Sima Huapeng, CEO of Silicon-based Intelligence: “Creating people” in the laboratory, silicon-based intelligence employs people to “connect” the virtual and reality of the Metaverse | Super View

“As a technology-based company that’creates people’ in the laboratory, we hope to realize the reproduction and continuation of life by creating digital humans, so that humans can achieve a certain kind of immortality with the help of AI.”

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Not long ago, the virtual “net celebrity” Liu Yexi became popular, bringing the concept of “virtual digital human” into the vision of science and technology enterprises and investors again. Since publishing the first short video on the Douyin short video platform, Liu Yexi has attracted 8.04 million followers and received 17.892 million likes in less than two months.Relying on technology and stories, Liu Yexi seems to have won the secrets of fans in the Metaverse.

Looking at the field of digital humans, in addition to Liu Yexi, the AI ​​synthesis anchor of Xinhua News Agency, “AI Gong Jun”, the AI ​​sign language anchor of CCTV News, and the Li Yanhong digital humans launched by Baidu Metaverse product Xiyang… have also appeared, and the digital human technology has been It is widely used in various industries.Obviously, the digital person is standing in the wind, in an outbreak period.

What is a digital person? This concept originated in Japanese animation in 1990, and realized the image of non-real people in virtual or real scenes through painting, animation, CG technology, etc. In recent years, with the continuous development of CG, artificial intelligence and other technologies, the interactivity and social attributes of digital people have continued to increase. With the empowerment and blessing of the Metaverse concept, the attention of all parties in the industry has continued to increase.

If VR and other technologies are the golden key to open the door to the Metaverse, then digital humans with artificial intelligence and CG technology as the background are the important carriers of the Metaverse, making the Metaverse even more exciting because of interaction. As a leading company in AI commercialization and interactive implementation and technology research and development, Silicon-based Intelligence is technology- and emotional-oriented. By creating a steady stream of silicon-based labor, it constantly explores new development ideas and allows people to return to human values.

“Metaverse carries everyone’s yearning for a better life, and as a technology-based company that “creates humans” in the laboratory, we hope to realize the reproduction and continuation of life through the creation of digital humans, so that humans can achieve it with the help of AI. Some kind of immortality.”

How does silicon-based intelligence use digital humans to find the fulcrum that can move the Metaverse? 36氪 interviewed Sima Huapeng, CEO of Silicon Based Intelligence. The following is the interview transcript. (After editing)

Sima Huapeng, CEO of Silicon-based Intelligence: "Creating people" in the laboratory, silicon-based intelligence employs people to "connect" the virtual and reality of the Metaverse | Super View

Sima Huapeng, Founder and CEO of Silicon-based Intelligence

36Kr: As an artificial intelligence innovation company, how does Silicon-based Intelligence plan to deploy in the field of Metaverse?

Sima Huapeng, CEO of Silicon-based Intelligence: The Metaverse mentioned so far still talks about more concepts. For Silicon-based Intelligence, we hope that everyone can truly feel the charm of technological innovation. Therefore, we It is more pragmatic and practical. For example, we are currently deploying “digital people + rural revitalization” with some government units. This is specifically reflected in the use of artificial intelligence technology to help the vast rural areas build “one village, one product”, promote rural revitalization, and help farmers become bigger and stronger. .

Mobile phones are new farm tools, and live broadcasting is new farm work. Recently, we cooperated with the Jiangsu Internet Association to create a live broadcast of Suhuo where digital people bring goods, which is equivalent to bringing the concept of “one village, one product” to the live broadcast, which not only greatly reduces the cost of bringing goods, but also avoids celebrities bringing goods.” The phenomenon of house collapse appeared. At present, the promotion of agricultural products and rural tourism lacks effective digital means. The development of live broadcast and cooperation can promote the application of artificial intelligence and digital people in the field of rural revitalization. Although its profits are not very high at present, it is not very profitable for silicon. In terms of basic intelligence, it is a solid step towards the implementation of digital humans. We are trying to replicate this model in Sichuan and Guizhou provinces and other provinces and cities.

36Kr: What are the specific application scenarios of silicon-based intelligent AI products? How to empower the development of various industries?

Sima Huapeng, CEO of Silicon-Based Intelligence: The most impressive thing is that in 19 years, Silicon-based Intelligence created a brand-new digital staff and digital business hall for Bank of Nanjing to help Bank of Nanjing transform into a “digital and intelligent” bank. This is a major turning point in the deployment of silicon-based intelligence in the field of digital humans, and it has also won many bank digital human orders in the follow-up. Prior to this, silicon-based intelligence has always been active in the market by developing telephone robots, and the rapid transformation has allowed us to eat a lot of innovation dividends.

The process of creating a digital person is very boring. One group is responsible for the body, and the other is responsible for the face, head, and mouth shape… But when you really put them all together, the moment he starts to open his mouth is exciting. In other words, this is part of the rise of silicon-based life, and it is also the process of silicon-based people witnessing our predictions become reality and dreams come true.

In the follow-up development, silicon-based intelligence is also constantly expanding the application field of digital humans. Digital humans have large fitness screens, policy direct digital humans, party history education digital humans, live broadcast digital humans, short video digital humans… these technologies Breakthrough and adapt to a variety of business scenarios, can help customers solve business problems, free people from heavy and repetitive mental work to the greatest extent, improve efficiency, reduce labor costs, and practice our “returning to human value” This idea.

36Kr: How does silicon-based intelligence view the relationship between digital humans and Metaverse?

Sima Huapeng, CEO of Silicon-based Intelligence: Why do we start to make a Metaverse by creating people? Silicon-based intelligence believes that humans are a very important part of the future Metaverse, and emotions are the main way for people to connect with the Metaverse. Plato said that “human beings are the yardstick that defines everything.” I believe that humans should also be placed in an important position in the Metaverse, but this human is a digital human, a virtual existence. From the perspective of silicon-based intelligence, we hope to build the human element well, starting from emotions, to realize the emotional connection inside and outside the Metaverse, so that the value of digital humans in the Metaverse can be manifested.

36Kr: In the Metaverse of silicon-based intelligence, what is the development trend of digital humans?

Sima Huapeng, CEO of Silicon-based Intelligence: The first and foremost thing about the development trend of digital humans is that they become more realistic, that is, they become more like and truer. In fact, there are many genres in it. Some people like Liu Yexi took photos and then replaced them through post-production; some were built based on CG technology, and their smiles and smiles were portrayed frame by frame. , Silicon-based intelligent digital human Aixia is this type; there is also a genre of super-realistic digital humans, which are generated through AI and have the basis of learning the movements and expressions of a large number of people, which are more real and full of emotions. Different genres have different cost structures. At present, most silicon-based digital humans are generated using this super-realistic AI algorithm. The cost of re-engraving is very low, and it has basically reached the stage that everyone can afford it.

In the future, digital human technology will also be intelligent, not only cloning human voices, images, and stories, but even human thoughts to achieve some form of immortality. We have created a product called Siruiyuan Universe with virtual humans as the core. At present, it is close to the stage of external release. We can copy the dead relatives, and use digital means to copy relatives into Siruiyuan Universe, so that we can communicate with each other. Speaking, conveying emotions and sorrows, the products already have considerable overseas orders.

36Kr: Silicon-based intelligence has obtained a lot of patented technology certificates. How does silicon-based intelligence build professional and technical personnel?

Sima Huapeng, CEO of Silicon Based Intelligence: So far we have 39 artificial intelligence invention patents, 1 American artificial intelligence invention patent, 6 utility model patents, 31 computer transfer copyrights, and 52 registered trademarks. In recent years, silicon-based intelligence has cultivated batches of young scientific and technological talents, and it has also provided strong support for the development of silicon-based digital people.

I have been familiar with Tao Te Ching since I was a child, and there is a sentence in it that I like: “Behind the body and before the body, and staying outside the body.” As far as I am concerned, as an entrepreneur and a leader of the team, I hope to set up a stage for them and let employees become shining protagonists. At the same time, because I am also a product and technology background, I strictly control the products. In addition, we have served many large banks. Our Party A is also an elite of the elite. In product design and development, many details are After our repeated consideration and repeated revisions, it is precisely this high standard and strict requirements, as well as the learning and urging of the team, that have created the current silicon-based team.

36Kr: In the open financing process of silicon-based intelligence, capital such as Tencent Investment and Sequoia China has successively participated in the investment. In your opinion, which characteristics of silicon-based intelligence are the capitals’ fancy?

Sima Huapeng, CEO of Silicon-Based Intelligence: I think this may be related to many aspects such as Silicon-based Intelligence’s anticipation of the development of the AI ​​industry. At present, many companies have encountered a bottleneck period in the development of artificial intelligence. We also anticipated these in the early stage. Problems, and formulated a plan that is conducive to the development of the company. We have always adhered to the principle of seeking truth from facts in the field of artificial intelligence. The capital side’s due diligence on silicon-based intelligence, the recognition of our pre-judgment of the industry after customer interviews, and the unity of knowledge and action have contributed to their investment. On the other hand, it is also our advantage. In the field of artificial intelligence, there is an important theoretical core called the Turing test. Whether it is our telephone robot or the digital person we are building now, it can pass the Turing test of most people. So for us, regardless of the earliest telephone robots or today’s digital humans, they are all based on the Turing test, which is the theoretical support for our technological development.We have created thousands of digital anchors, and most of them are already on duty. Through real-person facial collection, voice collection and other technologies, and then input some behavioral instructions for them, let them act as anchors and participate in live broadcasts. Practical stage.

36Kr: In the process of deploying the Metaverse for silicon-based intelligence, are there any target companies?

Sima Huapeng, CEO of Silicon Based Intelligence: When I was in college in 1999, I was obsessed with the concept of cyberspace. I have always believed that the goal of human struggle is to create a cyberspace. I think in fact, this year everyone just suddenly proposed the Metaverse, and we call this new concept a part of the silicon-based civilization. It is a new world based on pure quantum mechanics. Digital humans are silicon-based lives that are different from our carbon-based lives, and are the core support of the Metaverse. In the process of building Metaverse, we do not treat other companies as competitors, but as partners. Especially after doing TO B business, we no longer treat many things purely by competition. The common goal of human science and technology development tends to be the same here in the Metaverse. In a barren new world, participants do not necessarily have to form a competitive relationship with each other, or they must treat each other as target companies to “fight”. Some companies It turns out that some companies may be involved in the field of artificial intelligence, and some companies are engaged in the research and development of blockchain business, but the big framework of Metaverse is the master of digital technology. It will connect everyone together and use the advantages of their respective companies and organizations to build together In a new world, in this process, I feel that collaboration is greater than competition. A flower can’t make up for spring, and it’s colorful, and spring is here.

Sima Huapeng, CEO of Silicon-based Intelligence: "Creating people" in the laboratory, silicon-based intelligence employs people to "connect" the virtual and reality of the Metaverse | Super View

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