in human duplication and human cloning, especially the emotional and ideological cloning.

Because the TTS and image cloning technologies are already very mature now, it is more difficult to teach him other in-depth skills. In this process, the purely virtualized metaverse will become the best place to train him, which will be the gold of AI development. Stage, because in the virtual world, AI is invincible .

Semantic compression of intelligent computing capabilities An important core technology of the Metaverse

This year is indeed the first year of Metaverse, whether it is Roblox’s listing or Facebook’s name change. However, I think an important event this year is that Google released a product called STARLINE. It can reconstruct the video conference of two people at the end, and solve the transmission problem of the video conference in this way. It is equivalent to when two of us chat, we understand our image and semantics of our behavior, and then reconstruct it after passing it to the other side. Only transmit signaling, not data. He believes that this is a very important technological milestone for the realization of the Metaverse in the future.

The current Metaverse, whether it enters Roblox or other platforms, is all low-level pixel things. The overall details are very poor compared to those 3A game masterpieces. This is a big limitation in current technology. Looking back at the STARLINE conference, the effect was very good.

A very important core technology in the future Metaverse is such intelligent computing power. It needs to realize semantic compression, semantic transmission, semantic interpretation, and semantic restoration, so as to solve such large-scale online problems.

Refer to how humans use semantic compression to transmit images. Our Tang poetry can write very beautiful scenery in a few poems and a few sentences. In the future, when humans see this poem, they will restore the scenery in their brains. Come out, this is a very clever point. The Metaverse we are building needs to learn this kind of intelligent computing power based on semantic compression. The technology of STARLINE is similar to our technology stack.

Everyone has seen that Microsoft has recently implemented a large-scale Metaverse in its video conferences. In fact, it is obvious that the big effect is to reduce bandwidth, because in this process, a large number of performances and behaviors are actually semanticized. After semanticization, Compress it and transfer it to the other side, and then restore it intelligently. This is a very important node for the future breakthrough of Metaverse. It is also the key point we have been doing in the technical field of key research. Otherwise, it would be impossible to achieve so many people at the same time. Online. We can see that there are many real-time 3D games that support dozens of people online at most. If you want to do a concert of tens of thousands of people and really support so many people online at the same time, the refined modeling will encounter very big problems. If you can use AI to perform semantic compression, and then use computing power to intelligently restore it in real time instead of rendering it through data transmission, this is a very big technological change. I think the popularization of this new space transmission technology will be a big subversion and challenge to the future cloud computing and cloud rendering.

Layout of Metaverse startups has inherent advantages

Zuckerberg spent more than an hour announcing the name change to the world and explaining what Meta is. His determination is great. I think that an old organization like it is upgraded to a new organization, and an organization of this size, generating this level of genetic change, is still very challenging as a whole.

Many entrepreneurs have read “The Innovator’s Embarrassment”, and the organization is inertial. As an entrepreneur, I have a profound experience of deep organizational changes. A start-up company like Silicon-based Intelligence has made many changes in the four years since its establishment. I have encountered considerable challenges in leading these changes internally.

This level of self-subversion is still quite a challenge for large companies. In particular, several key elements of Metaverse: NFT, DAO, WEB 3.0, etc., for their highly centralized organizations and platforms, there are underlying conflicts with these core elements.

I think it should not be so easy for a large organization like Facebook to overthrow its current advantages, come back on the road, and start again. Of course, I am also very willing to send my blessings to Facebook and dare to subvert my own company. No matter whether it succeeds or not, it will be a great company.

At the same time, I think that startups are naturally without burdens and belong to a new species. In this process, they have many inherent subversive capabilities. In particular, I very much agree that the [Technical Revolution] is the core of Metaverse, and many innovative technologies come from small companies and small teams.

We have made a lot of technological breakthroughs in the field of AI, especially like this year we have made many innovations in the technology of digital humans and virtual humans. In the process of commercialization, you will see many interesting technological breakthroughs. point.

Sima Huapeng, CEO of Silicon Based Intelligence: One Universe View, Two Metaverses|WISE2021 King of New Economy Conference

Silicon primitive universe

Why am I confident in this track? It’s because we have a lot of products that are co-created with many large banks. In other words, banks have been laying out “metauniverse” for a long time. They cloned their own account managers in large numbers and exported virtual customer service and other “metauniverses”. Serve”. They have used hundreds of millions of users to polish a lot of technology with us, which has become a certain first-mover advantage for us.

Of course, among these, I also want to talk about the challenges. Metaverse must be a global platform. In today’s global environment, whether Chinese Metaverse companies should go overseas to do business or look at the local area is indeed a comparison. Hard to choose. There will be a lot of uncertainty in this process, and these challenges will exist for a long time in the future.

Silicon-based intelligence enters the Metaverse sergeant hears the truth and works diligently

As a recent popular track, Metaverse has greatly increased its attraction to capital. When to enter the game, how to enter the game, and how to choose the field of entry, it needs to be carefully considered before entering the game.

My surname is Sima. My ancestors came out of two historians, Sima Qian, who wrote “Records of the History”, and Sima Guang, who wrote “Zi Zhi Tong Jian”. Ma Qian of the Taishi Company once said that people are inherently dead, either lighter than a feather, or heavier than Mount Tai.

The great Chinese historians have created an uninterrupted historiography Metaverse that leads the world. In the five thousand years, countless princes, generals, heroes and heroes, not fighting for the riches and honors before their lives, but vying to stay and take The loyalty shines through history].

I am a believer in a silicon-based civilization, and I believe that Metaverse will change the world. For this track, don’t put negative labels on it without deep participation. I quote from the Tao Te Ching, “The corporal laughs when he hears the Tao. It is not enough not to laugh for the Tao” to encourage everyone.

Recently, everyone is laughing at everything that carries “yuan”. Many listed companies release “Metaverse”-related things to bring the stock price rhythm. This is normal. For any new things, in this rapid development process, there must be a bubble period. In this bubble period, some better companies will eventually come to the fore. In this bubble period, we believe that it is worthwhile for everyone to look at some relatively good targets, such as some startup companies that are virtual idols, digital people, and silicon-based life, as well as those hard-core companies that do underlying engine algorithms. They are all worthy of long-term attention.

Sima Huapeng, CEO of Silicon Based Intelligence: One Universe View, Two Metaverses|WISE2021 King of New Economy Conference

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