Should we panic this time that the pricing power of the decline is actually in the country?

The bull market was a great retreat, only most people slipped up too early. Early is early, slipped up slipped up.

The bull market was a great retreat, only most people slipped up too early. Early is early, slipped up slipped up.

The first thing I want to say is that my own attitude is not to take too much of a chance, last night to today I have been listening to all sides of the voice, there are many looking for a variety of “excuses” or “key words” to try to comfort I think it may not be particularly rational.

I must admit that this time the specifications are relatively high, this level of suppression, a short period of time to reverse the possibility of how much you think? And may be followed by fermentation in the media, on the syndication or something like that (tonight or next week’s working day), and after that there will be specific changes, is not some measures to land, now are not known, so still need to draw enough attention to everyone.

From the optimistic side, you can search the content of previous meetings of the same type of similar work objectives, attitude to the point of not too stressed and too severe, the purpose is more or to let this piece of the market and the media spread the heat down, after all, before the zoo market and so on, this old leek are feeling too outrageous too crazy, hostage to too many unknown without risk awareness outside the circle of wine dishes in it, but also Easy to cause a bad impact.

The old leek in this market should be clear that it is difficult to retreat from the development of the crypto world today, and the players in the circle have increased many overseas institutions, giants and family funds in recent years.

But it comes down to the issues that need attention at this stage, one is the above said now just see a sentence, there may be to follow the landing, can be large or small is difficult to say, so it is still cautious.

There is also this time the potential impact on the mining circle is greater, and the full network arithmetic has also been and bitcoin fundamentals market expectations linked, such as the future therefore causing a decline in arithmetic on the market impact is on the negative side, of course, the good side, the mine arithmetic to the center is already in the developing trend, according to this previous data show that the domestic arithmetic has fallen from 75% in 19 to 65% in April this year, the North American Mineral share has been climbing, the long-term impact on the fundamentals is limited.

Another is the U fell, it should be said that our side still have retreat, but the emotional side does not seem to be desperate enough, especially overseas I also looked around, most overseas silly leek even just link it with FUD, personally I think this is not too good phenomenon.

I also saw a comment today that the rise may not have anything to do with us, but the pricing power of the fall actually still lies in the domestic, I think there is also some truth to it, we at least know the roots, something to understand, and the greatest fear of mankind comes from the unknown, so I do not know if there is further information, whether it will increase the level of panic overseas.

Now the reason why we have not seen too big collapse, one is the overseas emotional side is still available, there is also this point in time just this week’s wave of punctured bubble has made the market a serious oversold situation, and then a big market may also be difficult, after which you can pay attention to whether the short-term will also record low, now the position is actually not too far away, the other is whether there are further changes in the news, I personally feel that the greater probability or to boil A period of downturn.

The situation on the situation, once again do not hold a fluke, if you choose to buythedip also be sure to control the risk within the tolerable range, we may be in the re-experience of a 94, but may also be this time there is not the same.

To say what advice to give, I am suggesting that if you read our usual content is more strained, like the little fox wallet settings are confused, just come in and say buy a subject hope the next day can rise hope to get rich, the slip or have to slip.

I also hope it’s okay and hope the crypto world can be better, but today I am talking about the present, the current market uncertainty is still very big, I don’t know what will happen next and whether everyone can accept it, so I don’t quite recognize that kind of indiscriminate going to recharge faith.

As for the old wine dishes, we all have our own scales of measure in our hearts, what we say here is actually nonsense, talk about myself, yesterday cleaned up some small coins, stay for after to see if there will be some opportunities, long-term positions do not intend to move, so that no matter how the back are retaining some space to cope with, in addition to here also explain my long-term position is to have a zero mentality of loss is also their own responsibility.

Before making a choice, think clearly what position you are, if you can’t figure out whether you are more speculative or more “faith” (the market is a lot of faith in front of the real price is unbearable), in fact, it is very simple, now ask yourself if the price will soon return to the state before October last year, you can accept no regrets.

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