Silicon Valley people: Escape from big factories to embrace Web3

Web3 is becoming a new career choice for more and more Silicon Valley scientists.

On January 7, Julien Gaillard, chief data scientist at Twitter Spaces, announced that he would be joining DeFi lending platform Aave. He tweeted: “Web3 was chosen because of its core values ​​of decentralization, innovation, fairness and experimentation.”

He said: “Web3 and data science are a natural pairing, and the data on the chain is inherently high-quality, traceable, and open source.” Open source and transparency make him very excited about what he will do next.

Silicon Valley people: Escape from big factories to embrace Web3

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Former colleagues on Twitter and “passing by” netizens all congratulated Julien on his Twitter for finding a good job. A netizen asked curiously: “You changed jobs because you saw huge opportunities in Web3, and it is difficult to make greater breakthroughs in the traditional Web2 field, or there are other reasons.”

The answer to this question may be self-explanatory. Regardless of China and the United States, the development of Internet giants in the Web2 era represented by Google, Amazon, Alibaba, and Tencent has stabilized. If you want to be the same as 10 years ago, you can get super-high returns on equity, salary and rank with strength. , becoming an increasingly difficult thing to do.

However, in Web3 companies, this kind of thing happens every day.

Web3, the “new way out” for Internet people

The biggest difference between Web3 and Web2 is that one is decentralized and the other is centralized.

At present, the Internet industry we are in is a highly centralized industry, that is, the Web2 era. After nearly 20 years of development, the innovation of the entire industry has been solidified, and the Internet industry in the Web2 era has become one of the most introverted industries today.

However, the Internet industry in the Web3 era has just begun. A trend is spreading from Silicon Valley to the entire United States, and this trend is gradually spreading globally: top talent is moving from centralized companies to decentralized companies.

One of them is Chatterjee, who “ditched” his role as Google vice president a year ago to become chief product officer at cryptocurrency firm Coinbase. In April 2021, Coinbase went public with a market value of over $50 billion, and Chatterjee’s stake exceeded $600 million.

Google is not the only Internet company that needs to worry about brain drain. Amazon, Twitter, Facebook, Apple and many other large centralized Internet companies have found that their talents are not just circulating within their peers as before, but flocking to the region. The Web3 world represented by the blockchain industry. For example, David Marcus, the head of Facebook’s cryptocurrency business, left the traditional Internet industry and joined a blockchain startup project. Lyft, the chief financial officer of a taxi company, joined the blockchain star company OpenSea, which It just raised $300 million this month and is preparing to go public.

Capital has always been the vane of the times. Many professionals who used to invest in the Internet have also joined the team investing in the Web3 track. For example, Matt Huang, a partner of Sequoia Capital, abandoned the traditional Internet investment track and established a venture fund like Paradigm that invested heavily in Web3.

Silicon Valley people: Escape from big factories to embrace Web3

On December 20, 2021, the Hurun Research Institute released a report that financial technology is currently the industry with the number one unicorn in the world, with 139 unicorns and a total value of 19.5%, which is higher than software services and e-commerce. There are even more unicorns in big industries, many of which are members of Web3 themselves, such as Coinbase, OpenSea, etc., while some are traditional Internet giants and trend-setters in the Web2 era, such as Alipay, PayPal, Square, etc. in the United States. Actively transform to understand and join the decentralized world, in order to hope that they will not be abandoned by the Web3 era.

How to become a Web3 talent?

Web3 is not a new term, it was proposed a few years ago. The actual reason for its explosion in 2021 is that concepts such as NFT and DAO are widely practiced and applied.

In foreign countries, NFT has penetrated into all aspects of people’s lives. Nearly 10 million accounts are trading NFT, and star companies from all walks of life such as Nike, Coca-Cola, New York Times, Ferrari are deeply involved in the content creation and brand marketing of NFT; in China , Ali Tencent Jingdong Station B… Almost all Internet giants have participated in NFT entrepreneurial projects.

DAOs (Decentralized Organizations) have made people realize that the modern corporate form of organization is only a product of recent decades, it is constantly changing, and it is entirely possible that most of us will be in a new organizational form in the future. work and life. We can propose an idea through DAO, and then unite all people with the same idea in the world to work together to do one thing and obtain corresponding rights. For example, it is difficult for us to buy Da Vinci’s paintings alone, but if there is a “Da Vinci’s paintings in the Palace Museum DAO”, people who hold this idea will gather and use the power of the group to bid for an auction. a painting and decide where a painting should be displayed.

Of course, whether it is NFT or DAO, in the process of development, it will encounter various fraud problems and become a destabilizing factor in society. At present, Web3 applications with financial attributes are also prohibited in China, hoping to protect the property safety of the general public to the greatest extent, which may make Web3 develop more healthily and safely.

From cryptocurrencies to Defi, NFT, DAO… The decentralized world depicted by Web3 is gradually approaching us in the ever-changing changes. In breaking the circle again and again, Web3 has proved its vigorous vitality. Even in the case of strong supervision and de-financing, it can still burst into a lot of energy and integrate with various traditional industries.

Internet people in Silicon Valley are already “migrating” to Web3. With the development of NFT and more technologies and projects, domestic Internet people may also have better track choices in the future.

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