Shock position mode continues to play! Those without chips can start picking them up!

The regulatory winds have not changed, there is still greater uncertainty, this time the overall still recommend conservative operation.

Shock position mode continues to play! Those without chips can start picking them up!

Market hotspots: Biden’s 2022 budget includes a new cryptocurrency report proposal, a $6 trillion budget is good for cryptocurrencies, but a big release will produce a new round of inflationary effects, favoring the entire market. tether issued an additional 1 billion USDT in the wave field network, the recent large amount of stable coins continue to flow into the exchange, for the market belongs to the incremental capital plus. Xinhua once again issued an article stating that mining machines consume electricity and that electricity should be used in the new economy. The wind direction of the regulatory layer has not changed and there is still a large uncertainty, and this time overall still suggests conservative operation.

BTC market trend chart

Bitcoin daily view, yesterday rebounded to ema10 a band after being beaten down, currently from the short term hourly level, out of a head and shoulders broken pattern, the neckline 38000 a band from the original support into resistance effect, according to the head and shoulders broken pattern can predict its down space is the head to the neckline distance equal to the distance after the break down can be roughly projected to the target level in 34500 A band. The current market can be judged as a large oscillation range 34500-38000 in the rebound of a sum, the operation can be based on the bottom position near the upper pressure high throw, the lower support for low absorption.

Pressure level: 38000, support level: 34500.

ETH market trend chart

ETH four-hour downtrend line suppression is not breakout before heavy positions, the current 4h trend averages and macd dead fork resonance, yesterday to the low suction area has arrived, Ether such institutions crazy bullish assets when to pick up some bottom position minus some chips will not be bad, no position to play the bottom position, break through the downtrend suppression and then consider the trend to fill positions, medium and long term pattern bullish unchanged.

Pressure level: 2750, support: 2350.

XRP market trend chart

xrp yesterday and today down near the 120-day line 0.85 a support, short-term view of the overall or shrinkage oscillation pattern, four-hour Bollinger lower rail effective defense, is expected to have the opportunity to usher in a new sum of rebound, the upper pressure to see 1U near, Rui Bo recent news on the positive side, 120-day line is not broken before the bottom position to hold coins.

Pressure level: 1.0, support level: 0.84.

KSM market trend chart

KSM four-hour trend, short-term by a suppression line role, suppression point in 330 a band, the current canary in 300 near the pressure, short-term temporary wait and see, the follow-up if you can step back 240-260 area will be the opportunity to pick up low-priced chips, small wave card throw pressure is relatively small, then you can engage in a small position in the medium-term configuration.

LTC market trend chart

LTC today’s resilience is good, mainstream coins Wright at this position can be said to be very high cost performance, long term 3-5 times the space pressure is not great. The daily line does not stand back to the rising channel before not heavy positions, you can pick up some chips in batches, 180-155 is a good range, dare to fall on dare to pick up, the day rebound strong pressure in the 200 a band, support 172 a band.

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